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///////////// yberpoet's Guide to \\//irtual ///////ulture              |
A multipart guide to the electronic frontier.                    039414 o

-=- 01.Introduction

Beyond the hype, behind the glamour, underneath the sea of buzzwords,
icons and flames a new subculture is spreading in this petri dish known as
the Internet. Here science and art - media and mind - combine in a cyborg
frenzy to create this replicant cousin to cyberpunk and hacking. It is a
subculture with no name, few labels, but thousands of common attractors,
which link together before our eyes like digital DNA to create, in the 
helix of the autologue, a new frontier for participants in these wide 
virtual spaces to explore.

Any document that attempts to cover an emerging culture is doomed to be
incomplete. Even more so if the culture has no overt identity (at least
none outside virtual space). But the other side of that coin presents us
with the oportunity to document the ebb and flow, the moments of growth
and defeat, the development of this young culture.

Although young, there is rich history and varied philosophies for this
group to draw on. From cyberpunk, the quest for access to information and
a vision of the future (the cyber) has been exorcised from the
distopic and 'punk'ish views of the monster the media has made of
cyberpunk. From the Hacker ethic, we get the rally cry that "infomation
wants to be free." From the workings of the Internet, we see the desire
for universal access and the pursuit of Jeffersonian Democracy (kapor)
that is manifested itself partially through the anarchy inherent in the
system and partially through the efforts of many net.users.

This document, although significantly different, attempts to pick up where
the FutureCulture FAQ (by andy hawks) left off. It should act as a
starting point for those new to the net, as one avenue to reach a level
of net.literacy, and as a handy reference point for those already
comfortable in this pocket of the net.

It is a road map to the interesting viewpoints, hot dog stands, museums, 
flora and fauna that dots this constantly changing landscape of virtual
space. Explore these sites. Dig in the cyborganic gardens. Report back 
your findings, so that others may follow. And they will.

                     -oO   -=<>=-   Oo-

[Cyberpoet]   Cyber-, having to do with information flow, human and
computer use/combinations, computer mediated communication. -Poet, one who
makes art with words, an artist, a renaissance trait. A cyberpoet is one
who strives to be artful in their use of virtual space. Someone who makes
frequent trips to the edge of technology/culture/society and then reports
back to anyone who will listen. The avant-guard of virtual culture.
Someone who, like a renaissance man, has their eye on the future and their
nose in its knowledge, technologies and politics.

                     -oO   -=<>=-   Oo-

-=- 01.2.Contents       |

Part I

-=- 01.Introduction
        o preface
        o contents -=>what you are reading<=-
        o copyright notices & stuph
        o Lexicon of Virtual Culture
             o The dictionary

Part II

-=- 02.Cultural Signposts
        o Libraries - cyber-repositories of data
        o Museums, galleries, ezines & stuph
        o Organizations - EFF, FAF, CPSR, etc.
        o Gov't - USA and otherwise

Part III

-=- 03.Virtual Hangouts
        o Elists & newsgroups
        o Cafes - virtual pubs and coffeehouses
        o Parks & rec - public spaces and interesting faces


-=- 04.Resources & References
        o Online how-to's
        o Similiar lists
        o Assorted online resources
        o Access points

Part V

-=- 05.Offline Interests
        o Magazines
        o Bibliography

-=- 01.4.Stuph         |

o  Legalese, copyright notice, some parting          o
o  words.                                            o

The contents contained herein are not to be construed as legal advice, nor
is the author/publisher responsible for any damage that might result from
the use of any information or software gathered from using this document.
The author/publisher will make every effort to see that the information is
up to date, but cannot warranty that it is.

This document, it's format, theme and articles are copyright 1993,1994
John Frost [frost@netcom.com], except where the copyright is retained by
the original author. The rights to distribute and reproduce this document
are granted in accord with the Agitprop guidelines founded by Bruce
Sterling. A copy of those guidelines may be found via ftp at ftp.eff.org
ftp/pub/Publications/Bruce_Sterling/README or at EFF's gopher site. Other
uses and non-electronic reproduction of this document must first be
cleared, in writing, with John Frost. Under no circumstance may
money/script/funds be charged for access to this document, beyond the
money charged for general access to the system it is found on. The guide
may not be distributed on any disk/tape/device with a capacity of more
then 80 megs. 

To add information to, or suggest changes in, this document please email
frost@netcom.com with the word CYBERPOET in the subject.

As far as I know this list is archived at mindvox &

USENET//alt.cyberspace, alt.cyberpunk, alt.virtual.culture

Please inform me of any other archival so that I may make mention of 
it here. I hear that somebody is marking up an HTML verson too.

==-----------=======      The Lexicon of Virtual Culture
====-------=========        Virtual Culture -- >>From A to Z

-=- 01.Lexicon of Virtual Culture
-=- 01.3.The dictionary   |

Virtual Culture -- >>From A to Z

ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop) - The transmission method
likely to be used to send movies, tv shows and sports - at the viewers
request - over existing telephone lines right to your television. Look for
this to be available and affordable in the next two years. This is the
main contender to ISDN, the winner will provide the link between 50
channels and 500 channels, 50,000 channels or (hopefully) more.

Agrippa: A Book of the Dead - A collaboration between author William
Gibson, publisher Kevin Begos Jr., and artist Dennis Ashbaugh. This
art-work contains engravings by Ashbaugh which appear or disappear in
light and an on-disk semi-autobiographical poem by William Gibson  which
is unreadable after having been read once.  Agrippa is notable because in
many respects it blurs the lines concerning what art is, and adds fuel to
the fire on issues of property rights and intellectual property.  A
highlight of 1992 was the release of Gibson's poem on to the net.

Artificial Life - man-made systems that exhibit characteristics associated
with the concept of "life".

Artificial Reality - similar to virtual reality, but more interactive,
with the participant being part of, not just experiencing, the artificial

Barlow, John Perry - A drummer for the Grateful Dead and co-founder of the
EFF. Now a net.denizen who speaks often on virtual culture and cyberspace
sociology and technology.

BBSes - electronic Bulletin Board Systems.  Begun in the late 70's, a form
of virtual community existing in cyberspace where participants (usually
using aliases) may send and receive public and private messages to each
other on any topic imaginable, transfer software (copyrighted and/or
public domain), play on-line games, etc.  There is the "over-ground" BBS
world where aliases are less common and illegal activities are avoided in
discussion, and the computer underground where illegal activities and
discussions are very common, members use aliases, and illegal information
and/or software is exchanged.

Boxing - A variety of electronic devices used to aid in phreaking. The
original was the blue box, used from the mid 60's to the mid 80's, which
allowed long distance phone calls to be made for free. A variety of other
similar instruments accomplishing different tasks have been developed,
some purely comical, some quite practical.

Chaos - Chaos is a state that garners a lot of respect in cyberculture, to
the point of being a techno-pagan religion. Many people are self-described

Chaos Theory - A field of science revolving around simplistic equations
involving a large number of variables. Gave rise to fractals, a form of
cyberdelic art. For further info on the subject, James Gleick's "Chaos:
Making a New Science" is suggested.

C0dez Doodz - Essentially a phreaker's version of pirates. People who seek
out telco codes to be used to gain long distance (ld) telephone calls
without paying for them. Scourge of the computer underground.

Communitek - an informational technology that provides the potential for a
community to develop in cyberspace. For example, within the net, IRC and
elists are two communiteks.

Computer Underground - "A group organized in secrecy, hidden behind
aliases, to promote the free exchange of information regarding anything
and everything including, but not limited to: computers, telephones,
radios, chemicals, and ideas." (Thanx to The Butler for this definition)
The mainstay of communication for the computer underground is cyberspace,
more specifically BBSes. The computer underground is composed of hackers,
phreakers, pirates, anarchists, and other cyberpunks.

Cyber- - A prefix taken from cybernetics generally used in popular culture
to mean anything that is technologically oriented.

Cyberculture - Often used in the media to denote aspects of "life as a
cyberpunk." Yet if we are to follow strict meaning, cyberculture is more
accurately defined as an information-based culture.

Cyberdeck - Term originated by William Gibson to refer to a computer used
by deck cowboys that can connect to the matrix.

Cyberdelic - "Cyber-art".  Examples include fractals, computer-generated
pictures and/or music, virtual worlds, etc. (sidebar - fractal pict)

Cybernetics - The study of communication systems in living organisms and
machines, the mathematical analysis of the flow of information.

Cyberpunk - Begun as a literary movement in the 80's, an off-shoot of
normal science fiction. Unique in that it generally occurs in the present
or not so distant future, the characters are often considered "punks"
(social deviants) and technology, (the cyber aspect), is prominent.
"Neuromancer" by William Gibson, published in 1984, is considered by most
to be the "bible" of cyberpunk.  Another prominent author is Bruce
Sterling, editor of another worthy cyberpunk collection, "Mirrorshades".
Other examples of cyberpunk include Max Headroom (TV show) and BladeRunner
(movie). Cyberpunk is special in that it has evolved from a purely
literary movement to a realistic subculture. Many "techno-punks" (i.e.,
hackers) are considered cyberpunks. Other contributing factors to the
cyberpunk subculture include:  virtual reality, hallucinogenic and
nootropic drugs, and industrial and punk music. For an in-depth, detailed
look at cyberpunk fiction and cyberpunk culture, "Storming the Reality
Studio," ed. by Larry McCaffery is suggested.

Cyberspace - "The electronic frontier." A completely virtual environment:
the sum of all BBSes, computer networks, and other virtual communities.
Unique in that it is constantly being changed, exists only virtually, can
be practically infinite in "size", communication occurs instantaneously
world-wide - physical location is completely irrelevant most of the time.
Some include video and telephone transmissions as part of cyberspace.

Cypherpunks - net.folks who have evolved from hacking to encryption and
concern with creating multiple anonymous identities.

Deck Cowboys - Futuristic, some say fantasy, version of a computer hacker
or a modern-day cyberpunk.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - (EFF). Organization founded by Mitch
Kapor (of Lotus fame) and John Perry Barlow (writer and Grateful Dead
songwriter) to establish laws for cyberspace and apply the constitution to
virtual communities. The EFF has recently morphed into a strong lobbying
force in Washington D.C..

Elist (email-lists) - An electronic discussion group that anyone with an
email address can subscribe to. Email addresses for the elist members are
stored on a single computer. When you send email to that machine, it will
automatically bounce your letter to every other subscriber. Thousands of
these elists, covering almost every topic, exist on the Internet for your
reading pleasure and more are materializing weekly.

Ezine - An net version of the small press magazine (known as a zine)
culture. Usually ezines exist only on the net, but more and more
paper-zines are distributing an electronic version as well. (sidebar, some
zines to watch for)

F2F - face to face meeting (also FTF)

Flame - Disagreement (hell, full fledged war sometimes) occurring in
cyberspace. Common on Usenet.

Fleshmeet - a F2F meeting. Often a party of some sort where people who
have met previously on the net get together.

Fractals - Images created using chaos theory. A mish-mash of colors
presented in a pattern that repeats itself many times over.  A popular
type of fractal image is one created using the "Mandlebrot set".  Fractals
are considered cyberdelic art.

Gibson, William - Considered by most to be the "father" of cyberpunk,
along with Bruce Sterling. His works include the infamous "Neuromancer",
"Count Zero", "Mona Lisa Overdrive" (these 3 works are known as the sprawl
series), "The Difference Engine" with which he was co-author with Bruce
Sterling, and "Burning Chrome" a collection of short stories.  A recent
work of his is a poem in "Agrippa: A Book of the Dead".  Gibson says he
will no longer be writing the "classic"  cyberpunk novels he is famous
for.  His latest work is entitled "Virtual Light" is futuristic fiction
was released in August.

Global Village - Famous term coined by Marshall McLuhan, exemplified by
the net.

Gopher - A menu driven service useful for grep'ing info off the net. You
forgot your friend's email address, look here. Need to read the latest
issue of "Voices from the net" (An electronic text based zine or ezine),
look here. Searching for a file to read or software to download, use
Gopher. Over 1200 individual gopher sites exist and the number is growing

Grep - search, or scan.

Grok - Word with roots in Shamanism that is akin to gnow. and implies a
thorough and complete holistic understanding. Popularized in Robert A.
Heinlein's _Stranger in a Strange Land_.

Hacker - 60's (1st) generation (orig. MIT):  one who tinkers with
software, electronics, computer hardware, etc.  80's (2nd) WarGames
generation:  one who enters computer systems without permission with
either malicious or non-malicious intent, to gain, alter, or destroy
information (labeled as crackers by the 60's generation).  90's (3rd)
generation:  often called cyberpunks, mostly non-malicious crackers
interested in information for the sake of information, and not hacking for
the sake of the hack - sometimes calling themselves "information
liberators", they have re-adopted more of the original hacker ethic of the
60's that mainly states "all information should be free", "access to
computers should be unlimited and total" and "promote decentralization".
This new, 3rd generation is commonly associated with the computer
underground, despite its mostly non-malicious intent.

Identity Hacking - The use of pseudo-anonymity or false accounts to
put ones self off as another person on the Internet. Not nice.

Infonomics - The idea of an economy based on information, which obviously
holds many different properties from our current state of the world.

