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______________________________________________________________________ |______________ / | | / | | u t u r e <___________ u l t u r e | _______________________________________________________________________| f a q "I Feel These Wires" updated: March.10.1993 ________________________________________________________________________ There is an on-line mailing list entitled FutureCulture that accompanies this FAQ with real-time discussion of cyberculture/new-edge/technoculture, etc. Requests to join the FutureCulture E-list must be sent to: with subject 'send info' or 'help' FutureCulture list maintainer and keeper of this FAQ: andy ________________________________________________________________________ While no article that attempts to document an entire emerging subculture can be complete, I will do my best to give you enough complete and accurate information to get you on your way to the future. This article will focus mainly on cyberpunk culture, rave culture, industrial, po-mo, virtual reality, drugs, computer underground, etc. Basically, the elements that make up the developing techno-underground, the new edge, the technoculture. Included in this article will be: suggested readings -- books, magazines, zines, requisite authors, etc., BBSes devoted to relevant topics, corporations and merchandise geared toward the techno-aware, Internet e-mail addresses for relevant figure-heads in this area, suggested music and movies/videos, FTP sites, etc. I will do my best to update this article every so often, as the techno-underground is not stagnant and is always shifting and changing and moving forward. If you have any complaints/comments/suggestions/ errors or just want to send someone mail, write to me on the Internet at I also welcome addition requests and such - feel free to say "hey man, add blah-blah to the list!" ______________________________________________________________________________ We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams. :::::Wille Wonka The cyberpunks did not originate their vision, but picked up bits and pieces of what was actually coming true, and fed it back to the readers who were already living in Gibson's Sprawl, whether they knew it or not. ::::::Steve Brown Information wants to be free. Believe it, pal. ::::::Bruce Sterling If only you could see what I've seen through your eyes ::::::Blade Runner We've discovered Cyberotica!!!!! ::::::The Shamen at a Rave with RU Sirius The techno-underground is a direct descendant of the hippy revolution. ::::::Select Magazine (April .92) Cyberpunks use all available data input to think for themselves. ::::::Timothy Leary Thus the most repressed sector of society acquires a paradoxical power through the myth of its occult and knowledge." [Hakim Bey]. Gibson & Burroughs & Lewis Shriner & Norman Spinrad & Bruce Sterling created the perfect term -- CYBERPUNK! The odd occult shadow still haunts" the civilized, industrial culture. Here is the marvelous paradox of VR/Cyberpunk: Big high-tech firms fighting the myth of "electronic LSD." Jaron Lanier as wizard with dreadlocks! Eric Gullichsen - student of Crowley! Mondo 2000! Gibson and his data rustlers! ::::::Timothy Leary Cyberpunk is really about the present. ::::::Rudy Rucker ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Contents: | |______________| ::::: * Part 1 intro futureculture list info quotes contents cultural literacy magazines (hardcopy) electronic zines and digests electronic-essays ::::: * Part 2 usenet newsgroups who's who of the net internet bbses and services irc channels muds bbses books ::::: * Part 3 videos music drugs software companies/merchandise closing ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Cultural Literacy | |______________________| Agrippa: A Book of the Dead - A collaboration between author [William Gibson], publisher Kevin Begos Jr, and artist Dennis Ashbaugh. This art-work contains engravings by Ashbaugh which appear or disappear in light and an on-disk semi-autobiographical poem by [William Gibson] which is unreadable after having been read once. Agrippa is notable because in many respects it blurs the lines about what art is, and adds fuel to the fire on issues of property rights and intellectual property. A highlight of 1992 was the release of Gibson's poem on to the [net]. Artificial Life - man-made systems that exhibit characteristics associated with the concept of "life". Artificial Reality - similar to [virtual reality], but more interactive, with the participant being part of, not just experiencing, the artificial environment. BBSes - electronic Bulletin Board Systems. Begun in the late 70's, a form of [virtual community] existing in [cyberspace] where participants (usually using aliases) may send and receive public and private messages to each other on any topic imaginable, transfer software (copyrighted and/or public domain), play on-line games, etc. There is the "over-ground" BBS world where aliases are less common and illegal activities are avoided in discussion, and the [{computer} underground] where illegal activities and discussions are very common, members use aliases, and illegal information and/or software is exchanged. Boxing - A variety of electronic devices used to aid in [phreaking]. The original was the blue box, used from the mid 60's to the mid 80's, which allowed long distance phone calls to be made for free. A variety of other similar instruments accomplishing different tasks have been developed, some purely comical, some quite practical. CC fraud - Credit Card or Calling Card fraud. common in the [computer underground] community. Chaos - Chaos is a state which garners a lot of respect in [cyberculture], to the point of being a [techno-pagan] religion. Many people are self-described Chaoticians. Chaos Theory - science revolving around simplistic equations involving a large number of variables. Gave rise to [fractals], a form of [cyberdelic] art. For further info on the subject, James Gleick's "Chaos: Making a New Science" is suggested. C0dez Doodz - Essentialy a [phreaker]'s version of [pirates]. People who seek out telco codes to be used to gain long distance (ld) telephone calls without paying for them. Scurge of the [computer underground]. Communitek - an informational technology that allows for a community to potentially develop in cyberspace. For example, within the [net], [IRC] and e-mail are two communiteks. Computer Underground - "A group organized in secrecy, hidden behind aliases, to promote the free exchange of information regarding anything and everything including, but not limited to: computers, telephones, radios, chemicals, and ideas." (thanx to The Butler for this definition) The mainstay of communication for the computer underground is [cyberspace], more specifically [BBSes]. The computer underground is comprised of [hackers], [phreakers], [piraters], anarchists, and other [cyberpunks]. CP - see [cyberpunk]. Cryonics - The fringe science of freezing a person's head or whole body after death, in the hopes that in the future they may be revived and brought back to life. Cyber- - A prefix taken from [cybernetics] generally used in popular culture to mean anything that is technologically oriented. Cyberculture - Often used by media to denote aspects of "life as a [cyberpunk]". Yet if we are to follow strict meaning, cyberculture is more accurately defined as an information-based culture. Cyberdeck - Term originated by [William Gibson] to refer to a computer used by [deck cowboys] that can connect to the [matrix]. Cyberdelic - "Cyber-art". Examples include [fractals], computer-generated pictures and/or music, [virtual worlds], etc. Cybernetics - The study of communication systems in living organisms and machines, the mathematical analysis of the flow of information. Cyberpunk - Begun as a literary movement in the 80's, an off-shoot of normal science fiction. Unique in that it generally occurs in the present or not so distant future, the characters are often considered "punks" (social deviants) and technology, (the cyber aspect), is prominent. "Neuromancer" by [William Gibson], published in 1984, is considered by most to be the "bible" of cyberpunk. Another prominent author is [Bruce Sterling], editor of another worthy cyberpunk collection, "Mirrorshades". Other examples of cyberpunk include Max Headroom (tv show) and Blade Runner (movie). Cyberpunk is special in that it has evolved from a purely literary movement to a realistic subculture. Many "techno-punks" (ie: [hackers]) are considered cyberpunks. Other contributing factors to the cyberpunk subculture include: virtual reality, hallucinogenic and [nootropic] drugs, and industrial and punk music. For an in-depth, detailed look at cyberpunk fiction and cyberpunk culture, "Storming the Reality Studio", ed. by Larry McCaffery is suggested. Cyberspace - "The electronic frontier." A completely virtual environment: the sum total of all [BBSes], computer networks, and other [virtual communities]. Unique in that it is constantly being changed, exists only virtually, can be practically infinite in "size", communication occurs instantaneously world-wide - physical location is completely irrelevant most of the time. Some include video and telephone transmissions as part of cyberspace. Deck Cowboys - Futuristic version of a computer [hacker] or a modern-day [cyberpunk]. Electronic Frontier Foundation - (EFF). Organization founded by Mitch Kapor (of Lotus fame) and John Perry Barlow (writer and Grateful Dead songwriter) to establish laws for [cyberspace] and apply the constitution to [virtual communities]. Flame - disagreement occuring in [cyberspace]. Common on [Usenet]. Fractals - Images created using [chaos theory]. A mish-mash of colors presented in a pattern that repeats itself many times over. A popular type of fractal image is one created using the "Mandlebrot set". Fractals are considered [cyberdelic] art. Gibson, William - Considered by most to be the "father" of [cyberpunk], along with [Bruce Sterling]. His works include the infamous "Neuromancer", "Count Zero", "Mona Lisa Overdrive" (these 3 works are known as the [sprawl] series), "The Difference Engine" with which he was co-author with [Bruce Sterling], and "Burning Chrome" a collection of short stories. Hist latest work is a poem in "[Agrippa: A Book of the Dead]". Gibson says he will no longer be writing the "classic" [cyberpunk] novels he is famous for. His next work is entitled "Virtual Light" and is futuristic fiction. Global Village - Famous phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan, exemplifiede by the [net]. Gnow - To really know something, word should probably not be used lightly. E.g.: I quickly knew how to use the [net], now I am trying to *gnow* the [net]. Grep - search, or scan. Grok - Word with roots in [Shaman]ism that is akin to [gnow], and implies a thurough and complete holistic understanding. Hacker - 60's (1st) generation (orig. MIT): one who tinkers with software, electronics, computer hardware, etc. 80's (2nd) [WarGames] generation: one who enters computer systems without permission with either malicious or non-malicious intent, to gain, alter, or destroy information (labelled as [crackers] by the 60's generation). 