Greg Bear : Biography

I was born in San Diego, California, on August 20th, 1951, to Wilma M. and Dale F. Bear. My father was in the navy, and by the time I was twelve years old, I had traveled with my parents to Japan, the Philippines and Alaska, as well as touring various parts of the United States. It was in Alaska, at age ten, that I completed my first short story. I had been writing for a year or so already. At age thirteen or fourteen I began submitting stories to the magazines, and at fifteen I sold my first short short to Robert Lowndes' FAMOUS SCIENCE FICTION. (It appeared when I was sixteen.) It took five years to sell my next story, but by the time I was twenty-three, I began selling regularly. My first novel, finished when I was nineteen, was completely rewritten and sold to Berkley some thirteen years later; the first novel I sold (HEGIRA, Dell) appeared in 1979. By order of publication, my novels are HEGIRA, PSYCHLONE, BEYOND HEAVEN'S RIVER, STRENGTH OF STONES, THE INFINITY CONCERTO (Berkley, 1984), BLOOD MUSIC (Arbor), EON (Bluejay) (1985), THE FORGE OF GOD (Tor, 1986), ETERNITY (Warner, 1988), QUEEN OF ANGELS (Warner, 1990). ANVIL OF STARS (Warner, 1992), MOVING MARS (Tor, October 1993), SONGS OF EARTH AND POWER (Tor, 1994), LEGACY (Tor, 1995), SLANT (Tor, May 1997) and DINOSAUR SUMMER (Warner, February 1998), and FOUNDATION AND CHAOS (Harper Prism, February 1998), DARWIN'S RADIO (Del Rey/HarperCollins UK, 1999), ROGUE PLANET (Del Rey/Lucasfilm 2000), VITALS (Del Rey/Harper Collins UK, 2002), and DARWIN'S CHILDREN (Del Rey/Harper Collins UK, 2003). In 1983, Arkham House published my first collection of short fiction, THE WIND FROM A BURNING WOMAN. A second collection, TANGENTS, was published by Warner Books in August of 1989.