Internet - A large and very popular world-wide computer network begun by
the Department of Defense in the 60's that connects educational
institutions, corporations, organizations, and military and government
installations around the globe. Some organizations exist that offer
Internet access to the general public for an hourly,monthly or yearly fee.
Suggested are places like the WELL, MindVox, Nyx (which is free of cost),
Netcom, etc.  Many Internet users partake in reading and contributing to
Usenet, playing MUDs, FTPing text files and programs free of charge at the
various FTP sites, and 'telnet'ing to other Internet sites. Because of its
accessibility at a relatively low cost, size (the largest computer network
in the world), connectivity, and infinite amounts of information, many
network users prefer the Internet to such services as CompuServe (often
called Compu$erve on the Internet) or Prodigy (which is more restricting
in its content). The Internet has something to offer for everyone. There
are many helpful books published about how to use the Internet, some are
available right on-line.  Once you gain access to the Internet, it is
suggested that you read the 'news.announce.newusers' and
'news.newusers.questions' and 'news.answers' newsgroups on Usenet.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat. Realtime communication forums between Internet
users all over the world.

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network.  A communitek hopefully coming
soon to a house near you, basically it will greatly expand the potential
for information coming into your house, such as having 700 cable TV
channels, interactive realtime video-phones, and far off in the future
possible even realtime networked interactive 3d virtual reality.

Kapor, Mitch - One of EFF's founders (along with John Perry Barlow). He
started the Lotus software company and built it into one of the top 5
software companies in the world, then left to start the EFF. In addition
to working at the top of EFF ladder, he frequently writes stories for
magazines and newspapers, interviews on the TV and is often called to
testify before congressional hearings.

Knowbot - provides a uniform user interface to heterogeneous remote
information services. A predecesor to the Intelligent Agent.

Legion of Doom - (LoD). A legendary group of hackers from the computer
underground. When they disbanded, some members went on to form a computer
security firm (ComSec), Loyd Blankenship wrote GURPS Cyberpunk for Steve
Jackson Games and some ended up in jail from Operation Sundevil.

Matrix - Term coined by William Gibson that refers to the consensual
hallucination of cyberspace.

Meme - An "agent of communicative resonance," or more simply, "an
information virus."  Memetics is the study and theories behind the root
structures of information itself.

MindVox - A virtual community in cyberspace, also a BBS connected to the
Internet.  A nexus of the computer underground and cyberpunk and virtual
reality began by Phantom Access Technologies, former members of the Legion
of Doom. See also the WELL.

Mirrorshades - A very important collection of cyberpunk fiction by various
authors, most of whom are labeled as the mirrorshades group. This book is
edited by Bruce Sterling and should be available in most bookstores.

Mirrorshades Group - Original collection of cyberpunk authors which
includes William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Tom Maddox, Lewis Shiner, John
Shirley, SF Eye magazine editor Steve Brown, Rudy Rucker, Pat Cadigan, and

Mondo 2000 - Very popular cyberpunk and new edge magazine. Recently
challenged by a new magazine, WIRED.

MUD - Multi-User Domain, Multi-User Dungeon, or Multi-User Dimension. MUDs
are multi-user role-playing-games of sorts that exist on the Internet for
entertainment purposes. MUDs are essentially text-based virtual worlds
which players (participants) may explore, change, or add on to. In most
cases, the MUD is actually a "game" with scores, player attributes,
levels, etc., but some MUDs are with more social goals in mind. MUDs tend
to be based around different science fiction genres such as fantasy,
space, or even cyberpunk.
More recently MUDs have         SIDEBAR - MU*'s have a somewhat unfortunate
developed new uses. Research,   SIDEBAR - of being addicting. I attribute
conferencing, and more          SIDEBAR - this to the strong feeling of
academic MUDs are popping       SIDEBAR - community one gets from mudding.
up like wildflowers these       SIDEBAR - Students have been known to drop
days and indicate a possible    SIDEBAR - out of school just to MUD. Others
trend in the Internet, that     SIDEBAR - have fallen in love over a mu*
being integration of services.  SIDEBAR - only to later realize the other
                                SIDEBAR - player doesn't feel the same.
Nanotechnology - the science    SIDEBAR - I recommend going cold turkey as
of "micro-machines". Small      SIDEBAR - the only solution to the MUDding
gears or other machines seen    SIDEBAR - addiction. =)
only by a microscope, that
can be used in areas such as medicine and health, art, and other

Net - A computer network. Often used to mean the Internet when referred to
as "the net".

Netrip - Many similarities exist in some people's minds between
psychedelic drugs and the net, and a netrip is the state of literally
getting "high" off the net, accompanied by distortions in space and time,
a gnowledge of the net itself, an intense desire to communicate your
subconscious to the rest of the net, etc.

New Edge - Fringe culture and fringe science, mostly techno-oriented, and
very popular in Southern California. Mondo 2000 is a magazine devoted to
the new edge.

Nexus - The dictionary defines a "nexus" as a "a connection, tie, or link
between individuals of a group, members of a series, etc." When applied to
virtual cultures and the networked humans which comprise them, a NEXUS is
basically a domicile/workspace/cultural-center formed in real-life by
people who have met and established relationships over the Net.  They
purchase and secure group Internet access, and thus control their own
node, living in close proximity, since creativity blossoms in people when
surrounded with creativity; since similar approaches to work and life can
re-inforce each other.  We have seen this happen on the Net; the NEXUS
community intends to manifest it in reality, to integrate it into our

Nootropics - A new science revolving around drugs used to increase
intelligence, aid in memory, enhance brain activity, etc. Touted as a fad
by some, others claim that use of nootropics actually work.  See also

Operation Sundevil - Secret Service operation begun in 1990 intended to
destroy the computer underground by confiscating BBSes and detaining

Paste Bomb - Sometimes a litteral core dump. Via the Mac's Cut and Paste
capability, take random bits of data from one's hard drive and paste it
into an online conversation, email, mud, whatever.  Eris Lives. Sci-fi
author Bruce Sterling is a notorious paste bomber. Get in the habit

Phrack - An important magazine existing only in cyberspace, of interest to
the computer underground. It's founder, Craig Neidorf, now works for the
Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Phreaker - Hacking the phone system. Usually meaning to get phone calls
for free, whether by boxing or calling card fraud. Individual phreakers
are called phreaks.

Pirate - One who copies software illegally. Commonly associated with the
computer underground.  Although commonplace, pirates are looked down upon
as with codez d00dz . (sidebar SPA and the big corporation pirates)

Post-industrial - The state of the world, including megacorp zaibatsus, an
evolving infonomics, etc.

Post-modern - Literary, artistic, cultural, and philosophical movement
revolving around the post-industrial world in which we live, and the
unique aspects of the trends of modern society.

Raves - A 'dying' subculture revolving around all-night dance parties.
Typically, the parties are generally illegal and thus a complex process is
involved to find out where they are located. Rave music is generally
techno or house , the parties usually include 1 or more DJs. Also present
in many cases are "chill out rooms" which feature more ambient music.
Lasers, blaring music, cyberdelic images, SmartDrinks and drugs most often
MDMA {X, XTC, Ecstasy, E}, LSD {acid}, ketamine, or nootropics) are all
general contributors to the rave experience.  Raves are usually held in
warehouses, and last until the next morning. Another large part of rave
culture is the flyers - used to find out where your next  party will be.
Raves are meant to be very happy events, everyone ideally should be open
and free, laying aggressions and inhibitions aside for the night. Some
have likened the rave experience to "a weekly roving techno-woodstock for
the 90's."  Rave fashion includes over-sized baggy t-shirts and pants,
hooded sweat-shirts, ski caps, and usually bright colors, as well as
accessories such as whistles, Cat In The Hat hats, "doctor" masks,
VapoRub, etc. Many factors have led to an often heard questions these
days, "where have all the ravers gone?" (one answer is... they've gone Retro)

RTFM - Read The Fucking Manual. An abbreviation used when clueless 
questions are asked about subjects that are answered in the manual or FAQ.

Shaman - An overused word that in ancient and modern cultures implies one
who is a wise medicine man or healer, with a keen understanding of the
ways of things. Used increasingly in modern culture, especially in
conjunction with techno-paganism.

Slipstream - Term used to denote cyberpunk fiction, particularly pre-1984
fictional works that have been influential to the mirrorshades group or
that closely resemble cyberpunk, but are sometimes outside of the sf
genre. An example would be William S. Burroughs.

SmartDrugs - nootropics.

SmartDrinks - Similar to SmartDrugs, or nootropics, the intent of  these
substances, loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other healthy
substances, is to aid in brain functioning. Smart Drinks are most often
consumed at raves, thus, the purpose of some smart drinks is to "energize"
the drinker, not to make them smarter.

Sprawl - Word used by William Gibson to mean large mega-cities, and places
where different cities collide. Southern California and New York City
might be early examples of the sprawl. This word is used often in modern
times as "urban sprawl".

Steve Jackson Games - RPG manufacturers that have played a key role in the
evolution of cyberpunk and the computer underground. Operators of the
Illuminati BBS and makers of GURPS Cyberpunk, an RPG guide written by Loyd
Blankenship, a member of the Legion of Doom.

Sterling, Bruce - considered by most to be the "co-founder" of cyberpunk
along with William Gibson. He is the editor of "Mirrorshades: A cyberpunk
anthology," which is considered the quintessential collection of cyberpunk
works by the mirrorshades group. Some of his other works include "Islands
in the Net", "Schismatrix", "Involution Ocean", "The Artificial Kid", "The
Difference Engine" which he co-authored with Gibson and "The Hacker
Crackdown" a non-fiction account of the computer underground and Operation
Sundevil, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Phrack, the Legion
of Doom, Steve Jackson Games, etc. Sterling has also been a vocal member
of the net. Keep your eyes open, you never know where he will surface next.

Social Engineering - Technique by which hackers or crackers acquire
information, such as names and passwords.  Essentially a modern-day con,
often conducted via phone conversations, such as portraying oneself as a
telco employee.

TBT - Talking by Typing.

Techno- - prefix similar to cyber-, referring to anything which has its
roots in current or futuristic technology.

Techno - type of music made almost entirely with the help of computers,
revolving around a fast-paced drum beat (as high as 160 BPM), sampling,
and synthesizers.

Technoculture - The idea of a culture with a strong foundation rooted  in
technology. Often used loosely in association with cyberculture and new edge.

Techno-paganism - Literally the worshipping of technology. Many people
*believe* that, for example, the net has some magic or is a sentient
entity in itself, or that technology can be an agent of evolution.
(sidebar Aleph spew)

Teledildonics - Virtual sex in a virtual environment. Term often used by
the new edge community. (sidebar: from new CD to magazine to etc)

Toasternet - Putting together a LAN, WAN or Internet hook up with the
cheapest of technology. Read up on Toasternets on the Wells Gopher.

Usenet - A collection of "newsgroups" on the Internet, in which Internet
users may post or read messages on almost any subject imaginable. The
topics of discussion are divided up into the individual newsgroups, which
total about 2000 on average. Usenet is divided into various large
sections, including the 'alt'ernative newsgroups, the 'comp'uter
newsgroups, the 'sci'ence newsgroups and the 'talk' newsgroups, among
others. Some groups are moderated, while most remain completely
uncensored. Usenet is often referred to as Abusenet for its all-too
familiar flames and appearance of perpetual chaos.

Virtual Community - any group or gathering that exists in cyberspace. This
could be a BBS, a hacking group, a net, or even a zaibatsu.

Virtual Culture - the collection of virtual communities, and the cultural
aspects unique to those communities.

Virtual Reality - a consentual hallucination of a world existing only in
cyberspace.  Modern day virtual reality uses helmets, gloves, and body
suits to create such a world, which is first created on a computer and
connected to the vr devices. A goal of some virtual reality researchers is
to generate a completely alternate reality. Research in vr includes
networking people, so spatial limitations are meaningless. The
possibilities of vr-generated environments are as limitless as the

Virtual World - a world existing in cyberspace created and used with
virtual reality technologies.

WELL - The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link. An important gridpoint in the
matrix, a virtual community in cyberspace, also a BBS connected to the
Internet. A group concerned mostly with cyberpunk, virtual reality,
nootropics, and other aspects of the new edge. Many celebreties have an
account on the Well.

WIRED - A new magazine devoted to exploring virtualspace and new
technologies. Wired is not as new edge as Mondo 2000 and seemingly gives
off a more corporate news oriented format. However, it is a refreshing
view and perhaps infonomics first steps into the public realm. (The TIME
magazine of virtual culture.)

Wirehead - a hardware hacker.

Zaibatsu - Japanese term used a lot by William Gibson that means a large
mega-corporation, such as Sony for example.

Part II of V - 3.14.94

Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture -

-=- 02.Cultural Signposts
        o Libraries - cyber-repositories of data
               -o- FTP sites
               -o- Telnetable Repositories
               -o- Gopher Space
        o Museums, galleries, ezines & stuph
               -o- Art FTP sites
               -o- Art Centered Elists
               -o- Ezines
               -o- Misc Internet Art
        o Organizations & Gov't 

-=- 02.Places
-=- 02.1.Libraries       |

Like a child who enjoys reading, a cyberpoet will return often to hir
favorite net.repository of information and check for new 'books.' Unlike
everyday reality [ER], there are thousands of libraries and also unlike ER
they are usually less then 100 keystrokes away. No fossil fuel is burned;
they are almost never closed; and the cost of use is minimal, undoubtedly
a few steps in the right direction.

A cyberpoet with a good memory or a handy Personnal Digital Assistant
[PDA](such as a Newton, Sharp, or Intelligent Agent) will often be able to
list off hir favorite net.repositories upon request. However it is often
useful to have a pre-made list of common sites to forward if time is short
or the PDA is without batteries. Consider this such a list.