90's (3rd) generation: often called [cyberpunks], mostly non-malicious [crackers] interested in information for the sake of information, and not hacking for the sake of the hack - sometimes calling themselves "information liberators", they have re-adopted more of the original hacker ethic of the 60's which states mainly "all information should be free", "access to computers should be unlimited and total" and "promote decentralization". This new, 3rd generation is commonly associated with the computer underground, despite its mostly non-malicious intent. Industrial - A subculture revolving around industrial music, a collection of mostly electronically created sounds and samples that results in a fierce explosion of sound labelled by many as "the new punk". This subculture is generally anti-political, anti-aesthetic in nature. Infonomics - The idea of an econmoy based on information, which obviously holds many different properties from our current state of the world. Internet - A large and very popular world-wide computer network begun by the Defense Department in the 60's that connects educational institutions, corporations, organizations, and military and government installations around the globe. Some organizations exist that offer access to the Internet to the general public for an hourly/monthly/yearly fee. See the "BBSes" section of this article for more info, particularly those BBSes listed with "public access unix" next to them. Suggested are places like the [WELL], [MindVox], Nyx (which is free of cost), NetCom, etc. Many Internet users partake in reading and contributing to [Usenet], playing [MUD]s, FTPing text files and programs free of charge at the various FTP sites, and 'telnet'ing to other Internet sites. Because of its accessibility at a relatively low cost, size (the largest computer network in the world), connectivity, and infinite amounts of information, many network users prefer the Internet to such services as CompuServe (often called Compu$erve on the Internet) or Prodigy (which is more restricting in its content). The Internet has something to offer for everyone. Other portions of this file such as the suggested newsgroups list, list of FTP sites, and list of 'telnet'able services and sites, should be very helpful to the new Internet user. Once you gain access to the Internet, it is suggested that you read the 'news.announce.newusers' and 'news.newusers.questions' and 'news.answers' newsgroups on [Usenet]. You might also want to read the file 'NixPub: Listing of Public Access Unix sites' to find an Internet dial-up (BBS/Service) in your area. IRC - [Internet] Relay Chat. Realtime communication forums between [Internet] users all over the world. ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network. A [communitek] hopefully coming soon to a house near you, basically it will greatly expand the potential for information comming into your house, such as having 700 cable TV channels, interactive realtime video-phones, and far off in the future possible even realtime networked interactive 3d [virtual reality]. Legion of Doom - (LoD). A legendary group of [hackers] from the [computer underground]. When they disbanded, some members went on to form a computer security firm (ComSec), Loyd Blankenship wrote GURPS Cyberpunk for [Steve Jackson Games] and some ended up in jail from [Operation Sundevil]. Matrix - Term coined by William Gibson which refers to the consensual hallucination of [cyberspace]. Meme - An "agent of communicative resonance", or mroe simply, "an info virus". Memetics is the study and theories behind the root structures of information itself. MindVox - A [virtual community] in [cyberspace], also a [BBS] connected to the [Internet]. A nexus of the [computer underground] and [cyberpunk] and [virtual reality] begun by Phantom Access Technologies, former members of the [Legion of Doom]. See also the [WELL] Mirrorshades - A very important collection of [cyberpunk] fiction by various authors, most of whom are labelled as the [mirrorshades group]. This book is edited by [Bruce Sterling] and should be available in most bookstores. Mirrorshades Group - Original collection of [cp] authors which includes William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Tom Maddox, Lewis Shiner, John Shirley, SF Eye magazine editor Steve Brown, Rudy Rucker, Pat Cadigan, and others. Mondo 2000 - Very popular [cyberpunk] and [new edge] magazine. Subscription information is available elsewhere in this file. MUD - Multi-User Domain, Multi-User Dungeon, or Multi-User Dimension. MUDs are multi-user role-playing-games of sorts that exist on the [Internet] for entertainment purposes. MUDs are essentially text-based [virtual worlds] which players (participants) may explore, change, or add on to. In some cases, the MUD is not actually a "game" with scores, player attributes, levels, etc., but some MUDs are set up this way. MUDs tend to be based around different science fiction genres such as fantasy, space, or even [cyberpunk]. Some MUD environments have no defining characteristics. Nanotechnology - the science of "micro-machines". Small gears or other machines seen only by a microscope, that can be used in areas such as medicine and health, art, and other technologies. Net - A computer network. Often used to mean the [Internet] when referred to as "the net". Netrip - Many similarities exist in some people's minds between psychedelic drugs and the [net], and a netrip is the state of litterally getting "high" off the net, accompanied by distortions in space and time, a [gnow]ledge of the net itself, an intense desire to communicate your subconcious to the rest of the [net], etc. Netrunner - see [hacker]. New Edge - Fringe culture and fringe science, mostly techno-oriented, and very popular in Southern California. [Mondo 2000] is a magazine devoted to the new edge. Nootropics - A new science revolving around drugs used to increase intelligence, aid in memory, enhance brain activity, etc. Touted as a fad by some, others claim that use of nootropics actually work. See also [SmartDrinks]. Operation Sundevil - Secret Service operation begun in 1990 intended to destroy the [computer underground] by confiscating [BBSes] and detaining [hackers]. Phrack - An important magazine existing only in [cyberspace], of interest to the [computer underground]. It's founder, Craig Neidorf, now works for the [Electronic Frontier Foundation]. Phreaker - [Hacking] the phone system. Usually meaning to get phone calls for free, whether by [boxing] or [cc fraud]. Individual phreakers are called phreaks. Pirate - One who copies software illegally. Commonly associated with the [computer underground]. Although commonplace, pirates are looked down upon as with [codez d00dz]. Post-industrial - The state of the world, including megacorp [zaibatsu]s, an evolving [infonomics], etc. Post-modern - Literary, artistic, cultural, and philosophical movement revolving around the [post-industrial] world in which we live, and the unique aspects of the trends of modern society. Raves - A subculture revolving around all-night dance parties. Typically, the parties are generally illegal and thus a complex process is involved to find out where they are located. Rave music is generally [techno], the parties usually include 1 or more DJs. Also present in many cases are "chill out rooms" which feature more ambient music. Lasers, blaring music, [cyberdelic] images, [SmartDrinks] and drugs (most often MDMA {X, XTC, Ecstacy, E}, LSD {acid}, ketamine, or nootropics) are all general contributors to the rave experience. Raves are usually held in warehouses, and last until the next morning. Another large part of rave culture is the flyers - used to find out where your next party will be. Raves are meant to be very happy events, everyone ideally should be open and free, laying aggressions and inhibitions aside for the night. Some have likened the rave experience to "a weekly roving [techno-]woodstock for the 90's." Rave fashion includes over-sized baggy t-shirts and pants, hooded sweat-shirts, ski caps, and usually bright colors, as well as accessories such as whistles, Cat In The Hat hats, "doctor" masks, VapoRub, etc. Shaman - An overused word that in ancient and modern cultures implies one who is a wise medicine man or healer, with a keen understanding of the ways of things. Used increasingly in modern culture, especialy in conjunction with [techno-paganism]. Slipstream - Term used to denote cyberpunk fiction, particularly pre-1984 fictional works that have been influential to the [mirrorshades group] or that closely resemble cyberpunk, but are sometimes outside of the sf genre. An example would be William S. Burroughs. SmartDrugs - [nootropics]. SmartDrinks - Similar to SmartDrugs, or [nootropics], the intent of these substances, loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other healthy substances, is to aid in brain functioning. Smart Drinks are most often consumed at [raves], thus, the purpose of some smart drinks is to "energize" the drinker, not to make them smarter. Sprawl - Word used by [William Gibson] to mean large mega-cities, and places where different cities collide. Southern California and New York City might be early examples of the sprawl. This word is used often in modern times as "urban sprawl". Steve Jackson Games - RPG manufacturers which have played a key role in the evolution of [cyberpunk] and the [computer underground]. Operators of the Illuminati BBS and makers of GURPS Cyberpunk, an RPG guide written by Loyd Blankenship, a member of the [Legion of Doom]. Sterling, Bruce - considered by most to be the "co-founder" of [cyberpunk] along with [William Gibson]. He is the editor of "Mirrorshades: A cyberpunk anthology", which is considered the quintessential collection of [cp] works by the [mirrorshades group]. Some of his other works include "Islands in the Net", "Schismatrix", "Involution Ocean", "The Artificial Kid", "The Difference Engine" which he co-authored with [Gibson] and "The Hacker Crackdown" a non-fiction account of the [computer underground] and [Operation Sundevil], including the [Electronic Frontier Foundation], [Phrack], the [Legion of Doom], [Steve Jackson Games], etc. Social Engineering - Technique often by which [hackers] or [crackers] acquire information, such as names and passwords. Essential a modern-day con, often conducted via phone conversations, such as portraying onesself as a telco employee. Techno- - prefix similar to cyber-, referring to anything which has its roots in current or futuristic technology. Techno - type of music made almost entirely with the help of computers, revolving around a fast-paced drum beat (as high as 160 BPM), sampling, and synthesizers. Technoculture - The idea of a culture with a strong foundation rooted in technology. Often used loosely in association with [cyberculture] and [new edge]. Techno-paganism - Literally the worshipping of technology. Many people *believe* that, for example, the [net] has some magic or is a sentient entity in itself, or that technology can be an agent of evolution. Teledildonics - Virtual sex in a [virtual environment]. Term often used by the [new edge] community. 2600 - A popular hardcopy magazine devoted to the [computer underground]. Subscription information is obtained elsewhere in this file. Usenet - A collection of "newsgroups" on the [Internet], in which [Internet] users may post or read messages on almost any subject imaginable. The topics of discussion are divided up into the individual newsgroups, which total about 2000 on average. Usenet is divided into various large sections, including the 'alt'ernative newsgroups, the 'comp'uter newsgroups, the 'sci'ence newsgroups and the 'talk' newsgroups, among others. A suggested list of newsgroups is contained in this file. Some groups are moderated, while most remain completely uncensored. Usenet is often referred to as Abusenet for it's all-too familiar [flames] and appearance of perpetual [chaos]. Virtual Community - any group or gathering that exists in [cyberspace]. This could be a [BBS], a [hacking] group, a [net], or even a [zaibatsu]. Virtual Culture - the collection of [virtual communities], and the cultural aspects unique to those communities. Virtual Environment - a [virtual world]. Virtual Reality - a consensual hallucination of a world existing only in [cyberspace]. Modern day virtual reality uses helmets, gloves, and body suits to create such a world, which is first created on a computer and connected to the vr devices. The goal of virtual reality is to generate a completely alternate reality. Research in vr includes networking people, so spacial limitations are meaningless. The possibilities of vr-generated environments are as limitless as the imagination. Virtual World - a world existing in [cyberspace] created and used with [virtual reality] technologies. VMB - (Voice MailBox). Used (often illegally) by [phreaks] as a means of communication. WELL - The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link. An important gridpoint in the [matrix], a [virtual community] in [cyberspace], also a [BBS] connected to the [Internet]. A group concerned mostly with [cyberpunk], [virtual reality], [nootropics], and other aspects of the [new edge]. Wirehead - a hardware [hacker]. Zaibatsu - Japanese term used a lot by [William Gibson] that means a large mega-corporation, such as Sony for example. ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Magazines: | |______________| Albert Hofmann Foundation Newsletter The Albert Hofmann Foundation 1341 Ocean Ave. Suite 300 Santa Monica, CA 90401 201.281.8110 -$30 for 4 issues Boardwatch 5970 S. Vivian St. Littleton, CO 80127 303.973.6038 (voice) 303.973.4222 (bbs/data) 303.973.3731 (fax) -BBSing articles/lists/info -$4 an issue Black Ice P.O. Box 1069 Brighton BN2 4YT, England -British cp/sf zine Body Art Last Gap Distributors PO Box 410067 San Francisco, CA 94141 415.824.6636 -body art magazine, tatoos and such -back issues $16.50-$21.45 ppd. bOING bOING PO Box 18432 Boulder, CO 80308 -cyberpunk zine -$4 an issue, $14 for 4 issues Communications of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.) 1515 Broadway NY, NY 10036 212.869.7440 -the Internet, networks, ACM news, etc. -$75 membership dues includes a $30 subscription to CACM Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction Heldref Publications 1319 Eighteenth St. NW Washington, DC 20036-1802 800.365.9753 -Spring 92 is all about cp, vr, cybernetics, etc. -$10 Cryonics Magazine ALCOR 12327 Doherty St. Riverside, CA 92503 800.367.2228 -$10 for 12 issues CyberEdge Journal 928 Greenhill Road Mill Valley, CA 94941 415.383.2458 (voice) 415.389.0251 (fax) -covers vr and related topics -$129 for 6 issues Cybertek OCL/Magnitude PO Box 64 Brewster, NY 10509 -hacking, cyberpunks, technology, culture -$10 a year Disco Family Plan DJ ESP Woody McBride 1205 S. 7th St. #8 Minneapolis, MN 55415 612.376.0226 -rave zine Edge Detector PO Box 36, Station H Montreal, Quebec Canada H3G 2KS Evolution Box 833 London NW 6 UK -psychedelic experience and lifestyle -15 pounds 4 issues EXTROPY: The Journal of Trans-humanist Thought PO Box 57306 Los Angeles, CA 90057-0306 -$9 two issues (one year) FactSheet-Five Seth Friedman PO Box 170099 San Francisco CA 94117-0099 -independently-oriented reviewers of the culture -1 issue $4, 6 issues $20 (or more) FAD Magazine PO Box 420-656 San Francisco, CA 94142 -Bay-Area fashion, art, music, style rag -look for issue #26, Spring 92, the Cyber issue -$14.95 for 6 issues Fluxu8 -magazine described as "Mondo 2000 without the gloss" -email for info Freakbeat PO Box 1288 Gerrard's Cross Bucks SL9 0AN UK -ultra-psychedelia -4.5 pounds per issue Full Disclosure Box 903 Libertyville, IL 60048 BBS - 708.838.4201 -technology, legal info., etc. Hack-Tic pb 22953, 1100 DL Amsterdam, The Netherlands 31.20.6001480 (Internet) -published near that hotbed of hackers in holland/amsterdam -European counterpart to 2600 -$2.30 US an issue The HardCore Scott Dorward PO Box 1893 London N9 8JT 36 UK -L1.80 each -sf/cp zine Interference on the Brain Screen Patrick Clark PO Box 2761 St. Paul MN 55102. -$2.00 each -sf zine Intertek Steve Steinberg 325 Ellwood Beach #3 Goleta, CA 93117 -hacking, cyberspace, interviews, designer drugs, cryonics, etc. -$4 an issue Interzone 124 Osborne Road Brighton, BN1 6LU UK -science-fiction zine -$22 for 6 issues Iron Feather Journal PO Box 1905 Boulder, CO 80306-1905 -hacking, anarchy, techno-phun, underground info, raves, activism -$2 an issue Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine PO Box 7058 Red Oak, IA 51591-2058 -$34.95 for 13 issues The Journal of Complex Systems PO Box 6149 Champaign, IL 61826 -cellular automata, $50 / year min. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction PO Box 56 Cornwall, CT 06753 -$26 for 12 issues Mondo 2000 PO Box 10171 Berkeley, CA 94709 415.845.9018 (phone) 415.649.9630 (fax) -your guide to all things cyberpunk and some things not -$24 for 5 issues (published quarterly) Nootropic News PO Box 175E Camrillo, CA, USA 93011. -$10 for newsletter and order forms Pixel: The Magazine of Scientific Visualization 245 Henry St. H2G Brooklyn, NY 11201-9889 718.624.3386 -$21, 6 issue Pixel Vision Box 1138 Madison Square Station, NY 10159 -$35 / year Robot Experimenter PO Box 458 Peterborough, NH 03458-0458 -$24 for 12 issues Science Fiction Eye PO Box 18539 Asheville, NC 28814 -sf/cp magazine, contains a regular article by Bruce Sterling -3 issues $10, 6 issues $18, back issues available Science Fiction Studies SF-TH Inc. Arthur B. Evans East College DePauw University Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 -academic views of science fiction -$14 for 3 issues Sector 9737 Tim Mayer PO Box 782213 Witchita KS 67278. -sf/cp zine -$5.00 each Sound Choice Audio Evolution network PO Box 1251 Ojai, CA 93023 -electronic/punk/avant music mag -$12 for 6 issues SOUND News and Arts SOUND Publishing Inc c/o Ed Stastny PO BOX 31104 Omaha, NE 68132 -covers a lot of areas -$1.50 or $2 for 3 or 4 copies TAP PO Box 20264 Louisville, KY 40250 -hacking, anarchy, some political -operates Blitzkrieg BBS @ 502.499.8933 -TAP-Online also available on some BBSes / FTP sites Technology Works PO Box 477 Placentla, CA 92670-0477 -techno/industrial/cp fanzine -$1.50 Territories c/o McNair 65 Niddrie Road Strathbungo, Glasgow G42 5PT Scotland, United Kingdom -sf and slipstream journal -$5 2600 PO Box 752 Middle Island, NY 11953-0752 516.751.2600 (office) 516.751.2608 (fax) -the famous hacker's zine -subscriptions are $21 for 4 issues (published quarterly) -back issues are $25 / year Urb Magazine 4111 West Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90116 213.766.8726 -CA-based dance/music/rave magazine -$25 / year US RAVE Magazine 601 N. Magnolia Ave Orlando, Florida 32801 407.339.4507 (fax) -supposedly free Verbum: The Journal of Personal Computer Aesthetics PO Box 12564 San Diego, CA 92112 619.233.9977 619.233.9976 (fax) -$24 for 4 issues Virus 23 Box 46 Red Deer, Alberta T4N 5E7 Whole Earth Review PO Box 38 Sausalito, CA 94966-9932 (Whole Earth runs The Well [Whole Earth Lectronic Link] - -combines new age, techno-culture, california fads, etc. -$20 year for subscriptions Wired 544 Second St San Francisco, CA 94107 415.904.0664 -$20 for 1 yr subscription, published bi-monthly Zine Exchange Gary Pattillo 5920 Victor Street Dallas, TX 75214 -send zines, get zines ________________________________________________________________________ | | | E-Magazines/Articles/Digests | |__________________________________| Accessguide to Intelligence/Parapolitics by Jimmy Screw and Johnny Hardon public/alt.cyberpunk -very cool file with tons of alternative information resources AcidWarp /pub/geos/ -much sought-after tripp-e grafix program Across the Electronic Frontier by Mitch kapor and John Perry Barlow /pub/eff/papers/across-electronic-frontier -explanation of EFF, goals Activist Times Incorporated /pub/cud/ati -political, hacking, anarchy -newsgroup alt.society.ati Agrippa: A Book of the Dead by William Gibson /pub/atman/UTLCD-preview/assorted-text/agrippa.arj Agr1ppa by Pat Kroupa MindVox archives AI Information ftp ai /pub /pub /pub Alcor information /pub/cud/alcor -an e-mail privacy suit Alt.rave FAQ /pub/sfraves -Brian B's excellent rave FAQ Amiga Files /pub /pub Anarchy List -discussion of all aspects of anarchy Anarchy 'N' Explosives /pub/cud/ane -anarchy, phreaking Anime Info /pub/anime Anne Balsamo's Bibliography public/alt.cyberpunk -very good gide to cyberspace, pomo, etc. Apple II Files /apple2 /pub/apple2 /systems/apple2 /pub/apple2 /pub/apple2 /systems/apple2 ArachNet: E-Journal of Virtual Culture listserv@uottawa.bitnet -message body: SUB ARACHNET -journal of all aspects of on-line life Arm The Spirit On-line (Autonome Forum) /poli /poli -header "ATS: e-mail request" -anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist e-magazine Armadillo Culture -cool ezine ArtCom -interfacing art and communicaion -usenet alt.artcom Artificial Life -artificial life AUtopia (Pirate Ship Utopia) autoia-rquest@wixer.cactus.rg -a floating technology-oriented commune -run by Jagwire X, cool ideas.... Avital Ronell Interview /pmc Basic Networking /pub/cud/misc/ -Telenet Baudy World of the Byte Bandit: A Post-modernist Interpretation of the Computer Underground by Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer /pub/cud/papers/ Being In Nothingness by John Perry Barlow /public/virtual-worlds/papers/Barlow.BeingInNothingness.Z Beyond CyberPunk HyperCard Stack /mac/hypercard/fun /MacSciTech/programming/hypercard /mac/etc/demo /mirrors3/ BladeRunner FAQ public/alt.cyberpunk Bootlegger /pub/cud/bootlegger -cracking, hacking BPM -the DJ's e-list Catscan public/alt.cyberpunk -Bruce Sterling's articles from SF Eye magazine Cellular Automata Chalisti /pub/cud/chalisti -German hacking, associated with the Chaos Computer Club -written in German Chatubo FAQ public/alt.cyberpunk -FAQ file for alt.chatsubo Chaos Computer Club Files /pub/cud/ccc /info/CCC -written in German Cheap Truth public/alt.cyberpunk -zines by Bruce Sterling Cheap Virtual Reality Info /public/virtual-worlds CHiNA /pub/cud/misc/china2.3 -hacking, etc. Church of Virtuality/Reality /pub/scripture.* Commercial Virtual Reality Info /public/virtual-worlds Computers and Academic Freedom -computing freedom, mostly deals with college campuses Computer Crime: Current Practices, Problems and Proposed Solutions by Brian J. Peretti ftp.eff.prg /pub/cud/papers/computer.crime Computer Crime Laws /pub/cud/law -computer crime laws for almost every state -international laws as well Computer Down-Underground Digest /pub/cud/cdugd -CUD for Australia, New Zealand Computer Proffesionals for Social Responsibility pub/cpsr Computer Underground Digest tk0jut2@niu.bitnet /pub/cud/cud -"USA Today" of Cyberspace and computer underground Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems by Dorothy E Denning /pub/cud/papers/denning The Constitution in Cyberspace by Laurence Tribe @ CFP #1 /pub/cud/papers/ CORE -fictional/essay e-zine Corrupted Programmers International /pub/cud/cpi -viruses Crime and Puzzlement by John Perry Barlow /pub/cud/papers/crime.puzzle Crime and Puzzlement 2 by John Perry Barlow /pub/eff/papers/crime-and-puzzlement-2 Crime and Puzzlement & 2600 /pub/cud/papers/cp.2600 CRTNet [TELL LISTSERV@PSUVM SUB CRTNET (your) (name)] -information theory and technologies Cryonics CryptoAnarchist Manifesto /pub/cypherpunks Cryptography Glossary /pub/cypherpunks Cult of the Dead Cow files /pub/cud/cdc -hacking, phreaking, anarchy, etc. Cultural Information ftp /pub/culture Cybernetics -sub cybsys-l full_name Cyberpunk Archive /public/alt.cyberpunk -alt.cyberpunk and related archives maintained by Tim Oerting Cyberpunk FAQ public/alt.cyberpunk -Tim Oerting's excellent guide to cyberpunk Cyberpunk RPGs Cyberpunk: Terminal Chic by Nathan Cobb The Boston Globe public/alt.cyberpunk Cyberspace Chronicle /pub/cud/misc/cyberspace-1.1 -hacking, cyberpunk Cyberspace and the Legal Matrix: Laws or Confusion? by Lance Rose /pub/cud/papers/cyberspace Cyberview 91 by Bruce Sterling -article by Sterling on a hackercon Cypherpunks -public key encryption, remailers, e-privacy list Cypherpunks Announcement List -lower volume Dead Doll Humility by Kathy Acker /pmc Defense Data Network Blues /pub/cud/misc/defense Derrida listserv@cfrvm.bitnet subscribe derrida full_name Digital Free Press pub/cud/dfp -hacking, information, etc. Digital Games Review [body: 'help' and 'listall Digital.Games'] -SNES, Sega, etc. Drug Information /pub/alt.drugs /public/alt.drugs Ecstacy Info /public/alt.drugs EFF History by John Perry Barlow /pub/eff/historical/eff-history EFF Information /pub/eff/about-eff EFF Legal Case Summary /pub/eff/historical/legal-case-summary EFF Mission Statement /pub/eff/mission-statement EFF News (EFFector Online) EFF Press release (founding) /pub/eff/historical/founding-announcement The EFF and Virtual Communities by Mike Godwin /pub/eff/papers/eff-and-virtual-communities EJournal EJOURNAL@albnyvms.bitnet -implications of e-text Electrix /pub/cud/misc/electrix-001 -hacking Electropolis: Communication & Community on Internet Relay Chat by Elizabeth M. Reid /pub/cud/papers/electropolis E-List Review Service [sub libref-l your name] Extropians -nanotechnology, cryonics, anarcho-capitalist politics, technological extension of human intelligence and perception -serious discussion from an informative perspective -the first two addresses are for realtime and digest versions, respectively, the third is for essays and longer posts of interest only Extropians (seperate from the above) availablae on listserv as xtropy-l [sub xtropy-l your name] -not run by the Extropy Institute 4AD -discussion of bands on the 4AD label FactSheet Five - Electronic /pub/newsletters/F5-E /public/alt.cyberpunk src"" tppabs="" /literary/newsletters/f -the e- version of the famous zine FBI Computer Systems /pub/cud/papers/ FineArt Forum -arts on the net and elsewhere FlashLife (CP RPGs) Florida Raves FNORD-L listserv@ubvm.bitnet -philosophies of Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Dr. Lilly, etc. Folklore /pub/folklore Freaker's Bureau International /pub/cud/fbi -anarchy, hacking, cyberpunk FringeWare, Inc. -Paco Xander Nathan's company >From Crossbows to Cryptography: Thwarting the State via Technology The Extropy Institute public/alt.cyberpunk Frontal Lobotomy -ezine FutureCulture -discussion of new edge, cyebrculture, technoculture. -home of this file! -'send info' in subject FutureCulture FAQ /pub/cud/papers/future /poli/future.culture.d /public/alt.cyberpunk -this file! Future Technologies List -artificial intelligence, nanotech, etc. General Hacking Info -good places to start General Net Info -for the more anal stuff (RFCs, netinfo and the like) Gibraltar -discussion of artistic and progressive music GIF Pictures (general archives) /pub/images /pub /pub Giger FAQ public/alt.cyberpunk -FAQ for noted "Alien[s|^3]" artist H. R. Giger GlobeTrotter /pub/cud/misc/globe-1.x -hacking around the world, cyberpunk Grunge -grunge music Hacker's-Network /pub/cud/misc/hnet.1 -hacking, published in Britain Hacker's Unlimited /pub/cud/misc/hun-1.2 -hacking, phreaking Hacking Away at Counterculture by Andrew Ross public/alt.cyberpunk /pmc High Weirdness by E-mail /public/alt.cyberpunk pub -guide to some interesting sources of information on-line The Human Evasion by Celia Green /pub/ Hypertext and Hypermedia: A Selected Bibliography by Terence Harpold /pub/ IBM Files /pub /pub Informatik /pub/cud/inform -hacking, phreaking, computer underground, cyberpunk, etc. The Inslaw Affair pub/cud/papaers InterText /pub/cud/misc/journals Intro to the Computer Underground by The Butler /pub/cud/papers/intro IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Info /pub/irc /pub /pub The Jargon File (same as The Hacker's Dictionary) /pub /doc /pub/doc /pub/doc /pub Kcah /pub/cud/misc/kcah.* -hacking, computer underground Ketamine Info /public/alt.drugs KLF/ORB List (Trancentral) /pub/klf Legion of Doom/Hackers Technical Journals /pub/cud/lod -hacking, brought to you by the famous masters Leri-L ftp pub/leri -mailing list devoted to meta-programming, philosophy, expanding consciousness, etc. Loopy (Qunatum Gravity & Knot Theory) /pub/loopy LSD Info /public/alt.drugs Lunatic Fringe Mac Files Magick /pub/magick Manchester /pub/manchester -bands from manchester, raving, shoegazing, etc. Manual of the Anarchist /pub/cud/misc/ Marijuana Info /public/alt.drugs Maryland/DC Raves SUBscribe DCRAVES Memetic Lexicon by Glenn Grant public/alt.cyberpunk -essay on memetics Memetics: The Nascent Science of Ideas and Their Transmission by J. Peter Vajk pub/cud/papers MidWest Raves Mind Machine Digest /pub/mind-l /public/alt.cyberpunk -brain stimulation, nootropics, etc. MindVox: The Overture /pub/cud/papers /public/alt.cyberpunk -excellent essay by Patrick Kroupa (Lord Digital) on MindVox MUD Info /pub/mud -"mud list" in subject Music (lyrics/discographies/etc.) /pub/music National Security Anarchists /pub/cud/nsa -phreaking, hacking NE (NorthEastern) Raves Net Celebrities List netcel NetJam -MIDI, musc makers, etc. Network Information Access /pub/cud/nia -hacking, computer underground, etc. Network Policies /pub/cud/networks -policies of various networks Neuron Digest -neural networks New Fone Express /pub/cud/nfx -hacking, phreaking New Music -new music list 1990 CIA World Factbook /gutenberg/etext/91/world91a.