Tom Eicher : Together forever

The gentle light of a setting sun illuminates your features against an indeterminable background. Slowly, hesistating, I rotate you, to examine your body in every aspect, celebrate every detail of your perfect body. Perfect, in this case is composed of little bits and pieces which on its own are imperfect. But they add together to something that is perfect in a completely different way. I zoom out. To watch your slender figure, checke your propotions against different backgrounds. I think you look best against an image of a 20th centry town called London. I zoom in. To look into your eyes. Your eyes glitter, then reflect my own image. My image is not quite up to date, I guess I will have a scan tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But right now, it is correct, because your eyes reflect me the way I had been when we were together. We have done this scan together. You have a tape of me as well. Together forever. An old concept, realized in a wicked way. Old Shakespear refused to 'compare thee to a summer's day'. Well, I don't even have to use comparisons, because you are always here. I could tell the system to animate you. We could live here in cyberspace, for ever and ever. But now it is my turn to refuse. Any simulation of your character, the way you move, the things you say could only ridicule your memory. Memory is still precious to me, not only RAM and ROM, also NAM, the non-accessible memory, the one inside one's brain. I probably couldn't tell the difference, though. Still, I cannot take my eyes off you, cannot tell the system to shut down the virtual display. You'd stay there anyway, burnt right into my vision. So I am lying in my compartment, firey tears running down my cheeks, unable to blur a vision that is not percepted through physical eyes. tom-10-10-95