         -o0 FTP sites 0o-
      the self service library

        - UnderWorld Industries
        - 8.3 format *yuck*  =)

~o alfred.carleton.ca
        - Volumes of information on Freenets and Internet Use

~o aug3.augsburg.edu
        - Lists of BBS's internet and dial-up
        - also the archives of the Auggie BBS.

~o bertha.pyramid.com
        - leri, cybernews info
        - an archive on personal freedom

~o byrd.mu.wvnet.edu
        - Electronic journal on virtual culture archives
        - History archives, databases, other...
        - Some internet History
        - Mostly political and military now.
        - Merton-L archives

~o cert.sei.cmu.edu
        - Computer/Internet Security (those guys in red shirts)
        - Computer Emergency Response Team FAQ (anti-viral)
        - virus-l archives

~o coombs.anu.edu.au
        - a variety of research papers about the 'internet' etc.
        - some papers on buddhism.

~o dhvx20.csudh.edu
        - Toward a truely global network
        - Archives on networks around the world, mostly 3rd world.
          (Maybe it's his first time around.)

~o dla.ucop.edu
        - Library Resources Guide

~o etext.archive.umich.edu
        - a wealth of text archives
        - recipient of the most discriptive e-address award

~o ftp.cica.indiana.edu
       - Windows software archive  Also the home of the

~o ftp.cpsr.org
       - Tap-Info archives (Ralph Nader's Internet Group)
       - CPU: an ezine for cpsr news and info.
       - cypherpunks archive

~o ftp.cwru.edu
       - Supreme Court ASCII rulings.
       - Also available thru telnet and gopher.

~o ftp.eff.org
       - preferred access: gopher
       - recently reorganized to server you better.
        - There is no way I could cover all the good stuff available here.
          It is my suggestion that you spend some time skimming each
          document to grok its true purpose.
        - also note that all the zines & journals have been moved to
          etext.archive.umich.edu and the IRC archive has been moved
          to ftp.kei.com /pub/irc

        /pub/Alerts     - Up to the minute alerts for the iNet community.
        /pub/CAF        - Computer Academic Freedom Archives
                /banned - banned books list.
        /pub/EFF        - misc, newsletters & eff Policy
        /pub/Groups     - Info/archives from groups on the outposts.faq
        /pub/Net_info   - Big Dummy Guide, Cyberpoet's Guide and more.
        /pub/Publications - written material from the likes of
                - Bruce_Sterling, Esther_Dyson, John_Gilmore, CuD,
                  John_Perry_Barlow, Mike_Godwin, Mitch_Kapor and more

~o ftp.kei.com
        - irc elist archives.

~o ftp.msstate.edu
        - History - Africa & Americas
        - fineart_online (an epub and archives)

~o ftp.nevada.edu
       - Guitar Chords, Tablature.

~o ftp.rpi.edu
       - internet-cmc (also known as the december list).

~o ftp.u.washington.edu
    [] the alt.cyberpunk archives that used to be maintianed here    []
    [] are missing. If you know where they are now, please update me []
    [] ditto the alt.drugs archives                                  []

       - a library of information of Virtual Reality

~o ftp.uwp.edu--
       - THE central repository for music information
       - Lyrics, gifs, discographies, etc, etc, etc...

o grind.isca.uiowa.edu (
        - Academic papers and news articles about hacking
        - Quotations from "experts" about hackers and hacking
        - JFK conspiracy files, alt.conspiracy.jfk archives
               - you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs

       - Acadlist - list of academic elists

~o lysita.lysator.liu.se
    - many texts (including SF zines and stories)
    - Magick, religion et al.
    - Black7 disc. list archives =)

~o media-lab.media.mit.edu
       - information concerning the mit media lab in
         particular, see ProjList, the list of
         medialab-related projects

~o mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu
       - Project Gutenberg and other etext holdings (books!)

o ftp.cc.ncsu.edu
       - General files about postmodernism
       - Avital Ronell Interview
       - Dead Doll Humility
             by Kathy Acker
       - Notes Toward an Un-written Non-Linear
         Electronic Text "The End of Print Culture"
         A Work in Progress
             by Michael Joyce
       - Play it Again, Pac-Man
             by Charles Bernstein

~o netcom.com
     - leftist, liberal, activism stuff.
     - collabrative fiction, but more.
     - the Internet Mall (commercial entities on the net)
     - Unofficial archive aleph@pyramid.com e-list.
     - FreeBSD Unix-related files and info 
     - programming docs MUF on TinyMUCKs; useful MUF programs
     - Computer Underground Digest; Funhouse  
     - solar eclipse photography; GIF and JPEG images
     - Socially Responsible Investment Oppty.
     - misc stuff that are funny or insightful
     - lpmud and other misc.
     - TinyMUCK 2.2fb mud server source code, and muf source code. 
     - Design & print IFS fractals, advanced features  
     - Documentation and demo files of FORGE product set.  
     - Quotes, witticisms, etc. stolen from others for YOUR usage.
     - Anime pictures, original and just colorized.
     - Interesting Mac shareware/free
     - E-zine-list (list of net-accessible zines); CRASH zine
     - info on Kathleen Brown's Campaign for California Governor
     - Internet Underground Music Archive curent info; cool stuff.
     - Synaesthsorium Archives
     - Short stories; mostly horror, gothic
     - Xenon's ftp site. PGP FAQ and "Here's How to MacPGP!"
     - Miscellaneous files and assorted junque; pictures; News.
     - Oingo Boingo Electronic Newsletter backissues;
     - Temple of the Screaming Electron BBS  
     - Electronic Game FAQ's; Mortal Kombat II; Game Genie
     - public keyserver; pseudonym registry anon.penet.fi 

~o nexus.yorku.ca
       - Lot's of stuff, including High Weirdness.

o nic.funet.fi
       - Cultural Information

o nicco.sscnet.ucla.edu
        [] Gone! ugh... anyone know any mirrors? []
       - a course in sociology and cyberspace by Peter Kollock
       - Mark Smith's masters thesis
       - virtual center for the study of virtual spaces archives

~o nifty.andrew.cmu.edu
       - AIDS info/gay rights info
        - like it says... erotica (a fair sized archive too)

o oak.oakland.edu
       - software archive for PCs and UNIX.

o obi.std.com
       - On-Line Text (published works)

o ocf.berkeley.edu
       - lib. of docs, bible, lyrics, etc.

o panda1.uottawa.ca    pub/religion
       - Electric Mystics Guide
       - Much religious stuff

o parcftp.xerox.com
        [] down due to (hacking?)  back soon []
       - mud-related perspectives on social worlds in vr
       - stuph.

o penguin.gatech.edu
       - Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Model

o pilot.njin.net
       - List of FTP Sites (1992 version)

o quartz.rutgers.edu or cathouse.org
        -  text/humor files (tv, sex..)

o rtfm.mit.edu
        - USENET FAQ repository
        - General Net Info
        - tends to be a little techie (RFC's and the like)

o sulaw.law.su.oz.au
        - Law libraries and legal research.

o slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com
       - Loopy (Quantum Gravity & String Theory)
       - Magick, not parlor tricks.
       - Church of Virtuality/Reality
       - High Weirdness
             + Guide to some interesting stuph
       - The Human Evasion
             + by Celia Green
       - Hypertext and Hypermedia: A Selected Bibliography
             + by Terence Harpold
       - Principia Discordia
             + by Malacalypse the Younger
       - wilson.on.cis
             + Interview with Robert Anton Wilson
       - Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ)
             + by hakim Bey
             + a defining work of virtual space.
       - New Maps of HyperSpace
             + Terence McKenna
       - schizmat
             + Tom Maddox on Schizmatrix (by B. Sterling)

o soda.berkeley.edu
       - CryptoAnarchist Manifesto
       - Cryptography Glossary

o sounds.sdsu.edu
       - sounds archive

o sunset.cse.nau.edu
       - pictures, sounds

o sunsite.unc.edu
       - internet-info
       - OTIS archives.

o wiretap.spies.com
        - Clinton Public Docs & Speeches

o wuarchive.wustl.edu
       - pictures, sounds

        -o0 Telnetable Repositories 0o-

o CARL telnet pac.carl.org or
        - Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery

o FedWorld Gateway  telnet fedworld.doc.gov or
        - Access to some gov't databases, files, libraries, etc.

o Hpcwire               telnet hpcwire.ans.net (Login: hpcwire)
      - menu-driven information searches.

o InterNIC              telnet rs.internic.net
      - Gopher, WAIS, Whois, finger, book orders, etc

o Law Library   telnet liberty.uc.wlu.edu (login: lawlib)
      - State,Computer,Law Library.

o LawNet   telnet lawnet.law.columbia.edu (login: lawnet)
      - Law/Judicial info and catalogs access.

o Library of Congress   telnet locis.loc.gov
      - lib. of congress, legislative info, and copyright info.

o NSSDCA  nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov
  login as "NODIS" no password
        - online catalog of NASA material

o Rutgers CWIS   telnet info.rutgers.edu
        - (CIA World Factbook, Religious/Gov't Texts)
        - Recommend select LIBRARY
        - dictionary/thesaurus/familiar-quotations

o World Wide Web info.cern.ch
        - an attempt to build an online hypertext reference work.

        -o0 Gopher Space 0o-

A menu based realm of information access. To use these gopher servers,
'gopher gopher.server.name', (unless otherwise noted) else hunt them down
from the global menu. Much gopher stuff is duplicated at ftp sites, and
vica versa.

o GopherJewels@EINet.net
  share interesting gopher finds via this elist 
   msg: sub gopherjewels 

o gopher ba.com 
  Bell Atlantic Gopher
  The seven baby bells have made a gopher to store information 
  about their task force on the future of the baby bells and the 
  information super highway

o gopher cns.cscns.com
   offers: ASCII Clip Art, USA Today, UPI News,
        Commerce Biz Daily, Classifieds

o gopher     cypher.esusda.gov
  location of foundation center libraries
  and book listing funding info sources

o gopher english-server.hss.cmu.edu
   A variety of info... worth a surf. Lots of links.. almost uptodate

o telnet fatty.LAW.cornell.edu  (login: gopher)
     - mucho stuph concerning LAW, legal issues, gov't.

o gopher.eff.org
     - legal issues in cyberspace.  privacy, freedom, etc.

o telnet GOPHER.GSFC.NASA.GOV (login: gopher)
     - nasa info & GSFC info (was Nicolas BBS)
     - images
     - a selection of internet resources
     - a selection of internet resources

o gopher lan.vita.org

o gopher gopher.mta.ca
  Mount Allison University Gopher
     - on-line art Galler

o gopher mudhoney.micro.umn.edu
       - gnews-archive
       - big archive too

o telnet nicol.jvnc.net or telnet (Login: nicol)
     - Access to internet resources
     - Elec. Publishing Service (library resources)

o gopher peg.cwis.uci.edu 7000
  URL: gopher://peg.cwis.uci.edu:7000/11/gopher.welcome/peg/GOPHERS
  An example of a well organized gopher (kewl stuff too)

o gopher una.hh.lib.umich.edu
     - helpful directories for the Inet
     - much more stuff (really incredible)

o wiretap.spies.com
     - collection of etexts
     - white house releases
o is.internic.net
     - alternative: telnet is.internic.net  login gopher
     - pointers to and fulltext of resource guides
     - information about the internet itself

        -o0 World Wide Web 0o-

Although others would claim that WWW isn't the latest greatest thing
on the Internet, it is just beginning to come into wider use (what with
the advent of Mosaic at al). So, like a good soldier, I have added this
section. It is small now, but with your support, and a keen eye, it will
grow fast.

Introducing Lynx. The solution too your dialup WWW needs.

o Lynx (a textbased WWW server)
  code available via ftp at ftp2.cc.ukans.edu pub/lynx 
  or try out lynx by telnetting to:
        ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu ( login: www )
        www.twi.tudelft.nl  ( login: lynx )
        millbrook.lib.rmit.edu.au  (login: lynx )

  - Look here for "What's Hot and Cool" on the Web.

o http://www.cen.uiuc.edu/   
  - a variety of Internet guides here

o http://www.eff.org/CAF/cl-index.html
  - (A live index to "newsy" civil-liberties related Net material)

o http://www.ics.uci.edu/~ejw/csr/cyber.html
  The Cyberspace Report, a radio show aired on KUCI, 88.9 FM

o http://www.ncb.gov.sg
    -  Singapore National Computer board

o http://nearnet.gnn.com/GNN-ORA.html
    - O'Reilly & Associates Global Network News

o http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/home.html
   - New Russia-American  Friends and Partners

o http://sunsite.unc.edu/expo.ticket_office.html  
   A virtual World's Fair that lets you tour exhibits from around 
    the world and, at the end of the day, hop on a computerized 
    shuttle bus for a trip to the official Expo restaurant.

o http://tlg.org/
   The Little Garden cooperative has a WWW service online,

o http://www.ifi.uio.no/~mariusw/nexus/
   - Nexus elist info

o http://www.wired.com
    -  WiReD magazine

o http://zapruder.pds.med.umich.edu/uwi.html
    - Contains Hot and Cool- pointers and reviews of Web spots
    - Worth a long look(and probably point you to even cooler sites)

-=- 02.2.Museums, galleries & stuph   |

Every subculture has art it can call it's own. Indeed, some would say that
without art it would not really be a culture at all. The world of
virtual culture is no exception. Civilizations, uncivilized that they are,
have been prone to collecting art in museums, supposedly to make public
viewing easier. The result, however, is that only a few people see this
art every year and the scarcity of this viewing makes the art-world seem
elitist. To some extent, this has been replicated in virutal space.