* Nootropics Info /public/alt.drugs Notes Toward an Un-written Non-Linear Electronic Text "The End of Print Culture" A Work in Progress by Michael Joyce /pmc Now It Can Be Told: Mad Hackers' Key Party Transcript of TV Show /pub/cud/papers/rivera Nuclear Anarchists phreakers hackers (NARC) /pub/cud/narc -hacking, carding OnoSendai Announcement /public/alt.cyberpunk -press release by the new VR company On-Line Text (published works) /pub/obi /gutenberg -published works Online Book Initiative List Operation Sundevil Information /pub/cud/papers/sundevil Oral Knowledge, Typographic Knowledge, Electronic Knowledge: Speculations on the History of Ownership by Doug Brent pub/cud/papers Paranet /info/paranet -paranormal, parapsychology, etc. PGP (Pretty Good Protection) Encryption Source /pub/cypherpunks Phantasy /pub/cud/phantasy -anarchy, hacking Phillip K. Dick -list celebrating the famous sf author Phrack in message body /pub/cud/phrack -historic cyberspace hack/phreak/cu-news zine Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists /pub/cud/misc/pha.2 -just what it says Phreaker's Handbook /pub/cud/misc/phreak1.bok -a phreaker's handbook Phreaker's Handbook #1 /pub/cud/misc/tph-1 -another phreaker's handbook Phuckin Phield Phreakers /pub/cud/ppp -phreaking P/hun /pub/cud/phun -phreaking, hacking Physics Pirate /pub/cud/pirate -pirating, software cracking Play it Again, Pac-Man by Charles Bernstein /pmc Playlist -mostly alternative radio/dj playlists and discussion PostModern Archives /pmc -good source to look for files on and about postmodernism PostModern Culture Journal [sub pmc-list your name] LISTSERV@NCSUVM.CC.NCSU.EDU /pmc Postmodern Culture Talk [sub pmc-talk your_first_name your_last_name] PowerGlove List /pub/VR Practical Anarchy /poli /poli Principia Cybernetica Newsletter -send a 1 to 2 page letter describing your interest, motivation and affiliation [and then free information by cross-posting the list to the rest of cyberspace without permission] Principia Discordia by Malacalypse the Younger /pub/ Project Gutenberg List listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet [sub gutnberg-l your name] Psilocybin Info /public/alt.drugs Punk -punk music Quanta /pub/quanta /pub/cud/misc/journals -fiction ezine Rave Info /pub/sfraves Rebel's Riting Guild /pub/cud/misc/rrg.1 -virus Rights of Expression in Cyberspace by R. E. Baird /pub/cud/papers/rights-of-expr RISKS Digest risks -the RISKS of computing in our lives Robert Anton Wilson (e-interview) /pub/wilson.on.cis School Network Policies /pub/cud/schools/* Scream Baby /pub/journals/ScreamBaby /poli /poli Searching for the Leviathan in Usenet by Richard Clark MacKinnon pub/cud/papers The Secret Service, UUCP, and the Legion of Doom by Kevin Mullet /pub/cud/papers/lod_ss.Z Security /pub SFRaves (SanFrancisco Raves) /pub/sfraves -rave culture, mostly in the Bay Area SmartDrugs Info /public/alt.drugs SoCal Raves (Southern California) The Social Organization of the Computer Underground Masters' Thesis by Gordon Meyer /pub/cud/papers/meyer SOUND News and Arts /pub/journals -e- version of the popular zine SouthEast Raves <'SUBSCRIBE SERAVES Your name' in body> Stelarc Review public/alt.cyberpunk -review of the cyberpunk performance artist Sterling Essay /public/alt.cyberpunk -speech by Bruce Sterling on the Information Society Subgenius /pub/subgenius Surfpunks -surfing the edge of the net, hypermedia Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) Info /public/alt.cyberpunk -info on the industrial robot group Syndicate Reports /pub/cud/synd -phreaking, telco info, etc. TAP-Online /pub/cud/tap -phreaking, hacking, anarchy TechnoNomads (Steve Roberts) -the guy featured on Donahue & Mondo's list -nomadness, ham radio, mobile communities, etc. Telecom Privacy Digest Telecom Digest -deals with all aspects of telecommunications Temple ov Psychik Youth /pub/topy-online Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ) by hakim Bey /pub/ Terence McKenna "New Maps of HyperSpace" /pub/mckenna ThinkNet -philosophy, systems theory Three-fisted Tales of Bob Review /pub/stclair Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Model pub/leri/articles Title 18 /pub/cud/law/us.e-privacy -relating to computer crime & email privacy. Tom Maddox on Cyberpunk /public/alt.cyberpunk -essay by Tom Maddox on cyberpunk Tom Maddox on Schizmatrix /pub/schismat -essay by Maddox on Sterling's Work Tom Maddox Interviews William Gibson public/alt.cyberpunk Tom Maddox Locus articles public/alt.cyberpunk -Tom Maddox' articles from Locus Magazine The Turing Option (2 unpublished chapters) by Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky /doc/minsky /public/alt.cyberpunk UK Dance (Raves) subscribe uk-dance UFOs (images, NASA files) UnderWorld Industries -group network putting out underground media United Phreaker's Inc. pub/cud/upi -phreaking, hacking, etc. UnPlastic News /pub/cud/misc/journals Virtual Reality Info /pub /pub public/alt.cyberpunk public/virtual-worlds Virtual Reality List listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet subscribe virtu-l Virtual Reality Research Info /public/virtual-worlds Virus-l Digest (also virus-l on BITNET) -discussion of viruses and all aspects of 'em Virus 23 FAQ public/alt.cyberpunk -FAQ file for cp/new-edge zine Virus 23 Voices In My Head, MindVox: The Overture by Patrick Karel Kroupa (Lord Digital) /pub/cud/papers/mindvox /public/alt.cyberpunk WAX: The Discovery of Television Among the Bees a film by Davids Blair /public/alt.cyberpunk -reviews and info about David Blair's cyberdelic film Wicca /info/misc Womack Interview public/alt.cyberpunk -Jack Womack interviewed by Virus 23 Worldview - Der Weltanschauung /pub/cud/wview -hacking, computer underground, church of subgenius, political, etc. Zen and the Art of the Internet by Brendan Kahoe /pub/zen pub/net/zen pub/internet/zen pub/zen gutenberg/etext92/zen10* ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Usenet Newsgroups: | |______________________| alt.alien.visitors Space Aliens on Earth! Abduction! Gov't Coverup! alt.amateur-comp The Amateur Computerist. alt.artcom Artistic Community, arts & communication. alt.atheism.* Godless heathens. Ads for various computer BBS's. alt.bbs.internet BBS systems accessible via the Internet. alt.bbs.lists Postings of regional BBS listings. Sort of an oxymoron. alt.binaries.* Pictures, programs, multimedia, etc. alt.cad.* CAD. alt.california The state and the state of mind. alt.censorship Discussion about restricting speech/press. alt.comp.acad-freedom.* Academic freedom issues related to computers. alt.consciousness All aspects of consciousness. alt.conspiracy Be paranoid -- they're out to get you. alt.cult-movies Movies with a cult following alt.culture.usenet A self-referential oxymoron. alt.cyb-sys Cybernetics and Systems. alt.cyberpunk High-tech low-life. alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Cyberpunk fiction. alt.cyberpunk.movement Cybernizing the Universe. Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology. alt.cyberspace and how it should work. alt.cybertoon Cyberpunk epic. alt.dcom.telecom Discussion of telecommunications technology. alt.dreams What do they mean? alt.drugs Recreational pharmaceuticals. alt.drugs.usenet Many things are addictive besides pills. alt.emusic Ethnic, exotic, electronic, elaborate, etc. Author of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Is that a Sears poncho? Mystery Science Theatre 3000 tv show. All facets of the fasion industry discussed. alt.folklore.* Folklore of many sorts alt.fractals Fractals in math, graphics, and art. alt.freedom.of.information.act "...EXCEPT THAT Congress shall limit...". alt.gathering.rainbow For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering. alt.gopher Discussion of the gopher information service. alt.gothic The gothic movement: things mournful and dark. alt.graffiti Usenet spraypainters and their documenters. alt.hackers Descriptions of projects currently under dvlpment. alt.hackers.malicious Bad hackers. alt.hypertext Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc. alt.individualism Individualist discussions alt.industrial Industrial culture, etc. alt.internet.access.wanted People looking for internet access Internet services alt.irc.* Internet Relay Chat material. alt.magick For discussion about supernatural arts. alt.manga Discussion of non-Western comics. alt.meditation.transcendental Contemplation of states beyond. alt.mindcontrol You WILL read this group and ENJOY it! For groups having 2 Platinum-selling albums. Don't believe the hype. alt.out-of-body Nobody's home. alt.pagan Discussions about paganism & religion. alt.paranormal Phenomena which are not explicable. Parties, celebration and general debauchery. alt.planning.urban As if any city is really planned. alt.politics.* Politics. alt.postmodern Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction. alt.privacy Privacy issues in cyberspace. alt.prose Postings of original writings. alt.psychoactives Better living through chemistry. alt.pulp Paperback fiction, orange juice. Discussions surrounding pirate radio. Discussion of scanning radio receivers. alt.rave Rave culture. alt.religion.computers People who believe computing is "real life." alt.rock-n-roll Counterpart to and alt.drugs. Security issues on computer systems. Pointers to good stuff in {alt,misc}.security.* Postings of a prurient nature. alt.skate-board Discussion of all apsects of skate-boarding. alt.skinheads The skinhead culture/anti-culture. alt.slack Posting relating to the Church of the Subgenius. alt.society.ati The Activist Times Digest. (Moderated) alt.society.civil-disob Civil disobedience. alt.society.civil-liberties Individual rights. alt.society.revolution Discussions on revolution(s). alt.society.sovereign Independantistes, unite! alt.spam.tin Spam is neither particle nor wave. Indoor splatball with infrared lasers. alt.thrash Thrashlife. alt.true.crime To balance out all the false crime on the net. alt.zines Small magazines, mostly noncommercial. Discussions about biologicalinformation theory. bionet.neuroscience Research issues in the neurosciences bit.listserv.biosph-l Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List. bit.listserv.commed Communication education. bit.listserv.emusic-l Electronic Music Discussion List. bit.listserv.ethics-l Discussion of Ethics in Computing. bit.listserv.4ad-l The 4AD recording label. Film making and reviews List. bit.listserv.fnord-l New Ways of Thinking List. bit.listserv.frac-l FRACTAL Discussion List. bit.listserv.gutnberg GUTNBERG Discussion List. bit.listserv.ioob-l Industrial Psychology. bit.listserv.mbu-l Megabyte University - Computers and Writing. bit.listserv.valert-l Virus Alert - Urgent Virus Warnings. bit.listserv.virus-l Computer viruses. bit.listserv.vpiej-l Electronic Publishing Discussion List. bit.listserv.xtropy-l Extropians Artificial intelligence discussions. All aspects of neural networks. Philosophical aspects of AI. Artificial Intelligence Vision. (Moderated) comp.bbs.misc BBS Discussion comp.bbs.internet Internet BBSes comp.dcom.telecom Telecommunications digest. (Moderated) Computer graphics, art, animation. Highly technical computer graphics discussion. Info on scientific visualization. Applications of computers in music research. The Association for Computing Machinery. News from