Словарь акронимов, используемых в армии США

A&T Acquisition and Technology A2C2S Army Airborne Command and Control System AAFARS Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System AAMDC Army Air and Missile Defense Command ABCS Army Battle Command System AC Active Component AC2SEP Army Command and Control Space Enhancement Program ACADA Automatic Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm ACE Armored Combat Earthmover ACE Analysis and Control Element ACIS Aircrew Integrated Systems ACS Aerial Common Sensor ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration ACT-E Analysis and Control Team-Enclave ACUS Army Common User System ADA Air Defense Artillery ADA Air Defense Artillery ADRS Army National Guard Division Redesign Study ADSI Air Defense System Integrator AEHF Advanced EHF AEPDS Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Control AGSE Aviation Ground Support Equipment AIM Abrams Integrated Management AMC Army Materiel Command AMD Air and Missile Defense AMDPCS Air and Missile Defense Planning Control Station AMDWS Air and Missile Defense Workstation AN/TSC Aging Ground Mobile Force Satellite Terminal ANAD Anniston Army Depot ANAV Autonomous Navigation System AOS Advanced Overwatch Sensors APAM Anti-Personnel/Anti-Materiel APKWS Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System APLA Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternative APO Army Procurement Objective APOD Airport of Debarkation APU Auxiliary Power Units ARFOR Army Forces ARL Airborne Reconnaissance Low ARL-M Airborne Reconnaissance-Multifunction ARNG Army National Guard ASAS Airfield Status Automation System ASAS All Source Analysis System ASCC Army Service Component Commands ASE Aircraft Survivability Equipment ASIP Advanced System Improvement Program ASOS Army Support to Other Services ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATC Air Traffic Control Army Modernization Plan 2001 ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration ATEC Army Test and Evaluation Command ATEC All Terrain Cranes ATIRCM/CMWS Advance Threat Infrared Countermeasures/Common Missile Warning System ATNAVICS Air Traffic Navigation Integration and Control System ATRJ Advanced Threat Radar Jammer ATRWR Advanced Threat Radar Warning Receiver ATS Air Traffic Services AVCATT-A Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer-Aviation Reconfigurable Manned Simulator AVIM-CAMP Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Containerization and Modernization Program AVLB Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge AVTOC Aviation Tactical Operations Center AWS Advanced Wideband System BAP Bridge Adapter Pallet BAT Brilliant Anti-Tank BCIS Battlefield Combat Identification System BCS Battery Computer System BEB Bridge Erection Boat BFA Battlefield Functional Areas BFIST Bradley Fire Support Vehicle BFV Bradley Fighting Vehicle BIDS Biological Integrated Detection System BLOS Beyond Line-of-Sight BMC4I Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization BOA Battlefield Ordnance Awareness BSN Brigade Subscriber Node BW Biological Warfare C2 Command, Control, and Signal C2 Command and Control C2V Command and Control Vehicle C3 Command, Control and Communications C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence C3ISR Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance CAA Center for Army Analysis CAM/ICAM Chemical Agent Monitor and Improved Chemical Agent Monitor CATS Combined Arms Training Strategy CBMS Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer CBT Common Bridge Transporter CDR Critical Design Review CDR Critical Design Review CDU Commander’s Display Unit CE Construction Equipment CEP Concept Evaluation Phase or Concept Evaluation Program CGS Common Ground Station CHIMS Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Information Management System CHPS Combat Hybrid Power System CHS Combat Health Support CIBS-M Common Integrated Broadcast Service Modules CINC Commander-in-Chief CINCPAC/USFK Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command/U.S. Forces Korea CINCSOUTH Commander-in-Chief, Southern Command CITV Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer CK Containerized Kitchen CMCS Countermine Capability Set CNR Combat Net Radio COMINT Communications Intelligence COMSEC Communications Security CONUS Continental U.S. COP Common Operational Picture COTS commercial off-the-shelf CS/CSS CS/CSS CSA Chief of Staff, U.S. Army CSEL Combat Survivor Evader Locator CSS Combat Service Support CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System CTC Transportation Cargo Transfer Company CTIS Combat Terrain Information Systems CTP Common Tactical Picture (MANSCEN) CUGR Cargo Utility GPS Receiver DA PAM Department of Army Pamphlet DAAS Defense Automatic