However, the medium of the net allows for wider distribution and new
spaces for all forms of art. New spaces, even new artforms, pop up all the
time and hopefully find their way into this document. This activity seems
to be both motivated by and motivating a groundswell in popular art and
computer mediated art.

      -o0 Gopher, FTP & WWW sites 0o-

o Agrippa available @
   gopher spinaltap.micro.umn.edu
o  alt.pictures.fine-art.*
       archives can be found the file
    ftp uxa.ecn.bgu.edu  /pub/fine-art

o Amine Info
    - oinker.ucsb.edu /pub/anime

o collection of sci-fi stories
   - http://tardis.ed.ac.uk/~charlie/fictionhome.html

o gopher cs4sun.cs.ttu.edu
   - Ascii pics and other art

o GIF Pictures (general archives)
    - ahkcus.org
    - apocalypse.engr.ucf.edu /pub/images
    - hubcap.clemson.edu /pub
    - solaria.cc.gatech.edu /pub

o Music
    - ftp.uwp.edu /pub/music
           + Music (lyrics/discographies/etc.)

o mtv www page
   - www.mtv.com

o OTIS (Operative Term Is Stimulate) archives
     - sunsite.unc.edu /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS
           + original e-art

o Spunk Press archive:
   gopher:  o etext.archive.umich.edu:/politics/Spunk
   AnonFTP: o etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/politics/Spunk
   WWW:    o http://www.cwi.nl/cwi/people/Jack.Jansen/spunk/Spunk_Home.html

o Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) Info
     - ftp.u.washington.edu /public/alt.cyberpunk
           + info on the industrial robot group
        [] missing in action - do you know of copies? []

o WAX:  The Discovery of Television Among the Bees
  a film by Davids Blair
     - ftp.u.washington.edu  /public/alt.cyberpunk
     - reviews and info about David Blair's cyberdelic film
        [] missing in action - do you know of copies? []

     -o0 Art Centered Elists 0o-

o FineArt Forum
       - elist on arts on the net and elsewhere

o Gibraltar
       - discussion of artistic and progressive music

o NetJam
       - MIDI, musc makers, etc.

o Phillip K. Dick
       - list celebrating the famous sf author

o Playlist
       - alternative radio/dj playlists and discussion

     -o0 Ezines 0o-

o Armadillo Culture
        - cool ezine

o ArtCom
       - interfacing art and communicaion
       - usenet alt.artcom

       - FTP: blink.acns.nwu.edu:/pub/blink
       - WWW:    - http://www.acns.nwu.edu/blink/
       - Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us
       - Issues surrounding the intersection of consciousness and

o Computer Underground Digest
       - An open forum dedicated to sharing information and the
         presentation and debate of diverse views.
       - FTP: ftp.eff.org:/pub/Publications/CuD
              ftp.ee.mu.oz.au:/pub/text/CuD (Australia)
              nic.funet.fi:pub/doc/cud (Finland)
              ftp.warwick.ac.uk:pub/cud (United Kingdom)

       - fictional/essay e-zine
       - ftp ftp.eff.org for back issues

o Crash
       - Guide to traveling through the underground. Alternative travel
         stories, hints, and tips.
       - FTP: netcom.com:/pub/johnl/zines/crash

o Drum
       - Interesting ASCII layout concept.
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Zines/Drum
       - Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us

o Fact Sheet 5 - the e.version
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Factsheet.Five
       - Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us

o Hi-Rez
       - Electronic Journal for CyberBeatniks
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Zines/CyberPunk/HI-REZ
       - Gopher: etext.archive.umich.edu

o Holy Temple of Mass Consumption
       - strong ties to the finest SubGenius traditions
       - ftp: quartz.rutgers.edu  /pub/journals/HToMC

o inter\face
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Zines/Interface
       - Gopher: etext.archive.umich.edu

o InterText (was Athene)
       - FTP: network.ucsd.edu:/intertext
       - Gopher: etext.archive.umich.edu

o Line_Noiz_
       - ae687@freenet.carleton.ca for info
       - to sub send email to dodger@fubar.bk.psu.edu
       - with the body: Subscription LineNoiz 

o Meta
       - ftp ftp.netcom.com:/pub/mlinksva
       - cryptography, electronic publishing, free software development,
         intellectual property, internet commercialization, privacy and
         virtual communities.

o Morpho_online
        - etext.archive.umich.edu
        - alt.cyberpunk

o Obscure Electronic
       - Profiles the people in this publishing subculture
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Zines/Obscure.Electric
       - Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us

o Parthenogenesis
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Zines/Parthenogenesis
       - Gopher: etext.archive.umich.edu

o Quanta
  export.acs.cmu.edu  /pub/quanta
  ftp.eff.org /pub/cud/misc/journals
       -fiction ezine

o Scream Baby
  ftp.eff.org /pub/journals/ScreamBaby
  red.css.itd.umich.edu /poli
  ftp.css.itd.umich.edu /poli

o SOUND News and Arts
  quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/journals
       - e-version of the popular zine

o The Undiscovered Country
       - the undiscovered country is a netzine regarding
       - FTP: etext.archive.umich.edu:/pub/Zines/Literary/

o UnPlastic News
  ftp.eff.org /pub/cud/misc/journals

o Voices from the net
  ftp sites for Voices are:
    etext.archive.umich.edu  /pub/Zines/Voices
    aql.gatech.edu           /pub/Zines/Voices_from_the_Net

     -o0 Misc Internet Art 0o-

o Adam Curry's Cyber-Sleaze Report
     - finger adam@mtv.com or hotlist@mtv.com
     - worth putting in your .logout file

o Coke Machines et al.
     - finger info or graph@drink.csh.rit.edu
                   - finger coke@cs.cmu.edu
            + Tap that coke machine.
     - finger franklin@ug.cs.dal.ca
            + Random Star Trek quotes.
     - finger buckmr@rpi.edu
            + U.S. Top Pop singles for the week.
     - finger nasanews@space.mit.edu
            + Nasa daily news briefs
     - finger normg@halcyon.halcyon.com
            + Weekly Nielsen TV ratings
     - internet coffee machine (with Jpeg of coffee)
            + http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/coffee/coffee.html

-=- 02.4.Organizations & Gov't      |

The internet is international, national and pinpoint local; private,
public, profit, non-profit, all at the same time. This structure makes it
not only unreasonable to impose a government upon the net, but nearly
impossible. So when you talk about Gov't on the net, you are talking about
the Goverment's attempts to reach out to the net.citizens and, ideally, to
listen to them.

-o0 The Legislative Branch 0o-

o Congress Email/FTP
        - mail congress@hr.house.gov and ftp ftp.senate.gov
        - sadly I only found two senators who were using this (Alaska & 

o The Congress is in the process of establishing its own electronic public
access links. You can get more information from any of the following.
Please remember that these are not connected in any way to any White
House online projects (due to the separation of powers), so if you have
any problems with their systems, you will have to contact their system
administrators for assistance.

      Senate gopher site:   gopher ftp.senate.gov
         Senate ftp site:   ftp ftp.senate.gov
     Library of Congress:   telnet locis.loc.gov
        "    "      "   :   ftp seq1.loc.gov
        "    "      "   :   gopher marvel.loc.gov
    Government documents:   gopher esusda.gov 
    Government documents:   gopher sunsite.unc.edu

-o0 The Executive Branch 0o-

The official Party Line: "The White House e-mail system is under
construction. This is a new project and suffers from all of the problems
common to a startup operation. The Communications office is currently
working on defining what this system will do, as well as trying to come up
with equipment and staffing to make sure that it works. E-mail messages
are currently being printed out and responses are being sent out via US 

"Nobody wants this new venture to work more than the staff that has
devoted so many hours to getting it up and running. But much time and
effort will be required before the system is truly interactive. In the
mean time, they will need a little patience from the electronic community.
If you send a message to the White House, please include a US Post office
address for replies."

On the Internet, send to:
president@whitehouse.gov or vice.president@whitehouse.gov

-o0 Other 0o-

o Voice of America
   ftp ftp.voa.gov
   gopher gopher.voa.gov
      - Voice of America Newsfiles (very very interesting. hm?)

o FCC (Federal Communications Commision) 
  Open to the public since 2-22-94
  ftp ftp.fcc.gov

o California Gov's Race
  ftp ftp.netcom.com
  - /pub/katbrown - info on Kathleen Brown's Campaign for California 

-=- 02.5.Organizations      |

Home, home on the net. The ability of the Internet to bring people
together who share common interests is amazing. Someone may start a
mailing list to discuss a local environmental problem, then suddenly
someone from halfway around the world joins in and you learn they are
having the same problem as well. Before you know it, the mailing list
becomes a clearing house for information regarding environmental
pollution. That is one sort of organization on the net. Other's join the
net with the explicit intention of operating as an Organization. Both are
growing in numbers everyday.

This is the last time this section will be in the Guide.
In the future please refer to the
        -=> OUTPOSTS <=-
    on the Electronic Frontier
list maintained by  Stanton McCandlish .
available via ftp from ftp.eff.org or EFF's gopher.
 OUTPOSTS is posted every 21 days to the groups

Part III of V - 3.14.94

A Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture -

-=- 03.Virtual hangouts
        o Elists & newsgroups
        o e.Cafes (irc, bbs)
        o Parks & Rec

-=- 03.1.Elists & newsgroups  |

Two of the most common forms of discourse in virtual culture occur on the
elist (or electronic mailing list) and the USENET newsgroup. While the
up-to-date listings of what elists or newsgroups are up and running are
available on the newsgroup news.answers or the ftp site rftm.mit.edu
(/pub/usenet-by-group/rec.answers) it is very time consuming to examine
each list thouroughly. The following are a few lists which either have
helped to form virtual culture or deal with various aspects of it.

                       -oO Elists Oo-

o List of eLists
       - ftp ftp.nisc.sri.com   /netinfo/interest-groups.

o Acadlist
       - ftp  KSUVXA.KENT.EDU  /library
       - Acadlist - list of academic elists

o 21st-Century list
       - post your views on the 21st-century.

  Americans Communicating Electronically
  primary info source on government action to improve public access

       - College Activism/Information list.
       - To subscribe to this list, send the command,

       - Sub Adv-elo 
       - to discuss the latest advances in electronics.

       - Sub Adv-info 
       - list to discuss the latest advances in computing.

       - send email to LISTSERV@RUTVM1.BITNET
       - message body: SUBSCRIBE AIDSNEWS Your_Full_Name

  regular reports on legislation and access
  effecting library networks

o Alternative Institutions
       - High Signal to noise ratio.

o amnesty@VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU
      - Amnesty International's Elist
      - message body: sub amnesty 

o Anarchy List
      - discussion of all aspects of anarchy

o Anne Rice
      - the works of Anne Rice.
      - To subscribe, send a request to ngustas@HAMPVMS.BITNET.

       - message body: sub apogees full name
       - information management with a business slant

o ArachNet:  E-Journal of Virtual Culture
      - message body:  SUB ARACHNET  
      - journal of all aspects of on-line life
      - ftp archive ftp byrd.mu.wvnet.edu  /pub/ejvc

o Artificial Life
      - artificial life

o AUtopia (Pirate Ship Utopia)
      - a floating technology-oriented commune
      - run by Jagwire X, cool ideas....

      - To help people with getting BBS's going and online
      - Message body: subscribe bbs-l full_name

o BIOSPH-L        Biosphere
      - message text:  SUB BIOSPH-L Your Name

  Communities in Economic Transition - for rural and small town groups

      - CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) Access to
        Public Information Working Group.

      - Community and Civic Networks

      - Community Access Issues

o Computers and Academic Freedom
      - put  add comp-academic-freedom-news
             add comp-academic-freedom-talk
         in the first line
      - computing freedom, mostly deals with college campuses
      - (Usenet) alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk or news

      - to sub contact moderator @ taylor@LIMBO.INTUITIVE.COM
      - Society and Computers Information Technology

  Commercialization/Privatization of Inet

   Canada's Coalition for Public Information

      - Global Council Forum -- Moving Beyond the Nation-State
      - Like the UN but different. =)

      - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
      - an elist for CPSR-related materials and announcements
      - an elist for CPSR-related materials and announcements

o CRTNet
       - email  LISTSERV@PSUVM.bitnet
          message body:  SUB CRTNET  
       - information theory and technologies

o Cybernetics
        - message body: sub cybsys-l full_name

o Cypherpunks
        - public key encryption, remailers, e-privacy list

o Cypherpunks Announcement List
        - lower volume

o Derrida
        - message body: subscribe derrida full_name
        - deconstructionalists Unite :-)

o DEVEL-L Technology Transfer in International Development
        - message text: SUB DEVEL-L Your Name

o Digital Games Review
        - mail info@limbo.intuitive.com
           [body: 'help' and 'listall Digital.Games']
        - SNES, Sega, etc.

o Edtech
        - Educational Technology

o EFF News (EFFector Online)
        - subscribe to the electronic version of EFF's
          zine, the EFFector (catchy huh!)

o E-List Review Service
        - message body: sub libref-l your name
        - a useful list, if you are looking to add to your
          elist load (most people can handle 2 or 3).

o ETHICS-L@TWNMOE10.bitnet
        - ETHICS-L is for discussions of ethics in computing.

o Extropians
       - nanotechnology, cryonics, anarcho-capitalist
         politics, technological extension of human
         intelligence and perception
       - serious discussion from an informative perspective
       - the first two addresses are for realtime and
         digest versions, respectively, the third is for
         essays and longer posts of interest only

       - Message body:  sub fnord-l 
       - philosophies of Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Dr.
         Lilly, etc.

o FringeWare, Inc.
       - Paco Xander Nathan's company
       - Your online shopping mall for all that's kewl

o FutureCulture
       - message body: sub futurec 
       - discussion of new edge, cyebrculture,
       - Discussion of future culture and all things
         that entails. (a lot).

o Future Technologies List
        - artificial intelligence, nanotech, etc.