the Electronic Frontiers Foundation. Discussion of EFF goals, strategies, etc. comp.research.japan The nature of research in Japan. (Moderated) comp.risks Risks to the public from computers. (Moderated) comp.robotics All aspects of robots and their applications. Announcements from CERT. (Moderated) comp.simulation Simulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated) comp.society The impact of technology on society. (Moderated) The Computer Underground Digest. (Moderated) comp.society.development Computer technology in developing countries. comp.society.folklore Computer folklore & culture, past & present. comp.society.futures Events in technology affecting future computing. comp.theory Theoretical Computer Science. comp.theory.cell-automata Discussion of all aspects of cellular automata. comp.theory.dynamic-sys Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. comp.theory.self-org-sys Topics related to self-organization. Information for Progressive activists. Discussion of intellectual property rights. Discussing the legal climate of computing. news.announce.important General announcements to all. (Moderated) news.future The future technology of network news systems. pubnet.nixpub The "nixpub" list of public access UNIXes. rec.arts.animation Discussion of various kinds of animation. rec.arts.anime Japanese animation fen discussion. rec.arts.comics Comic books and strips, graphic novels. rec.arts.sf-lovers Science fiction lovers' newsgroup. rec.arts.sf-reviews of science fiction/fantasy/horror works. rec.arts.sf.announce Major announcements of SF. (Moderated) rec.arts.sf.fandom Discussions of SF fan activities. rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal for-sale notices of SF materials. rec.arts.sf.misc Science fiction lovers' newsgroup. rec.arts.sf.movies Discussing SF motion pictures. Critiques of sf stories. (Moderated) Real and speculative aspects of SF science. Discussing general television SF. rec.arts.sf.written Discussion of written sf and fantasy. rec.ham-radio Amateur Radio practices. A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads. Discussion of industrial-related music styles. For performers and their discussions. "New Age" music discussions. Synthesizers and computer music. Discussion of music videos. Amateur radio practices. Topics relating to noncommercial radio. Shortwave radio enthusiasts. Video and video components. Pre-recorded video releases. Any topic relating to biotechnology. sci.chaos The science of Chaos. sci.cryonics People who freeze themselves after death. sci.crypt Different methods of data en/decryption. sci.lang.japan The Japanese language, both spoken and written. sci.logic Logic: math, philosophy & computational aspects. sci.military Science & the military. (Moderated) sci.nanotech Molecular-scale machines. (Moderated) sci.philosophy.meta Meta-philosophy. Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc. sci.psychology Topics related to psychology. sci.skeptic Skeptics discussing pseudo-science. Spac. sci.virtual-worlds Virtual reality. (Moderated). sci.virtual-worlds.apps Applications of VR technology. soc.culture.japan Everything Japanese. soc.culture.usa The culture of the United States of America. soc.human-nets Computer aided communications digest. (Moderated) talk.bizarre The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often stupid. talk.philosophy.misc Philosophical musings on all topics. talk.politics.drugs The politics of drug issues. Non-technical issues affecting space exploration. ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Who's Who OnLine | |____________________| [Note: If you are looking for a person who is not on the list but should be, I suggest you use the 'whois' or 'netwhois' command, or finger @ a particular site if you know the site the person on.] [2 other obvious places to check are the WELL and MindVox, where a lot of the cyber-crowd hangs out] Aristotle Hacker/ex-Publisher TAP-Online Pete Ashdown Rave Promoter Anne BalsamoAuthor/Cultural Researcher John Perry Barlow EFF/Grateful Dead Songwriter Brian Behlendorf NetGuru - Rave stuff Blade X Editor - Scream Baby, Scream'n'MeMe Loyd Blankenship Hacker/Author - Gurps CP Stewart BrandAuthor/Founder - Whole Earth Gareth Branwyn Writer - Mondo 2000/bOING-bOING/Wired Pat Cadigan Author - CP works Michael Cardell Editor - P@ Online Bill ClintonSome Guy - Doesn't inhale Comp. 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Diary of 15 year-old girl in the drug world - Computers: Crimes, Clues, and Controls. Hacking Abraham, Ralph - A Visiual Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory ... - The Visual Mathematics Library Acker, Kathy - Blood and Guts in High School (fiction) - Don Quixote, which was a dream (fiction) - Empire of the Senseless (fiction) - Great Expectations (fiction) - The Adult Life of Toulouse-Lautrec - In Memoriam to Identity Adams, Douglas - The Meaning of Liff (fiction) - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (fiction) - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (fiction) - Life, the Universe, and Everything (fiction) - So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish (fiction) - Mostly Harmless (fiction) Aldiss, Brian Wilson - Barefoot in the Head (fiction) - Enemies of the System (fiction) Algren, Nelson - Man with the Golden Arm (fiction) Army, U.S. - Computer-Related Crime Artaud, Antonin - The Peyote Dance Ashby, W. Ross - An Introduction to Cybernetics Asimov, Isaac - The Robot Novels - Robots: Machines in Man's Image Austakalnis, Steve & David Blatner - Silicon Mirage. Vr Bachman, Richard - The Running Man (fiction) Ballard, J. G. - The Atrocity Exhibition (Re/Search publication) - Crash (fiction) - Concrete Island - High rise Barlow, John Perry - Everything We Know is Wrong (forthcoming) Barnes, Steven - Gorgon Child (fiction) - Streetlethal (fiction) Barrow, John and Frank Tipler - The Anthropic Cosmological Principle Barry, Judith - Public Fantasy. PoMo Bass, Thomas - The Eudaemonic Pie. Chaos Bateson, Gregory - Steps to an Ecology of Mind - Mind and Nature: Necessary Unity Baudrillard, Jean - The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture - Body Invaders: Panic Sex in America (ed.) - The Ecstacy of Communication - America - Simulations - In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities - Seduction - Cool Memories Bear, Greg - Blood Music (fiction) - Eon (fiction) - Eternity (fiction; sequel to Eon) - Beyond Heaven's River (fiction) - Forge of God (fiction) - Great Sky River (fiction) - Psychlone (fiction) - Strength of Stones (fiction) - The Wind Froma Burning Woman (fiction) Beck, Jerome, & Rosenbaum, Marsha - Pursuit of Ecstacy: The MDMA Experience Bell, Madison Smartt - The Washington Square Ensemble - Waiting for the End of the World Belsito, Peter - HardCore California - Notes from the Pop Underground Benedikt, Michael - Cyberspace: First Steps Benford, Gregory - Against Infinity Bernal, J. D. - The World, the Flesh, and the Devil Bester, Alfred - Computer Connection (fiction) - Golem 100 (fiction) - The Demolished Man (fiction) - The Stars My Destination (fiction) Betanacourt, G. - Johnny Zed (fiction) Bethke, Bruce - Cyberpunk (fiction) - Elimination Round (fiction) Bey, Hakim - T.A.Z. Black, Bob - The Abolition of Work and Other Essays - Friendly Fire - Rants and Mineral Tracts (with Adam Parfrey, eds.) Blake, William - The Mariage of Heaven and Hell Blankenship, Loyd (Steve Jackson Games) - GURPS Cyberpunk RPG Bloombecker, Buck - Spectacular Computer Crimes Blumlein, Michael - The Movement of Mountains (fiction) Bova, Ben - Exiled from Earth (fiction) Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451 (fiction) Brecher, Edward M. (Consumer's Union) - Guide to Licit and Illicit Drugs Breton, Andre - What is Surrealism? Selected Writings - Manuifestos of Surrealism Brin, David -Earth (fiction) Brockman, John (ed) - Speculations: Reality Club 1 - Doing Science: Reality Club 2 - Ways of Knowing: Reality Club 3 Brunner, John - The Shockwave Rider (fiction) - Stand on Zanzibar (fiction) - The Jagged Orbit (fiction) - The Sheep Look Up (fiction) - The Stone that Never Came Down (fiction) Budrys, Algis - Michaelmas (fiction) Burger, Ralf - COmputer Viruses: A High Tech Disease Burgess, Anthony - A Clockwork Orange (fiction) - The End of the World News: An Entertainment. (fiction) Burroughs, William S. - Interzone (fiction) - Naked Lunch (fiction) - Nova Express (fiction) - The Soft Machine (fiction) - Ticket That Exploded (fiction) - The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead (fiction) - The Third Mind - The Yage Letters - The Adding Machine: Selected Essays - The Last Words of Dutch Schultz - The Western Lands - Cities of the Red Night Butler, Jack - Nightshade (fiction) Cadigan, Pat - MindPlayers (fiction) - Indigo (fiction) - Patterns (fiction) - Synners (fiction) Card, Orson Scott - Ender's Game (fiction) Carlisle, Anne - Liquid Sky (fiction) Chambers, Iain - Popular Culture: The Metropolitan Experience (fiction) Churchland, Patricia - Neurophilosophy:...Unified Science of the Mind/Brain Consumer Reports - Complete Drug Reference Cornwall, Hugo - Datatheft. Hacking - Hacker's Handbook III. Hacking. Crick, Francis - Life Itself: It's Origin and Nature Cross, Ronald Anthony - Prisoners of Paradise (fiction) Crowley, Aleister - Diary of a Drug Fiend - Magick Without Tears Davies, Paul - The Accidental Universe Davis, Douglas - Art and the Future Dean, Ward - Smart Drugs & Nutrients. Nootropics, smart drugs Deken, Joseph - Computer Images: State of the Art Delany, Paul and George Landlow (eds) - Hypermedia & Literary Studies Delany, Samuel - Dahlgren (fiction) - Babel 17 (fiction) - Nova (fiction) - The Edge of Space: Three Original Novellas of SF Delgado, Jose - Physical Control of the Mind: Towards Psychocivilized ... DeLillo, Don - White Noise (fiction) Denning, Peter J. (ed. ACM) - Computers Under Attack Denton, Bradley - Wrack'n'Roll (fiction) de Quincy, Thomas - Confessions of an English Opium Eater Derrida, Jacques - Of Grammatology - Speech and Phenomena - Writing and Difference Dick, Philip K. - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner)(fiction) - Flow My Tears the Policeman Said (fiction) - Vulcan's Hammer (fiction) - Ubik (fiction) - A Scanner Darkley (fiction) Dickson, Gordon - The R-Master (fiction) Dobbs, Bob - Book of the SubGenius Dozois, Gardner - Slow Dancing