Addressing System DAC Department of the Army Civilians DAGR Defense Advanced GPS Receiver DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DASR Digital Airspace Surveillance Radar DCGS-A Distributed Common Ground System–Army DEPMEDS Deployable Medical Systems DII COE Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment DIU Digital Interface Unit DoD Department of Defense DP M21 Decontaminant Pumper DRID Defense Reform Initiatives Directive DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System DSP Defense Support Program DT/OT Developmental Test/Operational Test DTES Division Tactical Exploitation System DTLOMS Doctrine, Training, Leader Development, Organization, Materiel and Soldier DTSS Digital Topographic Support System DTSS-H Digital Topographic Support System-Heavy DTSS-L Digital Topographic Support System-Light EAAD Enhanced Area Air Defense EAC echelon above corps EAD echelon above division EAR Executive Agent EBC Embedded Battle Command ECS Effects Control System ECU/PPU Environmental Control Unit/Power Providing Unit EDT Engineering Development Test EHF Extremely High Frequency ELINT Electronic Intelligence EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development EMM Engineer Mission Modules ENS Explosive neutralization system EO Electro-Optic EO/IR Electro-optic/Infrared EOC Early Operational Capability EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System ERDC Engineer Research and Development Center eSB enhanced Separate Brigades ESLRF Eye Safe Laser Range Finder ESMC Mongoose Explosive Standoff Minefield Clearer ESP Extended Service Program ETOS Enhanced Tower Simulator ETRAC Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator EUE extended user evaluation EW Electronic Warfare FAA Federal Aviation Administration FAAD Sentinel and Forward Area Air Defense FAADC2 Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control FAIR Federal Activities Initiative Reform FAIR Act Federal Activities Inventory Review FARE Forward Area Refueling Equipment FARP Forward Arming and Refueling Point FASCAM Field Artillery Scatterable Mines FBCB2 Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below FCR Fire Control Radar FCS Future Combat Systems FCT Foreign Comparative Test FDO flexible deterrent options FDS Fire Direction System FED Forward Entry Device FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FLIR Forward Looking Infra-Red FMTV Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles FOV family of vehicles FPAR Fixed Base Precision Approach Radar FRP Full-Rate Production FRS Forward Repair System FSCOORD Fire Support Coordinator FSCS Future Scout and Cavalry System FTL Far Target Locate FTR Future Transport Rotorcraft FTTS Future Tactical Truck System FUE First Unit Equipped FY Fiscal Year FYDP Future Years Defense Plan G&C Guidance & Control G/VLLD Ground/Vehicular Laser Locator Designator GALE Generic Area Limitation Environment GB Grenadier BRAT GBS Global Broadcast Service GCCS Global Command and Control System GCCS-A Global Command and Control System–Army GCS Ground Control Station GCSS-Army Global Combat Support System-Army GLMRS Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System GLPS Gun Laying and Positioning System GPR Ground Penetrating Radar GPS Global Positioning System GPS/INS GPS Inertial Navigation System GRAM GPS Receiver Applications Module GRCS GUARDRAIL Common Sensor GSR Ground Surveillance Radar GSR/IREMBASS Ground Surveillance Radar/Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System GSTAMIDS Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System GTN Global Transportation Network HD/LD High Demand/Low Density Units HDSB Heavy Dry Support Bridge HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck HET Heavy Equipment Transporter HETS Heavy Equipment Transporter System HIMAD High-to-Medium Altitude Air Defense HIMAD High-to-Medium Altitude Air Defense HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System HMEE High Mobility Engineer Excavator HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle HPT High Payoff Targets HPW High Pressure Washers HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army HSI hyperspectral imagery HSTAMIDS Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System HTI Horizontal Technology Integration HUMINT Human Intelligence HUMRAAM High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle-Mounted Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile HVMP Volume Map Production HYEX Hydraulic Excavators IAV Interim Armored Vehicle IBC Improved Boat Cradle IBCT Interim Brigade Combat Team IBS Integrated Broadcast Service IC3 Integrated Combat Command and Control ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ICHO Improved Cargo Handling Operations ICV Infantry Carrier Vehicles IDM Improved