        - The Global Modeling Forum

       - Toward a Truely Global Network
       - archives @ dhvx20.csudh.edu

o GopherJewels 
 share interesting gopher finds.  

       - Internet Research
       - message body "index ipct-l

o The Information Professional's List
       - to join ask for info from jcook@netcom.com
  - for verifiable private investigators, fee-based information brokers,
    document retrieval liasons, commercial intelligence specialists, or
    related professional. Professional  resumes requested.

o Leri-L
       - archives at penguin.gatech.edu pub/leri
       - mailing list devoted to meta-programming,
         philosophy, expanding consciousness, etc.
         and a ton of chat.
       - #leri is a popular channel on IRC.

o Libernet
       - Archives  Coos.dartmouth.edu
       - Pertaining to all things libertarian.

o Masonic SIG
  contact: Peter Trei (Internet) PTREI@ASGARD.BBN.COM
       - Freemasonry, their philosophy et al.
       - the place to lurk for conspiracy theorists! =)

       - sub address: LISTSERV@BYRD.MU.WVNET.EDU
       - MERTON-L was formed for substantive discourse on research
         and scholary inquiry to create and and develop knowledge about
         contemplative life.

o Mind Machine Digest
       - ftp asylum.sf.ca.us /pub/mind-l
             ftp.u.washington.edu /public/alt.cyberpunk
       - brain stimulation, nootropics, etc.

o Net Happennings: (MODERATED) high volume
  Includes a variety of interesting postings from around the Internet
  including new Gopher announcements.
  - To subscribe send a subscribe message to:
        SUBSCRIBE NET-HAPPENNINGS firstname lastname

o Neuron Digest
       -neural networks

  announces postings regarding new information sources including 
  Gopher, Telnet, FTP, WAIS and WWW.  Moderate volume

  Library & Public Access Computer Systems 

o PostModern Culture Journal
  PMC@cc.ncsu.edu [sub pmc-list your name]
  archive: ftp.cc.ncsu.edu
       - message body: GET PMC-TALK GUIDE
                       PMC-TALK F=MAIL

o Postmodern Culture Talk
       - [sub pmc-talk your_first_name your_last_name]

o PowerGlove List
       - ftp karazm.math.uh.edu /pub/VR

o RISKS Digest
       - ftp crvax.sri.com risks
       - the RISKS of computing in our lives

  Rural Datafication Project )  planning rural community access to
  the Internet

o RRE News Service
       - Subject: subscribe  
       - these days most of the messages concern the social and political
         aspects of computers.

o SOCHIST Social History
       - message text: SUB SOCHIST Your Name

o Subgenius
       - ftp quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/subgenius

o TechnoNomads (Steve Roberts)
       - the guy featured on Donahue & Mondo's list
       - nomadness, ham radio, mobile communities, etc.

o Telecom Privacy Digest

o Telecom Digest
       - deals with all aspects of telecommunications

o ThesisNet
       - thesisnet-request@pobox.upenn.edu
              - to 'subscribe' 'unsubscribe' and/or 'faq'

o ThinkNet
       - philosophy, systems theory

o Virtual Reality List
       - message body: subscribe virtu-l 

       - An e-conference for electronic publishing issues
       - (Usenet) BIT.LISTSERV.VPIEJ-L

       - Youth Rights, open to all.

-o0 Newsgroups 0o-

A short bit on the Usenet Hierarchy. Alt.groups is supposed to stand for
alternative, but should probably stand for adolescent. These are news
groups waiting to grow up and consequently have a low signal to noise
ratio. But like adolescents, if you really listen to them, you can gleem
some really neat insights. When Alt.groups get a large enough following or
a serious enough topic, they tend to graduate into other prefixes; ie,
comp. (computer) rec. (recreation), sci. (science), bit. (Bitnet
listservs), soc. (social, society). What this means generally, is that the
group becomes heady and cliqueish. But if you're persistant ad polite, you
can usually elicit a response from somebody. One final comment about
USENET, anything I said above is likely to be untrue at any moment in
time. Thus the attraction of USENET for even the most experienced

alt.3d                  Three-dimensional imaging.
alt.activism            Activities for activists.
alt.aldus.pagemaker     Forget expensive user support, come here instead.
alt.amateur-comp        The Amateur Computerist.
alt.angst               Anxiety in the modern world.
alt.artcom              Artistic Community, arts & communication.
alt.astrology           Twinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.atheism.*           Godless heathens next on Oprah
alt.bbs.ads             Ads for various computer BBS's.
alt.bbs.internet        BBS systems accessible via the Internet.
alt.bbs.lists           Postings of regional BBS listings.
alt.best.of.internet    Sort of an oxymoron.
alt.binaries.*          Pictures, programs, multimedia, etc.
alt.books.anne-rice     A Biting look at the author and her books
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy  Religion. And not religion. Both. Neither.
alt.california          The state and the state of mind.
alt.cd-rom              That shiny amazing disc and it's users.
alt.censorship          Discussion about restricting speech/press.
alt.co-ops              Discussion about co-operatives.
alt.comp.acad-freedom.* Academic freedom issues related to computers.
alt.consciousness       All aspects of consciousness.
alt.conspiracy          Be paranoid --'they' are out to get you.
alt.cult-movies         Movies with a cult following
alt.culture.usenet      A self-referential oxymoron.
alt.culture.internet    A place to comment reflexively
alt.cyberpunk           High-tech low-life.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo  Cyberpunk fiction.
alt.cyberpunk.movement  Cybernizing the Universe.
alt.cyberpunk.tech      Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.
alt.cyberspace          and how it should work.
alt.devilbunnies        Probably better left undescribed.
alt.discordia           All hail Eris, etc.
alt.dreams              What do they mean?
alt.drugs               Recreational pharmaceuticals.
alt.fan.douglas-adams   Author of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
alt.fan.frank-zappa     Is that a Sears poncho?
alt.fan.hofstadter      Douglas Hofstadter and Godel, Escher, Bach.
alt.fan.mst3k           Mystery Science Theatre 3000 tv show.
alt.fashion             All facets of the fasion industry discussed.
alt.gathering.rainbow   For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering.
alt.gopher              Discussion of the gopher information service.
alt.gothic              Things mournful and dark. Gothic lifestyle's
alt.graffiti            Usenet spraypainters and their documenters.
alt.hackers             Boats of projects currently under develpment.
alt.history.what-if     Really worth reading every now and then
alt.hypertext           Discussion of hypertext
alt.illuminati          See alt.cabal.  Fnord.
alt.individualism       Individualist discussions
alt.industrial          Industrial culture, etc.
alt.internet.access.wanted  People looking for internet access
alt.internet.services   Internet services
alt.irc                 Internet Relay Chat material.
alt.magick              For discussion about supernatural arts.
alt.meditation.transcendental   Contemplation of states beyond.
alt.memetics            Ideas spread like genes. A new discipline.
alt.mindcontrol         You WILL read this group and ENJOY it!
alt.music.alternative   For groups with 2 or less Platinum albums.
alt.news-media          Don't believe the hype.
alt.online-service      Commercial online services, and the Internet.
alt.out-of-body         Nobody's home.
alt.pagan               Discussions about paganism & religion.
alt.paranormal          Phenomena which are not explicable.
alt.politics.*          Politics.
alt.postmodern          Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction.
alt.privacy             Privacy issues in cyberspace.
alt.prose               Postings of original writings.
alt.psychoactives       Better living through chemistry.
alt.radio.pirate        Discussions surrounding pirate radio.
alt.radio.scanner       Discussion of scanning radio receivers.
alt.rave                Rave culture.
alt.religion.computers  People who believe computing is "real life."
alt.religion.kibology   He's Fred, Jim.
alt.rock-n-roll.*         Counterpart to alt.sex and alt.drugs.
alt.security            Security issues on computer systems.
alt.security.pgp        The Pretty Good Privacy package.
alt.sex.*               Postings of a purient nature.
alt.skate-board         Discussion of all apsects of skate-boarding.
alt.skinheads           The skinhead culture/anti-culture.
alt.slack               Posting about the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.society.ati         The Activist Times Digest.  (Moderated)
alt.society.civil-disob Civil disobedience.
alt.society.civil-liberties     Individual rights.
alt.society.revolution  Discussions on revolution(s).
alt.society.sovereign   Independantistes, unite!
alt.spam.tin            Spam is neither particle nor wave.
alt.techno-shamanism    Can't program your VCR?  Consult a TechnoShaman.
alt.thrash              Thrashlife.
alt.uu.future           Does Usenet University have a viable future?
alt.wired               Wired Magazine.
alt.zines               Small magazines, mostly noncommercial.
bionet.info-theory      Discussions about biologicalinformation theory.
bionet.neuroscience     Research issues in the neurosciences
bionet.women-in-bio     Discussions about women in biology.
bit.listserv.biosph-l   Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List.
bit.listserv.cyber-l    CDC Computer Discussion.
bit.listserv.disarm-l   Disarmament Discussion List.
bit.listserv.edpolyan   Professionals and Students Discuss Education.
bit.listserv.edtech     Educational Technology elist.
bit.listserv.emusic-l   Electronic Music Discussion List.
bit.listserv.ethics-l   Discussion of Ethics in Computing.
bit.listserv.frac-l     FRACTAL Discussion List.
bit.listserv.4ad-l      The 4AD recording label.
bit.listserv.film-l     Film making and reviews List.
bit.listserv.fnord-l    New Ways of Thinking List.
bit.listserv.frac-l     FRACTAL Discussion List.
bit.listserv.gutnberg   GUTNBERG Discussion List.
bit.listserv.ioob-l     Industrial Psychology.
bit.listserv.mbu-l      Megabyte University - Computers and Writing.
bit.listserv.sganet     Student Government Global Mail Network.
bit.listserv.valert-l   Virus Alert - Urgent Virus Warnings.
bit.listserv.vpiej-l    Electronic Publishing Discussion List.
bit.listserv.xtropy-l   Extropians
comp.ai                 Artificial intelligence discussions.
comp.ai.neural-nets     All aspects of neural networks.
comp.ai.philosophy      Philosophical aspects of AI.
comp.bbs.misc           BBS Discussion
comp.dcom.telecom       Telecommunications digest. (Moderated)
comp.graphics           Computer graphics, art, animation.
comp.graphics.research  Highly technical computer graphics discussion.
comp.graphics.visualization      Info on scientific visualization.
comp.internet.library   Discussing electronic libraries.
comp.music              Applications of computers in music research.
comp.org.eff.news       News from the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.
comp.org.eff.talk       Discussion of EFF goals, strategies, etc.
comp.org.issnnet        The International Student Society for Neural
comp.publish.cdrom.*    Concerning cdrom publishing.
comp.research.japan     The nature of research in Japan. (Moderated)
comp.risks              Risks to the public from computers. (Moderated)
comp.robotics           All aspects of robots and their applications.
comp.security.misc      Security issues of computers and networks.
comp.simulation         Simulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.society            The impact of technology on society. (Moderated)
comp.society.cu-digest   The Computer Underground Digest. (Moderated)
comp.society.development    Computer technology in developing countries.
comp.society.folklore   Computer folklore & culture, past & present.
comp.society.futures    Events in technology affecting future computing.
comp.sys.*              Everything you would ever need to know about
computer systems
comp.theory             Theoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automata  Discussion of all aspects of cellular automata.
comp.theory.dynamic-sys Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.
comp.theory.self-org-sys        Topics related to self-organization.
misc.activism.progressive       Information for Progressive activists.
misc.int-property       Discussion of intellectual property rights.
misc.legal.computing    Discussing the legal climate of computing.
news.announce.important General announcements to all. (Moderated)
news.future             The future technology of network news systems.
rec.arts.animation      Discussion of various kinds of animation.
rec.arts.anime          Japanese animation fen discussion.
rec.arts.comics         Comic books and strips, graphic novels.
rec.arts.int-fiction    Discussions about interactive fiction
rec.arts.sf-lovers      Science fiction lovers' newsgroup.
rec.arts.sf-reviews     of science fiction/fantasy/horror works.
rec.arts.sf.announce    Major announcements of SF. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.fandom      Discussions of SF fan activities.
rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal for-sale notices of SF materials.
rec.arts.sf.misc        Science fiction lovers' newsgroup.
rec.arts.sf.movies      Discussing SF motion pictures.
rec.arts.sf.reviews     Critiques of sf stories. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.science     Real and speculative aspects of SF science.
rec.arts.sf.tv          Discussing general television SF.
rec.arts.sf.written     Discussion of written sf and fantasy.
rec.music.gdead         A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads.
rec.music.industrial    Discussion of industrial-related music styles.
rec.music.makers        For performers and their discussions.
rec.music.newage        "New Age" music discussions.
rec.music.synth         Synthesizers and computer music.
rec.music.video         Discussion of music videos.
rec.radio.amateur.misc  Amateur radio practices.
rec.radio.noncomm       Topics relating to noncommercial radio.
rec.radio.shortwave     Shortwave radio enthusiasts.
rec.video               Video and video components.
rec.video.releases      Pre-recorded video releases.
sci.bio.technology      Any topic relating to biotechnology.
sci.chaos               The science of Chaos.
sci.cryonics            People who freeze themselves after death.
sci.crypt               Different methods of data en/decryption.
sci.fractals            Objects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
sci.lang.japan          The Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.logic               Logic: math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.nanotech            Molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)
sci.philosophy.tech     Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.
sci.psychology          Topics related to psychology.
sci.skeptic             Skeptics discussing pseudo-science.
sci.space               Space. The Final Frontier...not!
sci.virtual-worlds      Virtual reality. (Moderated).
sci.virtual-worlds.apps Applications of VR technology.
soc.culture.japan       Everything Japanese.
soc.culture.usa         The culture of the United States of America.
talk.bizarre            The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often stupid.
talk.philosophy.misc    Philosophical musings on all topics.
talk.politics.drugs     The politics of drug issues.
talk.politics.space     Non-technical issues affecting space exploration.