Through Time (fiction) Drexler, Eric - Engines of Creation. Nanotechnology - Unbounding the Future: The Nanotechnology Revolution Duchamp, Marcel - The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp Eco, Umberto - Foucault's Pendulum (historical fiction) - Travels in Hyper Reality: Essays Effinger, George Alec - A Fire in the Sun (fiction) - When Gravity Fails (fiction) - The Exile Kiss (fiction) Eisner, Bruce - Ecstacy: The MDMA Story Em, David - The Art of David Em: 100 Computer Paintings Farren, Mick - The Long Orbit (fiction) Faust, Clifford - The Company Man (fiction) - A Death of Honor (fiction) Feynman, Richard - QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter Fjermedal, Grant - The Tomorrow Makers (fiction) Foley, James et al - Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice Ford, John - Web of Angels (fiction) Forester, Tom - Computer Ethics. Hacking, viruses, etc Foster, Alan Dean - Cyber Way (fiction) Friedman, David - The Machinery of Freedmon. Anarchy Furst, Stevyn - Hallucinogens and Culture Gerrold, David - When Harlie Was One Gibson, William - Burning Chrome (fiction) - Count Zero (fiction) - The Difference Engine (with Bruce Sterling)(fiction) - Mona Lisa Overdrive (fiction) - Neuromancer (fiction) - Virtual Light (forthcoming) - Agrippa: A Book of the Dead (poem) Gleick, James - Chaos: The Making of a New Science Goodman, Cynthia - Digital Visions: COmputers and Art Gracie & Zarkov - Notes from Underground. Drugs Griffith, Winter - Complete Guide to Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs Grof, Stanislov - The Human Encounter with Death. Death, Psychology, LSD - Realms of the Human Unconscious. LSD, Subconscious. Gunderloy, Mike and Cari Goldberg Janice - Zine Culture Gyson, Brion and Terry Wilson - Here to Go: Planet 101 Hafner, Katie with John Markoff - Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers...Frontier Hamit, Francis & Wes Thomas - Virtual Reality: Adventures in Cyberspace Harrison, Harry - Make Room! Make Room! (fiction) Harry, M. - Computer Underground: Hacking, Piracy, Phreaking, & ...Crime Hattori, Katura - What's Virtual Reality? Hawke, Simon - Psychodrome (fiction) Hawking, Stephen - A Brief History of Time Heinlein, Robert - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (fiction) - Notebooks of Lazarus Long (fiction) - Stranger in a Strange Land (fiction) - Time Enough for Love (fiction) Helsel, Sandra & Judith Roth - Virtual Reality: Practice, Theory, & Promise Herbert, Nick - Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics - Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics Herer, Jack - Hemp & Marijuana Conspiracy: The Emperor Wears No Clothes Hoffman, Abbie - Steal This Book - Steal This Urine Test: Fighting Drug Hysteria - Soon To Be a Major Motion Picture - Best of Abbie Hoffman Hofmann, Albert - Insight/Outlook - LSD: My Problem Child Hofstadter, Douglas R. - The Mind's I: Reflections on Self & Soul Holmes, Thomas - Electronic and Experimental Music Home, Stewart - The Assault on Culture Hooper, Judith - Would the Buddha Wear A Walkman? Catalogue of Consciousness Hoy, ??? - Loompanics Greatest Hits Hoyle, Fred and Chandra Wickramasinghe - Living Comets Hutchison, Michael - Mega-brain. Consciousness, Brain growth, stimulation Huxley, Aldous - Brave New World (fiction) - Brave New World Revisited (fiction) - The Doors of Perception. Mescaline encounters - Ends and Means. Nature of ideals and realization - Heaven and Hell - Island (fiction) - Moksha. Hallucinogens, religious experiences, visions - Perennial Philosophy. Philosophy and religion Huyssen, Andreas - After the Great Divide: Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodern Jacobsen, Linda (ed) - Cyberarts: Exploring art and technology Jahn, robert and Brenda Dunne - Margins of Reality..Consciousnes.... Jeter, K. W. - Death Arms (fiction) - Dr. Adder (fiction) - Farewell Horizontal (fiction) - Infernal Devices (fiction) - The Glass hammer (fiction) Kadrey, Richard - Metrophage (fiction) Kawaguchi, Yoichiro - Growth Metamorphogenesis. Computer art Kehoe, Brendan - Zen and the Art of the Internet Kerouac, Jack - On the Road Kelly, James Patrick - Look Into the Sun (fiction) Kelly, Kevin - SIGNAL: Communications Tools of the Information Age Kesey, Ken - Sometimes a Great Notion. Autobiography - Further Inquiry. Tales of the Merry Pranksters Key, William Bryan - Subliminal Seduction - Media Sexploitation - The Clam-Plate Orgy Kowalski, Roy - The Science of Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments Kroker, Arthur, and David Cook - The Postmodern Scene Krol, Ed - The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog Krueger, Myron W. - Artificial Reality - Artificial Reality II Kunetka, James - Nature's End (fiction) Lacan, Jacques - Television Laidlaw, Marc - Dad's Nuke (fiction) - Neon Lotus (fiction) Landreth, Bill - Out of the Inner Circle. Hacking Langston, Christopher - Artificial Life 1 - Artificial Life 2 LaQueye Tracey and Jeanne Ryer - The Internet Companion Laurel, Brenda - The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design - Computers as Theatre Leary, Timothy - Changing My Mind, Among Others - Flashbacks - Info Psychology - Neuropolitiques - Politics of Ecstacy - Psychedelic Experience LeGuin, Ursula - Always Coming Home (fiction) Lee, Marvin - Acid Dreams: CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Lem, Stanislaw - Memoirs Found in a Bathtub (fiction) - Solaris - The Futuroligcal Congress - The Cyberiad - One Human Minute - Fiasco - A Perfect Vacuum - Imaginary Magnitude Lennon, John - Lost Prophetic Writings Levy, Steven - Hackers. Origins of hackers Lewit, S. N. - Cyberstealth (fiction) - Dancing Vac (fiction) Leyner, Mark - My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist (fiction) - American Made (fiction) - I Was an Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot (fiction) Lilly, John - Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space - The Deep Self: Profound Relaxation....Isolation Tank - Programming and Meta-programming the Human Biocomputer - Simulations of God: The Science of Belief - The Dyadic Cyclone: Autobiography of a Couple - The Scientist: A Metaphysical Autobiography - John Lilly, so far... Lippard, Lucy R. - Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory Lovecock, James - Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth Ludlow, ??? - Hasheesh eater: The Life of Pythagorean. published in 157! Lyotard, Jean-Francois - The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge Lyttle, ??? - Psychedelic Monographs and Essays Volumes #1-5 Maddox, Tom - Halo (fiction) Malacalypse the Younger - The Principia Discordia. Mandlebrot, Benoit - The Fractal Geometry of Nature Marcus, Greil - Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century Mason, Lisa - Arachne (fiction) McAfee, John - Computer Viruses, Worms....And Other Threats to your System McAffrey, Larry - Storming the Reality Studio. Cyberpunk, postmodern fiction - Across the Wounded Galaxies McDonald, Ian - Out on Blue Six (fiction) McHale, Brian - Postmodern Fiction McKenna, Dennis - The Invisible Landscape McKenna, Terence - The Archaic Revival - Food of the Gods - True Hallucinations McLellan, H. - Virtual Reality: A Selected Bibliography McLuhan, Marshall - Verbi-Voco-Visual Explorations - Through the Vanishing Point: Space in Poetry & Painting - From Cliche to Archetype - Culture is our Business - Take Today: The Executve as Drop-Out - The City as Classroom: Understanding Media & Language - Laws of Media: The New Science - The Global Village: TransformAtions in World Life... Milan, Victor - The Cybernetic Samurai (fiction) - The Cybernetic Shogun (fiction) Minsky, Marvin - Society of Mind - Robotics - The Turing Option Misha - Red Spider, White Web (fiction) Mondo 2000 - A User's Guide to the New Edge Moorcock, Michael - The Cornelious chronicles (fiction) Moravec, Hans - Mind Children Morgan, Ted - Literary Outlaw: Life & Times of William S. Burroughs Murphy, Pat - The Falling Woman (fiction) Myers, Norman - Gaia: An Atlas of Planet Management Nelson, Theodor - Cumpter Lib/Dream Machines - Literary Machines Orwell, George - 1984 (fiction) Otomo, Katsuhiro - Akira Pagels, Heinz - The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics As Language of Nature Palmer, Thomas - Dream Science (fiction) Parker, Don - Fighting Computer Crime Parsegian, V. Lawrence - This Cybernetic World. Cybernetics Parfrey, Adam - Apocalypse Culture. Pomo/industrialism - Rants and Incendiary Tracts Pearson, Durk and Sandy Shaw - Life Extension: Practical Scientific Approach - Life Extension Companion Peitgen, Heinz-Otto and Peter Richter - The Beauty of Fractals Pelton, Ross - Mind Food & Smart Pills. Neuropharmacology Penley, Constance & Andrew Ross (eds.) - Technoculture Perry, Paul - On the Bus. Story of Ken Kesey and Merry Pranksters - Haight-Ashbury: A History Pfohl, Stephen - Death at the Parasite Cafe Pickover, Clifford - Computers and the Imagination Pirsig, Robert - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Platt, Charles - The Silicon Man Pohl, Frederick - Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (fiction) - Gateway (fiction) - Heechee Rendezvous (fiction) - Man Plus (fiction) - The Annals of the Heechee (fiction) Porush, David - The Soft Machine: Cybernetic Fiction Potter, Beverly - Way of the Ronin. Career, vocation changes Powell, William - The Anarchists Cookbook. Drug abuse, explosives, firearms Pynchon, Thomas - Crying of Lot 49 (fiction) - Gravity's Rainbow (fiction) - V (fiction) - Vineland (fiction) Quarterman, John S. - The Matrix. Computer Networks Rand, Ayn - For the New Intellectual. Philosophy Ratsch, ??? - Gateway to Inner Space Regis, Ed - Great Mambo Chicken & the Transhuman Condition Re/Search - Industrial Culture Handbook. Industrial musicians profiles - Modern Primitives - PRANKS! - Angry Women Rheingold, Howard - Virtual Reality. Cybernetics, virtual reality, simulation Rivlin, Robert - The Algorithmic Image: Graphic Images of the Computer Age Roberts, Steven - Computing Across America Robinson, Spider - Mindkiller: A Novel of the Near Future (fiction) Ronell, Avital - The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, .... - Crack Wars: Literature, Addiction, Mania Roszak, Theodore - The Cult of Information: The Folklore of Computers... Rucker, Rudy - Software (fiction) - Wetware (fiction) - The