Data Modem IETM interactive electronic technical manual IFSAS Initial Fire Support Automated System IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle IMETS Integrated Meteorological System IMINT Imagery Intelligence IO information operations IOC Initial Operating Capability IOT&E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation IPADS Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Battlespace IPF Integrated Processing Facility IPT Integrated Product Team IR infrared IRB Improved Ribbon Bridge IS Information Superiority ISO International Standard Organization ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ISRT Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting Support JBPDS Joint Biological Point Detection System JCDB Joint Common Database JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff JFLCC Joint Forces Land Component Command JLOTS Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore JMLS Joint Modular Lighter System JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council JSFXD program Joint Fixed Site Decontamination JSSED Joint Sensitive Equipment Decontamination JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System JTA-A Joint Technical Architecture-Army JTAGS Joint Tactical Ground Station JTAGS/M3P Joint Tactical Ground Station/Multi-Mission Mobile Processor JTAMD Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense JTMD Joint Theater Missile Defense JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System JTT Joint Tactical Terminal JTT/CIBS-M Joint Tactical Terminal/Common Integrated Broadcast Service Modules JV 2020 Joint Vision 2020 KEM kinetic energy missiles LADS Laundry Advanced System LAN Local Area Network LATP Lima Army Tank Plant LDR low data rate LDS Lightweight Decontamination Systems LHS Load Handling System LHT Line Haul Tractor LLDR The Lightweight Laser Designator/Rangefinder LNBCRS Light Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System LOS limited line-of-sight LOSAT Line-of-Sight Anti-Tank weapon LOTS/JLOTS Logistics Over the Shore LPD low probability of detection LRAS3 Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System LRIP Low-Rate Initial Production LUT Limited User Test LW Light Weight LW155 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer LWP Lightweight Water Purifier M3P Multi-Mission Mobile Processor MACOM Major Command MANPADS Manportable Air Defense System MANSCEN U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence MC4 Medical Communications For Combat Casualty Care MCB Mine Clearing Blade MCS Modular Causeway System MCS Maneuver Control System MCSC Marine Corps System Command MCS-Eng Maneuver Control System-Engineer MD metal-detection MDR medium data rate MDS Modular Decontamination System MEADS Medium Extended Air Defense System MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation MELIOS Mini Eye-Safe Laser Infrared Observation Set METT-TC mission, enemy, troops, terrain, time, and civilians MFCS Mortar Fire Control System MGB Medium Girder Bridge MGS Mobile Gun System MHE Material Handling Equipment MI Military Intelligence MICAD Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Detector MIES Modernized Imagery Exploitation System MILSATCOM Military Satellite Communications MILSTAR Military Strategic and Tactical Relay MIST Multi-Band Integrated Satellite Terminal MITT Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal MKT Mobile Kitchen Trailer MLC Military Load Class MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System MNS Mission Needs Statement MOA Memorandum of Agreement MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War MOPMS Modular Pack Mine System MOPP Mission Oriented Protective Posture MOSAIC Multifunctional On-the-Move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications MOTS Mobile Tower System MPCV Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle MRI Medical Reengineering Initiative MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment MSTAR MLRS Smart Tactical Rocket MTI Moving Target Indicator MTOE Modified Table of Organization and Equipment MTOF Mission Task Organized Forces MTS Movement Tracking System MTW Major Theater War MUA Military Utility Assessment MW Missile Warning MWO Modification Work Orders NAPS New Aviation Ground Power System NAS National Airspace System NAVWAR Navigation Warfare NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical NBCRS Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance System NCA National Command Authorities NCS Network Control Station NDI Nondevelopmental Item NFM North Finding Module NLOS Non-Line-of-Sight NMS National Military Strategy NOC-V Network Operations Center Vehicles NVL Night Vision Lab O&M Operations and Maintenance O&O Operational and Organizational O&S Operations and Support