-=- 03.2.Cafes          |

If you see a net.user with more then one window open, chances are one of
those windows is linked to an electronic cafe. Like ER, these coffeehouse
atmospheres are prime spots for chatting or perhaps a little gaming or
roleplaying. The two most plentiful forms of these cafes in virtual
culture are Mu*s, or Multi-User Dimension or Dungeon (MUDS, MUSE, MUSH,
etc), and IRC, or Internet Relay Chat and of course the orginal, the BBS.
But new versions, offshoots, and even completely different surroundings
are likely to spring up at anytime and often do.

       -o0  IRC  0o-

o IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Info
  ftp.eff.org /pub/irc
  cs.utk.edu /pub
  speedy.cs.uiuc.edu /pub

o IRC telnet server   (Login: irc)
  telnet irc.demon.co.uk or
  telnet sci.dixie.edu 6668 or telnet 6668
                telnet irc.tuzvo.sk 6668 or telnet 6668
      - Internet Relay Chat via telnet.

o Virtual culture IRC channels
#Autopia        Jagwire X's Autopia group
#ccc            Chaos Computer Club ("/msg CCCServ info" for CCC info)
#cDc            Cult of the Dead Cow
#CyberPunk      Cyberpunk ("/msg CyberBot info" for CPBot Files)
#drugs          Drugs ("/msg LearyBot info" for LearyBot Files)
#free.acid      Hehehe
#future         FutureCulture
#hack           Hacking
#leri           For the discussion of Metaprograming and
                Expanding Consciousness
#mindvox        MindVox
#phreak         Hackers and Phreakers
#Rave_Scen      Raves
#report         News reports from hot spots around the world
#tribe          Of, about, with the tribe elist.
#wired          Concerning the magazine

      -o0 The world of Internet BBS' 0o-

o Am. Philos. Assoc.    eis.calstate.edu
        - gopher gate.oxy.edu
        - Philosophy.

o Auggie BBS   bbs.augsburg.edu   (
  login bbs
        - Friendly... good archives.

o Badboy  nameserver.aue.com
  login bbs/new

o Badboy's Inn  badboy.aue.com
  login bbs

o Chatsubo  chatsubo.nersc.gov
  login guest

o Cimmaron  bugs.mty.itesm.mx
  login bbs/new  (limited hours)

o Cleveland Free-Net  freenet-in-[a|b|c].cwru.edu
        - Usenet, MUD, USA Today, Interest groups, local mail

o Eagle's Nest  seabass.st.usm.edu
  login bbs/bbs

o Endless Forest, The   forest.unomaha.edu
  login ef

o Fedworld    fedworld.doc.gov
        - A bbs run by the NIST to house US gov't documents.

o Greta's  garbo.uwasa.fi
  login bbs/new

o ISCABBS  bbs.isca.uiowa.edu
  login new
        - largest bbs with 12,000 + users and over 200 online connections

o Island Net
  telnet to island.amtsgi.bc.ca (
  or dial  604-477-5163.  A 'guest' account is available

o Kids  kids.kotel.co.kr
  login kids/new

o Mars Hotel  solaria.ee.msstate.edu
  login bbs/bbs

o Monochrome     mono.city.ac.uk
  login mono /psswd mono
        - oh that british humour.

o NEBBS  nebbs.nersc.gov
  login guest

o OUBBS   oubbs.telecom.uoknor.edu
        - catering to University of Oklahoma students

o Prism BBS  bbs.fdu.edu
  login bbs

o Quartz BBS  quartz.rutgers.edu
  login bbs

o Ragged Edge, the   wagner.musicnet.ua.edu

o SCF BBS   freedom.nmsu.edu  (
  login bbs

o SkyNet  hpx5.aid.no
  login skynet
       - Norway

o Shadow shadow.acc.iit.edu

o Sunset BBS paladine.hacks.arizona.edu
  login bbs

o Virtual Rave  sfraves.stanford.edu 7282
  login new

o YaBBS  phred.pc.cc.cmu.edu 8888 8888

    -o0 Other Net Cafes 0o-
o usenet
           + Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship.

-=- 03.3.Parks & Rec.   |

Q. Of course, what is a culture without fun & games? (A. Boring.) Even the
most dedicated hacker craves a little fun everynow and then. Here is some
of the fun stuff to explore.

     -o0 Elists & Zines 0o-

o Cyberpunk RPGs
      - Elist discussing cyber orriented RPGs

o FlashLife (CP RPGs)
      - Elist discussing cyber orriented RPGs.

o Ravelists
      - DCRAVES
        sub dcraves 
      - Florida Raves
      - Manchester
        ftp irss.njit.edu /pub/manchester
        bands from manchester, raving, shoegazing, etc.
      - MidWest Raves
      - NE (NorthEastern) Raves
      - SFRaves (SanFrancisco Raves)
              + rave culture, mostly in the Bay Area
      - SoCal Raves (Southern California)
      - SouthEast Raves
        'SUBSCRIBE SERAVES Your name' in body
      - UK Dance (Raves)
        subscribe uk-dance 

-o0 FTP sites 0o-

o soda.berkeley.edu
       - Alt.rave FAQ
            + Brian B's excellent rave FAQ

-o0 Mu*s 0o-

o MUD Info
  oinker.ucsb.edu /pub/mud
        - "mud list" in subject

o MUD List
  A list of future or cyber- oriented MUDs. MUDs go up and down a lot, so,
not my fault if you can't access them.

AbacusMUD           abacus.hgs.se    4080
BattleTech                              3026
CyberWorld          elf.etsu.edu   3000
Global MUSH         lancelot.cif.rochester.edu               4207
Infinity                               3000
LambdaMOO           parc.xerox.com                           8888
MariMUSE            pc2.pc.maricopa.edu    4228
MediaMOO            purple-crayon.media.mit.edu              8888
MicroMUSE           michael.ai.mit.edu

SciFiMUSH           zaphod.cs.uwindsor.ca    1972
SpaceMadness        riemann.math.okstate.edu     6250
StarFireMUSE        agronomy.auburn.edu     4201
Star Raiders        ub.d.umn.edu       2000
TrekMUSE            nebula.lib.vt.edu    1701
TrippyMUSH                            7567
Virtual Realities   coyote.wustl.edu  3019

             -o0 Game Servers, Etc 0o-

o Backgammon Servers   telnet ouzo.rog.rwth-aachen.de 8765
       - Backgammon! (Login: guest)

 o Eliza-type Interactive AI
       - telnet to debra.dgbt.doc.ca ( login: chat)

o Chess Server   telnet to 5000
       - Play/watch real-time chess w/ human opponents.
       - Type 'help' for help

o Game Server  telnet castor.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
       - a myriad online games.  (Login: GAMES)

o GO Server             telnet hellspark.wharton.upenn.edu 6969
       - Ancient Chinese Secret. Now on the Internet!

o Iowa Politcl. Stk Mkt telnet ipsm.biz.uiowa.edu
       - Buy & sell shares in political candidates.
         (Non profit research proj)

o The Oracle
       - mail oracle@cs.indiana.edu  w/ subject: help
       - The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions!

o Scrabble              telnet phoenix.aps.muohio.edu 7777
       - The popular Milton Bradley board game. (unable to connect)


Part IIII of V - 3.14.94

A Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture -

-=- 04.Resources & References
        o Online how-to's
        o Similar Lists
        o Assorted Online Resources
        o Access Points

-=- 04.1.Online how-to's   |

Admittedly, the the more exotic centers of virtual culture have a steep
learning curve. There are plenty of places, however, that require hardly
any excess knowledge at all. Fortunately, a plethora of manuals, books and
FAQs (Frequently Asked Question lists) exist to help you through your
troubled times.

o Zen and the Art of the Internet
  by Brendan Kahoe
    - ftp at
        ashley.cs.widener.edu /pub/zen
        csn.org pub/net/zen
        quartz.rutgers.edu pub/internet/zen
        relay.cs.toronto.edu pub/zen
        mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu gutenberg/etext92/zen10*

o ftp ftp.sura.net
    - How-to's about internet (email, ftp, telnet, etc.)

o nic.merit.edu
    - Gold in Networks!
    - Hitchikers Guide to the Internet
    - New User's Questions
    - What is the Internet
    - Internet Cruise

o ftp.eff.org.
    - Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

o server.cs.virginia.edu
    - Virtual Reality on Five Dollars a Day
          by Randy Pausch, U. of Virginia, Tech Report CS-91-19

o news.answers
    - On USENET. (also see misc.answers)

-=- 04.2.Similar lists   |

Hey, I wasn't the first one to have this idea. There are a variety of
other lists out there that can direct you to Oft' used Internet resources.

o  gopher to una.hh.lib.umich.edu
      - inetdirs/
      - A project called the Internet Clearing House (very nice work ppl)

o Bert's BigFun List
      - ftp cerberus.cor.epa.gov   pub/misc/bigfun

o Electric Mystics Guide
      - ftp panda1.uottawa.ca    pub/religion
      - guide to religious things on the net.
      - if you are techno-pagan they don't include you, sorry.

o FutureCulture FAQ
      - ftp sites
           ftp.eff.org /pub/cud/papers/future
           ftp.css.itd.umich.edu /poli/future.culture.d
           ftp.u.washington.edu /public/alt.cyberpunk
      - Also through thesisnet and listserv
      - started by Andy Hawks (ahawks@nyx.cs.du.edu) as
        a compendium of all things futureculture
      - now maintained by the list members of FutureCulture.

o Internet Services - FAQ
      - USENET alt.internet.services  news.answers
      - FTP rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/

o The Jargon File (same as The Hacker's Dictionary)
      - ftp sites
           wuarchive.wustl.edu /pub
           ftp.uu.net /doc
           merit.edu /pub/doc
           nic.funet.fi /pub/doc
           pit-manager.mit.edu /pub
      - nice. You'll like it.

o the internet and computer-mediated communication

      - ftp  ftp.rpi.edu  pub/communications/internet-cmc
      - an all-encompassing list of internet-accessible
        information (so why are you still reading this) :-)

o alt.cyberpunk faq
      - ftp  ftp.u.washington.edu   pub/alt.cyberpunk/
      - restricted to the purview of the newsgroup
      - a WWW - HTML hypertext version now exists... keen!

-=- 04.3.Assorted Online Resources   |

o Almanac of Events
      - "On this day" information. For the trivia minded.
      - finger copi@oddjob.uchicago.edu
                    - mail geiser@pictel.com to join the mailing list

o Anonymous post
      - mail   anonymus+ping@tygra.michigan.com "help"
      - mail   help@anon.penet.fi     "help"

o Archeological Dbase
  telnet cast.uark.edu or telnet (Login: nadb)
      - National Arch. Database information management system.

o BBSlists -
        - National Graphical BBS List
            + mail beezer@cc.utah.edu
            + USENET alt.bbs.*

o CARL telnet pac.carl.org or
        - Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery

o current cites
      - ftp  ftp.lib.berkeley.edu  /pub/Current.Cites
             ftp.eff.org   pub/journals
      - Over 30 journals in librarianship and information
        technology are scanned for selected articles on optical
        disk technologies, computer networks and networking,
        information transfer, expert systems and artificial
        intelligence, electronic publishing, and hypermedia and
        multimedia.  Brief annotations accompany most of the

o DataBase Via Finger
      - finger help@dir.su.oz.au
      - Query databases, find newsgroups, access archie, etc., via finger.

o Empire Schoolhouse   telnet nysernet.org (login: empire)
      - K-12 resources, discussion groups, etc.
      - A gopher based BBS in NY.

o FEDIX/MOLIS/HERO      telnet fedix.fie.com or telnet
      - info. on scholarships, minority assistance, etc.
      - alternative access via Gopher world menu

o ftp by mail
      - mail   ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com "help"

o History Databases     telnet ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
      - History databases

o Hpcwire               telnet hpcwire.ans.net (Login: hpcwire)
      - menu-driven information searches.

o human-computer interaction bibliography (hcibib)
  mail hcibib@rumpus.colorado.edu message body "help"

      - a publically accessible mail-based retrieval system for
        searching Human-Computer Interaction journals, conference
        proceedings and books. Users can send in both word
        queries and relevance feedback queries.  Over 3200
        abstracts from non-electronic sources.

o Hytelnet
        Are you familiar with HYTELNET by Peter Scott? This is a hypertext
program for PC, Mac and other platforms that lists ostensibly ALL
telnet-accessible resources on the Net, all over the world. Updates are
almost constant and are mailed to Scott's mailing list members.

You can anonymous ftp the files from ftp.usask.ca or telnet to that same
address and check out a (slow) Unix version of HYTELNET.
(on Netcom you can just type )

o USENET posts thru email
      - News Mail Servers       mail [newsgroup]@cs.utexas.edu
      - Post to Usenet news via email.(eg. [newsgroup] = alt-bbs)

o virtual center for the study of virtual spaces (vcsvs)
  mail vcsvs-request@nicco.sscnet.ucla.edu asking for info
      - ftp  nicco.sscnet.ucla.edu  /pub/papers

-=- 04.4.Access Points      |

So, you say, I've got this wonderful Internet access setup at work or
school... what happens when I graduate or lose my job? Or perhaps you've
got a friend who is moving to the otherside of the continent. Is there a
way for you to remain in contact over email? Fortunately, there are easy
answers to these queries.

 -o0 Lists to checkout 0o-

o Community Networks Surv
  ftp    atlas.ce.washington.edu
       - A collection of data regarding freenet's around
         the world.

o Pdial/Kaminski List
  ftp  rtfm.mit.edu       pub/usenet/news.answers/pdial
  USENET: news.answers, alt.internet.access.wanted, alt.bbs.lists
       - A nearly complete list of access points to the
         the Internet. Check the Pdial list first.
       - Area Codes with access as of Oct 1st 1993.
         (may not be local to your prefix, check phone book)

       201 jvnc-tiger
       202 CAPCON clarknet express tmn
       203 jvnc-tiger
       205 nuance
       206 eskimo GLAIDS halcyon netcom nwnexus olympus
       212 echonyc maestro mindvox panix pipeline
       213 crl dial-n-cerf kaiwan netcom
       214 metronet netcom
       215 jvnc-tiger PREPnet
       216 OARnet wariat
       217 prairienet
       301 CAPCON clarknet express tmn
       303 cns csn netcom nyx
       310 class crl dial-n-cerf kaiwan netcom
       312 mcsnet netcom
       313 michnet MSen
       401 anomaly ids jvnc-tiger
       403 PUCnet
       404 crl netcom
       408 a2i netcom portal tellink
       410 CAPCON clarknet express
       412 PREPnet telerama
       415 a2i class crl dial-n-cerf IGC netcom portal tellink well
       416 hookup.net uunorth
       419 OARnet
       503 agora.rain.com netcom
       503 teleport
       504 sugar
       508 anomaly nearnet northshore novalink
       510 class crl dial-n-cerf holonet netcom
       512 realtime
       513 fsp OARnet
       514 CAM.ORG
       516 jvnc-tiger
       517 michnet
       519 hookup.net uunorth
       602 crl evergreen indirect
       603 MV nearnet
       609 jvnc-tiger
       613 uunorth
       614 OARnet
       616 michnet
       617 delphi nearnet netcom northshore novalink world
       619 class crash.cts.com cyber dial-n-cerf netcom
       703 CAPCON clarknet express netcom tmn
       704 concert Vnet
       707 crl
       708 mcsnet
       713 blkbox nuchat sugar
       714 class dial-n-cerf express kaiwan netcom
       717 PREPnet
       718 maestro mindvox netcom panix pipeline
       719 cns csn oldcolo
       804 wyvern
       814 PREPnet
       815 mcsnet
       818 class dial-n-cerf netcom
       906 michnet
       907 alaska.edu
       908 express jvnc-tiger
       916 netcom
       919 concert

       -o0 Public Access Sites & Freenets 0o-

o Freenets
  telnet nyx.cs.du.edu or     (login: new)
      - Free account, with access to various UNIX features.
  telnet hermes.merit.edu or telnet
                telnet m-net.ann-arbor.mi.us or telnet
      - Which host: um-m-net  Enter 'g' for guest.  login: newuser
  telnet yfn.ysu.edu login: visitor

Part V of V - 3.14.94          A Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture

-=- 05.Offline Interests
         o Magazines
         o Bibliography

-=- 05.Offline Interests
-=- 05.1.Magazines    |

PO Box -----
San Deigo, CA 920??
       -"Music, Cyberculture, Style" professes the banner.
        I give them high marks for the music and
        cyberculture, and low marks for the Style
        and the definate Southern California centricity
        of the articles. But this *was* the first issue
       -$4 an issue, $?? for 6 issues.

Black Ice
Body Art

PO Box 18432
Boulder, CO   80308
       -cyberpunk zine. Not as glossy as the others that
        have recently debuted, but who needs all those
        pretty pictures anyway.
       -$4 an issue, $14 for 4 issues

Communications of the ACM
Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction
Cryonics Magazine
CyberEdge Journal
Disco Family Plan
Edge Detector

EFF Effector
         Membership Coordinator
         Electronic Frontier Foundation
         1001 G Street, N.W.
         Suite 950 East
         Washington, DC  20001  USA

Membership rates:
            $20.00 (student or low income membership)
            $40.00 (regular membership)

        -the print magazine of the Electronic Frontier
         Foundation. A bible of constitutional thought and
         action regarding the online world.
        -A $40 membership will merit you a subscription.
         Join yesterday! (Backdate your check =)

EXTROPY: The Journal of Trans-humanist Thought
PO Box 57306
Los Angeles, CA 90057-0306
        -There are also a few Mailing lists and USENET
          groups that follow this subject. Check those out
          before checking out this magazine.
        -$9 two issues (one year)

Seth Friedman
PO Box 170099
San Francisco CA  94117-0099
       -independently-oriented reviewers of the
        zine culture. It was gone, but now it's back.
       -1 issue $4, 6 issues $20 (or more)

FAD Magazine
Full Disclosure
Future Sex
The HardCore
Interference on the Brain Screen

Internet Business Journal
E-mail: 72302.3062@compuserve.com
phone: (613) 747-6106.
$149 ($179 Canadian) for a one year (6 issue plus six supplements)

Internet World
E-mail: meckler@jvnc.net.
Phone: (800)-MECKLER. [Subscription price?]

Iron Feather Journal
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine
The Journal of Complex Systems
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Matrix News
E-mail: mids@tic.com
Published in online and paper editions.
Online edition is $25 for 12 monthly issues ($15 for students.)

Mondo 2000
PO Box 10171
Berkeley, CA    94709
415.845.9018 (phone)
415.649.9630 (fax)
       -your guide to all things cyberpunk and some things
        not. The Original magazine to document this
        virutal culture, but, unless they change for the
        next issue, not the best.
       -$24 for 5 issues (published quarterly, maybe)

Nootropic News

Online Access
E-mail: 70324.343@compuserve.com
Subscription is $19.80 for 8 issues

Pixel:  The Magazine of Scientific Visualization
Pixel Vision
Robot Experimenter
Science Fiction Eye
Science Fiction Studies
Sector 9737
Sound Choice
Audio Evolution network
SOUND News and Arts
Technology Works

PO Box 752
Middle Island, NY   11953-0752
516.751.2600 (office)
516.751.2608 (fax)
       -the famous hacker's zine. Still ticking.
       -subscriptions are $21 for 4 issues (published
       -back issues are $25 / year

Urb Magazine
US RAVE Magazine
Verbum:  The Journal of Personal Computer Aesthetics
Virus 23
Whole Earth Review

         -The magazine is hot! and made quite a buzz
          across the internet for weeks after it debuted
         -now it is publishing 12 months a year
         -$4 an issue. $29.95 / year.

Zine Exchange

-=- 05.2.Bibliography  |

???     American Flagg - comic
        Cyberpunk - comic
        Dirty Pair - comic
        Judge Dredd - comic
        Vertigo Series - DC comics

Anonymous - Go Ask Alice.  Diary of 15 year-old girl in the drug world
          - Computers:  Crimes, Clues, and Controls.  Hacking

Abraham, Ralph - A Visiual Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory
               - The Visual Mathematics Library

Acker, Kathy - Blood and Guts in High School (fiction)
             - Don Quixote, which was a dream (fiction)
             - Empire of the Senseless (fiction)
             - Great Expectations (fiction)
             - The Adult Life of Toulouse-Lautrec
             - In Memoriam to Identity

Adams, Douglas - The Meaning of Liff (fiction)
               - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (fiction)
               - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (fiction)
               - Life, the Universe, and Everything (fiction)
               - So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish (fiction)
               - Mostly Harmless (fiction)
               - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (fiction)
               - The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul (fiction)

Aldiss, Brian Wilson - Barefoot in the Head (fiction)
                     - Enemies of the System (fiction)

Algren, Nelson - Man with the Golden Arm (fiction)

Army, U.S. - Computer-Related Crime

Artaud, Antonin - The Peyote Dance

Ashby, W. Ross - An Introduction to Cybernetics

Asimov, Isaac - The Robot Novels
              - Robots:  Machines in Man's Image
              - The Foundation Series

Austakalnis, Steve & David Blatner - Silicon Mirage.  Vr

Bachman, Richard - The Running Man (fiction)

Ballard, J. G. - The Atrocity Exhibition (Re/Search publication)
               - Crash (fiction)
               - Concrete Island
               - High rise

Barlow, John Perry - Everything We Know is Wrong (forthcoming)

Barnes, Steven - Gorgon Child (fiction)
               - Streetlethal (fiction)

Barrow, John and Frank Tipler - The Anthropic Cosmological Principle

Barry, Judith - Public Fantasy.  PoMo

Bass, Thomas - The Eudaemonic Pie.  Chaos

Bateson, Gregory - Steps to an Ecology of Mind
                 - Mind and Nature:  Necessary Unity

Baudrillard, Jean - The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture
                  - Body Invaders: Panic Sex in America (ed.)
                  - The Ecstacy of Communication
                  - America
                  - Simulations
                  - In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities
                  - Seduction
                  - Cool Memories

Bear, Greg - Blood Music (fiction)
           - Eon (fiction)
           - Eternity (fiction; sequel to Eon)
           - Beyond Heaven's River (fiction)
           - Forge of God (fiction)
           - Great Sky River (fiction)
           - Psychlone (fiction)
           - Strength of Stones (fiction)
           - The Wind Froma  Burning Woman (fiction)

Beck, Jerome, & Rosenbaum, Marsha - Pursuit of Ecstacy: The MDMA Experience

Bell, Madison Smartt - The Washington Square Ensemble
                     - Waiting for the End of the World

Belsito, Peter - HardCore California
               - Notes from the Pop Underground

Benedikt, Michael - Cyberspace: First Steps
                       + the canonical cyberspace resource.

Benford, Gregory - Against Infinity

Bernal, J. D. - The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

Bester, Alfred - Computer Connection (fiction)
               - Golem 100 (fiction)
               - The Demolished Man (fiction)
               - The Stars My Destination (fiction)

Betanacourt, G. - Johnny Zed (fiction)

Bethke, Bruce - Cyberpunk (fiction)
              - Elimination Round (fiction)

Bey, Hakim - T.A.Z.

Black, Bob - The Abolition of Work and Other Essays
           - Friendly Fire
           - Rants and Mineral Tracts (with Adam Parfrey, eds.)

Blake, William - The Mariage of Heaven and Hell

Blankenship, Loyd (Steve Jackson Games) - GURPS Cyberpunk RPG

Bloombecker, Buck - Spectacular Computer Crimes

Blumlein, Michael - The Movement of Mountains (fiction)

Bova, Ben - Exiled from Earth (fiction)

Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451 (fiction)

Brecher, Edward M. (Consumer's Union) - Guide to Licit and Illicit Drugs

Breton, Andre - What is Surrealism?  Selected Writings
              - Manuifestos of Surrealism

Brin, David -Earth (fiction)

Brockman, John (ed) - Speculations:  Reality Club 1
                    - Doing Science:  Reality Club 2
                    - Ways of Knowing:  Reality Club 3

Brunner, John - The Shockwave Rider (fiction)
              - Stand on Zanzibar (fiction)
              - The Jagged Orbit (fiction)
              - The Sheep Look Up (fiction)
              - The Stone that Never Came Down (fiction)

Budrys, Algis - Michaelmas (fiction)

Burger, Ralf - COmputer Viruses:  A High Tech Disease

Burgess, Anthony - A Clockwork Orange (fiction)
                 - The End of the World News: An Entertainment.

Burroughs, William S. - Interzone (fiction)
                      - Naked Lunch (fiction)
                      - Nova Express (fiction)
                      - The Soft Machine (fiction)
                      - Ticket That Exploded (fiction)
                      - The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead (fiction)
                      - The Third Mind
                      - The Yage Letters
                      - The Adding Machine:  Selected Essays
                      - The Last Words of Dutch Schultz
                      - The Western Lands
                      - Cities of the Red Night

Butler, Jack - Nightshade (fiction)

Cadigan, Pat - MindPlayers (fiction)
             - Indigo (fiction)
             - Patterns (fiction)
             - Synners (fiction)

Card, Orson Scott - Ender's Game (fiction)

Carlisle, Anne - Liquid Sky (fiction)

Chambers, Iain - Popular Culture: The Metropolitan Experience (fiction)

Chesebro, James w. and Donald g. Bonsall - Computer-mediated
      human relationships in a computerized world

Churchland, Patricia - Neurophilosophy:...Unified Science of the Mind/Brain

Consumer Reports - Complete Drug Reference

Cornwall, Hugo - Datatheft.  Hacking
               - Hacker's Handbook III.  Hacking.