ODS Operation Desert Storm/Shield ODS-E Operation Desert Storm, Engineer Vehicle OICW Objective Individual Combat Weapon OPTEMPO operational tempo ORD Operational Requirements Document OSA Operational Support Airlift P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement PAC-3 Patriot Advanced Capability Mod 3 PB02 President’s Budget FY02 PBD Recent Program Budget Decision PDRR Prototype Definition and Risk Reduction PEO Program Executive office PLGR Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver PLS Palletized Load System PNT Position, Navigation, and Timing POL Petroleum, oil, and lubricants POM Program Objective Memorandum POS/NAV Position/Navigation PPS Precise Positioning Service PVT Positioning, Velocity, and Time PVT Production Verification Testing QDR Quadrennial Defense Review R&D research and development RC Reserve Component RCSS Robotic Combat Support System RCU Remote Control Unit RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation RDT&E Research, Development, Test And Evaluation RFI Radar Frequency Interferometer RFPI Rapid Force Projection Initiative RMP reprogrammable microprocessor ROE Rules of Engagement RSCAAL Remote Sensing Chemical Agent Alarm RSTA Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition RTCH Rough Terrain Container Handler RWS Remote Workstation S&T science and technology SA situational awareness SACO Stability and Support Operations SAGR Stand-alone Air GPS Receiver SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar SASO Stability and Support Operations SATCOM Satellite Communications SBIRS Space-Based Infrared System SCA Software Communications Architecture SCAMP Single Channel Anti-Jam Manportable SCDL Surveillance and Control Data Link SDD System Development and Demonstration SECDEF Secretary of Defense SEE Small Emplacement Excavator SEMA Special Electronic Mission SEP System Enhancement Program SGF Second Generation Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) SHF super high frequency SHORAD Short-Range Air Defense SICPS Standardized Integrated Command Post System SIGINT Signals Intelligence SIIRCM Suite of Integrated Infrared Countermeasure SINCGARS Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System SIRFC Suite of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures SLGR Small Lightweight GPS Receiver SMART-T Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminal SMDC Army Space and Missile Defense Command SME subject matter experts SOA Special Operations Aviation SOC Space Operations Cell SOF Special Operations Forces SoS Systems of Systems SPORT Soldier Portable On-System Repair Tool SRB Standard Ribbon Bridge SRBSDS Short Range Biological Standoff Detection System SRS Standard Robotic Systems Program SSC Small Scale Contingencies STACCS Standard Theater Army Command and Control System STAMIDS Standoff Minefield Detection System STAR-T Super High Frequency Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Terminal STO Science and Technology Objective TAA Total Army Analysis TACCIMS Theater Army Command and Control Information Management System TADSS Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations TADSS Training Aids Devices Simulators and Simulations TAIS Tactical Airspace Integration System TC AIMS Transportation Coordinator-Automated Information for Movement System TDA Table of Distribution and Allowances TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities TEP Theater Engagement Plan TES Tactical Exploitation System TFFS Tactical Firefighting System TFFT Tactical Firefighting Truck THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense THSDN Tactical High Speed Data Network TI Tactical Internet TIM Toxic Industrial Materials TMDE Test Measurement and Diagnostics Equipment TMIP Theater Medical Information Program TMS Thermal Management System TOC Tactical Operations Center TOW Tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided missile TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command TRI-TAC Tri-Service Tactical Communications TSV Theater Support Vessel TUAV Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle TWV Combat Service Support including Tactical Wheeled Vehicles UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UE User Equipment UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGVROP Unmanned Ground Vehicle Rapid Obscuration Platform ULCANS Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Net System USAF COMINT U.S. Air Force Communications Intelligence USAR U.S. Army Reserve WAM Hornet Wide Area Munition WIN-T Warfighter Information Network-Tactical WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction WRAP Warfighter Rapid Acquisition Program WTEM Weather Terrain and Environmental Monitoring WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System