Crick, Francis - Life Itself:  It's Origin and Nature

Cross, Ronald Anthony - Prisoners of Paradise (fiction)

Crowley, Aleister - Diary of a Drug Fiend
                  - Magick Without Tears

Davies, Paul - The Accidental Universe

Davis, Douglas - Art and the Future

Dean, Ward - Smart Drugs & Nutrients.  Nootropics, smart drugs

Deken, Joseph - Computer Images:  State of the Art

Delany, Paul and George Landlow (eds) - Hypermedia & Literary Studies

Delany, Samuel - Dahlgren (fiction)
               - Babel 17 (fiction)
               - Nova (fiction)
               - The Edge of Space:  Three Original Novellas of SF

Delgado, Jose - Physical Control of the Mind:  Towards Psychocivilized

DeLillo, Don - White Noise (fiction)

Denning, Peter J. (ed. ACM) - Computers Under Attack

Denton, Bradley - Wrack'n'Roll (fiction)

de Quincy, Thomas - Confessions of an English Opium Eater

Derrida, Jacques - Of Grammatology
                 - Speech and Phenomena
                 - Writing and Difference

Dick, Philip K. - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
                       (Blade Runner)(fiction)
                - Flow My Tears the Policeman Said (fiction)
                - Vulcan's Hammer (fiction)
                - Ubik (fiction)
                - A Scanner Darkley (fiction)

Dickson, Gordon - The R-Master (fiction)

Dobbs, Bob - Book of the SubGenius

Dozois, Gardner - Slow Dancing Through Time (fiction)

Drexler, Eric - Engines of Creation. Nanotechnology
              - Unbounding the Future:  The Nanotechnology Revolution

Duchamp, Marcel - The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp

Eco, Umberto - Foucault's Pendulum (historical fiction)
             - Travels in Hyper Reality:  Essays

Effinger, George Alec - A Fire in the Sun (fiction)
                      - When Gravity Fails (fiction)
                      - The Exile Kiss (fiction)

Eisner, Bruce - Ecstacy: The MDMA Story

Em, David - The Art of David Em:  100 Computer Paintings

Farren, Mick - The Long Orbit (fiction)

Faust, Clifford - The Company Man (fiction)
                - A Death of Honor (fiction)

Feynman, Richard - QED:  The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

Fjermedal, Grant - The Tomorrow Makers (fiction)

Foley, James et al - Computer Graphics:  Principles and Practice

Ford, John - Web of Angels (fiction)

Forester, Tom - Computer Ethics.  Hacking, viruses, etc

Foster, Alan Dean - Cyber Way (fiction)

Friedman, David - The Machinery of Freedmon.  Anarchy

Furst, Stevyn - Hallucinogens and Culture

Gerrold, David - When Harlie Was One

Gibson, William - Burning Chrome (fiction)
                - Count Zero (fiction)
                - The Difference Engine (with Bruce Sterling)(fiction)
                - Mona Lisa Overdrive (fiction)
                - Neuromancer (fiction)
                - Virtual Light (fiction)
                - Agrippa:  A Book of the Dead (poem: multimedia)

Gleick, James - Chaos:  The Making of a New Science

Goodman, Cynthia - Digital Visions:  COmputers and Art

Gracie & Zarkov - Notes from Underground.  Drugs

Griffith, Winter - Complete Guide to Prescription and
                         Nonprescription Drugs

Grof, Stanislov - The Human Encounter with Death. Death, Psychology, LSD
                - Realms of the Human Unconscious.  LSD, Subconscious.

Gunderloy, Mike and Cari Goldberg Janice - Zine Culture

Gyson, Brion and Terry Wilson - Here to Go: Planet 101

Hafner, Katie with John Markoff - Cyberpunk:  Outlaws and Hackers...Frontier

Hamit, Francis &  Wes Thomas - Virtual Reality: Adventures in Cyberspace

Hand, Elisabeth - Winterlong (fiction)
                  Aestival Tide (fiction)
                  Icarus Descending (fiction)

Harasim, Linda, ed. - Global Networks: computers and international

Harraway, Donna - Simians, Cyborgs & ...

Harrison, Harry - Make Room! Make Room! (fiction)

Harry, M. - Computer Underground:  Hacking, Piracy, Phreaking, & ...Crime

Hattori, Katura - What's Virtual Reality?

Hawke, Simon - Psychodrome (fiction)

Hawking, Stephen - A Brief History of Time

Heinlein, Robert - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (fiction)
                 - Notebooks of Lazarus Long (fiction)
                 - Stranger in a Strange Land (fiction)
                 - Time Enough for Love (fiction)
                 - not to mention all the others he wrote

Helsel, Sandra & Judith Roth - Virtual Reality: Practice, Theory, & Promise

Herbert, Nick - Faster Than Light:  Superluminal Loopholes in Physics
              - Quantum Reality:  Beyond the New Physics

Herer, Jack - Hemp & Marijuana Conspiracy:  The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Hoffman, Abbie - Steal This Book
               - Steal This Urine Test:  Fighting Drug Hysteria
               - Soon To Be a Major Motion Picture
               - Best of Abbie Hoffman

Hofmann, Albert - Insight/Outlook
                - LSD:  My Problem Child

Hofstadter, Douglas R. - The Mind's I:  Reflections on Self & Soul

Holmes, Thomas - Electronic and Experimental Music

Home, Stewart - The Assault on Culture

Hooper, Judith - Would the Buddha Wear A Walkman?  Catalogue of Consciousness

Hoy, ??? - Loompanics Greatest Hits

Hoyle, Fred and Chandra Wickramasinghe - Living Comets

Hutchison, Michael - Mega-brain.  Consciousness, Brain growth, stimulation

Huxley, Aldous - Brave New World (fiction)
               - Brave New World Revisited (fiction)
               - The Doors of Perception.  Mescaline encounters
               - Ends and Means.  Nature of ideals and realization
               - Heaven and Hell
               - Island (fiction)
               - Moksha.  Hallucinogens, religious experiences, visions
               - Perennial Philosophy.  Philosophy and religion

Huyssen, Andreas - After the Great Divide: Modernism, Mass Culture,

Jacobsen, Linda (ed) - Cyberarts:  Exploring art and technology

Jahn, robert and Brenda Dunne - Margins of Reality..Consciousnes....

Jeter, K. W. - Death Arms (fiction)
             - Dr. Adder (fiction)
             - Farewell Horizontal (fiction)
             - Infernal Devices (fiction)
             - The Glass hammer (fiction)

Kadrey, Richard - Metrophage (fiction)

Kawaguchi, Yoichiro - Growth Metamorphogenesis.  Computer art

Kehoe, Brendan - Zen and the Art of the Internet

Kerouac, Jack - On the Road

Kelly, James Patrick - Look Into the Sun (fiction)

Kelly, Kevin - SIGNAL:  Communications Tools of the Information Age

Kesey, Ken - Sometimes a Great Notion.  Autobiography
           - Further Inquiry.  Tales of the Merry Pranksters

Key, William Bryan - Subliminal Seduction
                   - Media Sexploitation
                   - The Clam-Plate Orgy

Kowalski, Roy - The Science of Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments

Kroker, Arthur, and David Cook - The Postmodern Scene

Krol, Ed - The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog

Krueger, Myron W. - Artificial Reality
                  - Artificial Reality II

Kunetka, James - Nature's End (fiction)

Lacan, Jacques - Television

Laidlaw, Marc - Dad's Nuke (fiction)
              - Neon Lotus (fiction)

Landreth, Bill - Out of the Inner Circle.  Hacking

Langston, Christopher - Artificial Life 1
                      - Artificial Life 2

LaQueye Tracey and Jeanne Ryer - The Internet Companion

Laurel, Brenda - The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design
               - Computers as Theatre

Leary, Timothy - Changing My Mind, Among Others
               - Flashbacks
               - Info Psychology
               - Neuropolitiques
               - Politics of Ecstacy
               - Psychedelic Experience

LeGuin, Ursula - Always Coming Home (fiction)

Lee, Marvin - Acid Dreams:  CIA, LSD, and the Sixties

Lem, Stanislaw - Memoirs Found in a Bathtub (fiction)
               - Solaris
               - The Futuroligcal Congress
               - The Cyberiad
               - One Human Minute
               - Fiasco
               - A Perfect Vacuum
               - Imaginary Magnitude

Lennon, John - Lost Prophetic Writings

Levy, Steven - Hackers.  Origins of hackers

Lewit, S. N. - Cyberstealth (fiction)
             - Dancing Vac (fiction)

Leyner, Mark - My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist (fiction)
             - American Made (fiction)
             - I Was an Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot (fiction)

Lilly, John - Center of the Cyclone:  An Autobiography of Inner Space
            - The Deep Self:  Profound Relaxation....Isolation Tank
            - Programming and Meta-programming the Human Biocomputer
            - Simulations of God:  The Science of Belief
            - The Dyadic Cyclone:  Autobiography of a Couple
            - The Scientist:  A Metaphysical Autobiography
            - John Lilly, so far...

Lippard, Lucy R. - Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory

Lovecock, James - Gaia:  A New Look at Life on Earth

Lucky, Robert (executive director of bell labs)
        - silicon dreams: information, man, and machine.  1992
               + how information theory shapes the world of computers.

Ludlow, ??? - Hasheesh eater:  The Life of Pythagorean.  published in 157!

Lyotard, Jean-Francois - The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

Lyttle, ??? - Psychedelic Monographs and Essays Volumes #1-5

Maddox, Tom - Halo (fiction)

Malacalypse the Younger - The Principia Discordia.

Mandlebrot, Benoit - The Fractal Geometry of Nature

Marcus, Greil - Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century

Mason, Lisa - Arachne (fiction)

McAfee, John - Computer Viruses, Worms....And Other Threats to your System

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                - Across the Wounded Galaxies

McDonald, Ian - Out on Blue Six (fiction)

McHale, Brian - Postmodern Fiction

McKenna, Dennis - The Invisible Landscape

McKenna, Terence - The Archaic Revival
                 - Food of the Gods
                 - True Hallucinations

McLellan, H. - Virtual Reality:  A Selected Bibliography

McLuhan, Marshall - Verbi-Voco-Visual Explorations
                  - Through the Vanishing Point:  Space in Poetry & Painting
                  - >>From Cliche to Archetype
                  - Culture is our Business
                  - Take Today:  The Executve as Drop-Out
                  - The City as Classroom:  Understanding Media & Language
                  - Laws of Media:  The New Science
                  - The Global Village:  TransformAtions in World Life...

Milan, Victor - The Cybernetic Samurai (fiction)
              - The Cybernetic Shogun (fiction)

Minsky, Marvin - Society of Mind
               - Robotics
               - The Turing Option

Misha - Red Spider, White Web (fiction)

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            - Haight-Ashbury: A History

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                - Gateway (fiction)
                - Heechee Rendezvous (fiction)
                - Man Plus (fiction)
                - The Annals of the Heechee (fiction)

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Powell, William - The Anarchists Cookbook.  Drug abuse, explosives, firearms

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                - Gravity's Rainbow (fiction)
                - V (fiction)
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Ratsch, ??? - Gateway to Inner Space

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Re/Search - Industrial Culture Handbook.  Industrial musicians profiles
          - Modern Primitives
          - PRANKS!
          - Angry Women

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                  - Virtual Communities

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             - Wetware (fiction)
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             - White Light (fiction)
             - Mind Tools: The 5 Levels of Mathematical Reality
             - The Fourth Dimension:  A Guided Tour of the Higher Universes
             - Transreal! (fiction)
             - Semiotext(e) (ed. w/ Robert A. Wilson, Peter Wilson)
             - M2k:  User's Guide to the New Edge (ed. w/ RU Sirius et al)

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              - Eclipse Corona (fiction)
              - Eclipse Penumbra (fiction)
              - Total Eclipse (fiction)
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              - Heatseeker (fiction)
              - Transmaniacon (fiction)
              - A Splendid Chaos (fiction)

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2030, F.M. - Upwingers
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Varley, John - The Ophiuchi Hotline (fiction)
             - Millenium (fiction)

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              - True Names and Other Dangers (fiction)
              - Threats and Other Promises (fiction)
              - The Peace War (fiction)

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Whole Earth Catalog - Essential Whole Earth Catalog
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                    - Software Catalog
                    - Whole Earth Access Mail Order Catalog

Wiener, Norbert - Cybernetics: Control & Communication in Animal and Machine
                - The Human Use of Human Beings

Williams, Walter Jon - Angel Station (fiction)
                     - Facets (fiction)
                     - Hardwired (fiction)
                     - Solips System (fiction)
                     - Voice of the Whirlwind (fiction)

Wilson, Robert Anton - Cosmic Trigger
                     - Cosmic Trigger 2
                     - Historical Illuminatus Chronicles (fiction)
                                The Earth Will Shake
                                Nature's God
                                The Widow's Son
                     - Illuminati Papers
                     - The Illuminatus! Trilogy (fiction)
                     - Ishtar Rising
                     - Masks of the Illuminati (fiction)
                     - New Inquisition
                     - Prometheus Rising
                     - Quantum Psychology
                     - Right Where You are Sitting Now
                     - Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy (fiction)
                     - Sex & Drugs, A Journey Beyond Limits
                     - The Earth Will Shake (fiction)
                     - The Widow's Son (fiction)
                     - The Book of the Breast
                     - Natural Law, or Don't put a Rubber on your Willy
                     - Wilhelm Reich in Hell
                     - Coincidence:  A Head Test

Windling, Terri (editor) - Borderlands (fiction)
                         - Bordertown (fiction)

Wolfe, Tom - Electrik Kool-Aid Acid Test. Kesey & Pranksters & Haight-Ashbury

Wolfram, Stephen - Mathematica:  System for Doing Mathematics by Computer

Womack, Jack - Ambient (fiction)
               Terraplane (fiction)
               Heathern (fiction)
               Elvissey (fiction)

Wright, Robert - Three Scientists and Their Gods.  Information age

Zahn, Timothy - Cobra (fiction)
              - Cobra Bargain (fiction)
              - Cobra Strike (fiction)

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