Secret of Life (fiction) - Masters of Space and Time (fiction) - Spacetime Donuts (fiction) - The 5th Franz Kafka (fiction) - White Light (fiction) - Mind Tools: The 5 Levels of Mathematical Reality - The Fourth Dimension: A Guided Tour of the Higher Universes - Transreal! (fiction) - Semiotext(e) (ed. w/ Robert A. Wilson, Peter Wilson) - M2k: User's Guide to the New Edge (ed. w/ RU Sirius et al) Ruelle, David - Chance and Chaos Russo, Richard Paul - Inner Eclipse (fiction) - Subterranean Gallery (fiction) - Destroying Angel (fiction) Ryan, Thomas - The Adolescence of PI (fiction) Sarfatti, Jack - Space-Time and Beyond Schafer, Murray - The Tuning of the World. Electronic Music Schultes, Richard Evans - Plants of the Gods: Origins of Hallucinogens Schodt, Frederik - Inside the Robot Kingdom: ...Coming Robotopia Sheldrake, Robert - A New Science of Life:....Formative Causation - The Rebirth of Nature: Greening of Science and God - The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance .... Shelley, Mary - Frankenstein (fiction) Sherman, Barry - Glimpses of Heaven, Visions of Hell. VR Shiner, Lewis - Frontera (fiction) - Deserted Cities of the Heart (fiction) - Slam (fiction) Shirley, John - Eclipse (fiction) - Eclipse Corona (fiction) - Eclipse Penumbra (fiction) - Total Eclipse (fiction) - City Come A'Walkin' (fiction) - Heatseeker (fiction) - Transmaniacon (fiction) - A Splendid Chaos (fiction) Shulgin, Ann and Alexander - PIKHAL: A Chemical Love Story - The Controlled Substance Act Sieber, Ulrich - International Handbook on Computer Crime Sirius, R.U. & Rudy Rucker (eds) - A User's Guide to the New Edge Smith, Thomas - Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects Solomonides, Tony and Les Levidow - Compulsive Technology... Spinrad, Norman - Agent of Chaos (fiction) - Little Heroes (fiction) - Other Americas (fiction) - Streetman (fiction) - Bug Jack Barron (fiction) Stafford, Peter - Psychedelics Encyclopedia Stang, Ivan - High Weirdness By Mail. Fringes of culture sources - Three-Fisted Tales of Bob. Subgenius Starks, ??? - Cocaine Fiends and Reefer Madness. Drugs on film Stelarc - Obsolete Body Suspensions Stephenson, Neal - Snow Crash (fiction) Sterling, Bruce - Artificial Kid (fiction) - Crystal Express (fiction) - Difference Engine (with William Gibson) - Involution Ocean (fiction) - Islands in the Net (fiction) - Mirrorshades: A Cyberpunk Anthology (editor) - Schismatrix (fiction) - The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder..Frontier - Globalhead (fiction) Stevens, Jay - Storming Heaven: LSD & the American Dream Stoll, Clifford - The Cuckoo's Egg. Hacking Sturgeon, Theodore - More Than Human (fiction) Swanwick, Michael - Vacuum Flowers (fiction) - In the Drift (fiction) - Stations of the Tide (fiction) Swezey, ??? - AMOK Dispatch Tamm, Eric - Brian Eno: His Music and the Vertical Color of Sound Thom, Rene - Semiophysics: A Sketch Thompson, Hunter S. - Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 - The Great Shark Hunt: Gonzo Papers 1 - Generation of Swine: Gonzo Papers 2 - Songs of the Doomed: Gonzo Papers 3 Todd, Stephen and William Latham - Evolutionary Art and Computers Toffler, Alvin - Future Shock. Social Change - The Third Wave. Social Change Turkle, Sherry - The Second Self: Computers & the Human Spirit 2030, F.M. - Upwingers - Are You A Transhuman? Tzara, Tristan - Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampistries Vallee, Jacques - The Network Revolution: Confessions of a Computer Scientist Varley, John - The Ophiuchi Hotline (fiction) - Millenium (fiction) Vinge, Vernor - Marooned Across Real-time (fiction) - True Names and Other Dangers (fiction) - Threats and Other Promises (fiction) - The Peace War (fiction) Vollman, William - You Bright and Risen Angels (fiction) Wade, ??? - Anarchist's Guide to the BBS Warhol, Andy - Diaries - POPism: The Warhol 60's Weil, Andrew - Marriage of Sun & Moon: Quest for Unity in Consciousness - Natural Mind: Investigation of Drugs and Higher Consciousness - Chocoloate to Morphine: Understanding Mind-Active Drugs Wells, H.G. - The Island of Dr. Moreau Whole Earth Catalog - Essential Whole Earth Catalog - The Fringes of Reason - Signal, Communications for the Information Age - Software Catalog - Whole Earth Access Mail Order Catalog Wiener, Norbert - Cybernetics: Control & Communication in Animal and Machine - The Human Use of Human Beings Williams, Walter Jon - Angel Station (fiction) - Facets (fiction) - Hardwired (fiction) - Solips System (fiction) - Voice of the Whirlwind (fiction) Wilson, Robert Anton - Cosmic Trigger - Cosmic Trigger 2 - Historical Illuminatus Chronicles (fiction) The Earth Will Shake Nature's God The Widow's Son - Illuminati Papers - The Illuminatus! Trilogy (fiction) - Ishtar Rising - Masks of the Illuminati (fiction) - New Inquisition - Prometheus Rising - Quantum Psychology - Right Where You are Sitting Now - Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy (fiction) - Sex & Drugs, A Journey Beyond Limits - The Earth Will Shake (fiction) - The Widow's Son (fiction) - The Book of the Breast - Natural Law, or Don't put a Rubber on your Willy - Wilhelm Reich in Hell - Coincidence: A Head Test Windling, Terri (editor) - Borderlands (fiction) - Bordertown (fiction) Wolfe, Tom - Electrik Kool-Aid Acid Test. Kesey & Pranksters & Haight-Ashbury Wolfram, Stephen - Mathematica: System for Doing Mathematics by Computer Womack, Jack - Ambient (fiction) Terraplane (fiction) Heathern (fiction) Elvissey (fiction) Wright, Robert - Three Scientists and Their Gods. Information age Zahn, Timothy - Cobra (fiction) - Cobra Bargain (fiction) - Cobra Strike (fiction) ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Videos: | |___________| (this is meant to be a broad base of futuristic or trippy movies, and, as in the music category, everyone has their own personal tastes and opinions, and this list would vary from person to person) Anime ----- Akira Cyberpunk Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy/Drama --------------------------- The Abyss Alien (and sequels) Altered States Batman (and sequels) Blade Runner (and director's cut) Bliss Brainstorm Brazil A Clockwork Orange Dreamscape Drugstore Cowboy Dune (2 hr movie and extended version) The Fly (and sequels) Hardware Jacob's Ladder Kafka The Lawnmower Man (and sequels) Liquid Sky Max Headroom: The Movie Metropolis Naked Lunch 1984 Pink Floyd's The Wall Road Warrior (and sequels) Robocop (and sequels) Robot Jox Scanners (and sequels) Sid & Nancy Slacker Sneakers Star Trek (and sequels) Star Wars (and sequels) 2001 A Space Odyssey (and sequels) Terminal Man Terminator (and sequels) THX 1138 Total Recall The Trip Tron Videodrome WAX: or the discovery of television among the bees War Games Television ---------- Aeon Flux (Mtv) Beyond 2000 (Discovery) Buzz (Mtv) Buzz Cut Videos (Mtv) Computer Chronicles (PBS) Cyberia on U-Network Dr. Who FutureWatch (CNN) Liquid Television (Mtv) MacTV Max Headroom The 90's Channel PCTV Science & Technology Week (CNN) The Sci-Fi Channel Star Trek: The Old Series Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Time Trax 2093 Documentary/Trippy/Other ------------------------ Arise: The Subgenius video Beyond the Mind's Eye Burroughs: The Movie Chaos, Eros, Gaia: A Post-Savage Oracle Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Videos Cyberpunk: First Program... Cyberspace, Power and Culture Emergency Broadcast Network Video Experiment at Petaluma (Terence McKenna) Hip Tech and High Lit Koyaanisqatsi Mind's Eye Powaqatsi anything by Psychic TV (Genesis P-Orridge) anything by Re/Search SIGGRAPH Video Reviews Strange Attractor anything by Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) 2600's Hacking Video (featured on 'Now It can Be Told')(documentary) Thinking Allowed Video Collection Towers Open fire Video Toaster Demo Tape Virtual Reality 1991 Wax Trax Promotional Sampler Video Woodstock _______________________________________________________________________ | | | Music: | |__________| (music is music and you like what you like, but here is a list of groups to consider.....Undoubtedly you will argue with my categorizations and selections, but each person has their own tastes and preferences and opinions, so please don't make a big deal out of it... Obviously this list is by no means definitive - that truly would be impossible, but it should be enough to get you started in the right directions....) Classic/Progressive/etc. ------------------------ Allan Parsons Project The Black Crowes David Bowie Can Clash The Doors Electric Light Orchestra Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Grateful Dead Jimi Hendrix King Crimson Led Zeppelin Marillion Gary Numan Phish Pink Floyd Police Primus Queensryche Ramones Red Hot Chilli Peppers Rush Smashing Pumpkins Patti Smith Talking Heads Thin White Rope The Velvet Underground Violent Femmes Tom Waits War Ween Neil Young (the unrelease cp/computer-experiment thing he did awhile back) Yes Frank Zappa DJ's/Mixers/etc. ---------------- The Beatmasters Joey Beltram Coil Frankie Bones Jim Cauty (KLF) DNA Terry Farley Frankie Knuckles Graham Massey (808 State) Mayday Meat Beat Manifesto Dave Morales Tommy Musto Paul Oakenfold Steve Osborne Dr. Alex Paterson (the Orb) Renegade Soundwave Evil Ed Richards Mark Ryder Thrash (the Orb) Andrew Weatherall Hip-Hop/Acid Jazz/Ska/Reggae/Dancehall/Jamaican/etc. ---------------------------------------------------- Afrika Bambaata Aswad Basehead Beastie Boys Boogie Down Productions Brand New Heavies Brand Nubians Charles and Eddie Neneh Cherry Cypress Hill De La Soul Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Digital Underground Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy Digable Planets Dream Warriors Eric B and Rakim Gangstarr Geto Boys Eddie Grant House of Pain Ice-T & Body Count Ice Cube Jungle Brothers Bob Marley Ziggy Marley Jacob Miller Madkap Madness PM Dawn Poor Righteous Teachers Public Enemy Queen Latifah Shabba Ranks Sade Soul II Soul Peter Tosh A Tribe Called Quest Twin Hype Urban Dance Squad Yellowman Young Disciples X-Clan Industrial/etc. --------------- Bigod 20 Braindead Sound Machine Cabaret Voltaire Chris & Cosey ClockDVA Coil Consolidated Cop Shoot Cop Cyberactif Einsturzende Neubauten Emergency Broadcast Network Extreme Noise Terror Foetus Front 242 Frontline Assembly Edward Ka-spel KMFDM Legendary Pink Dots LFO MC 900 Ft. Jesus Meat Beat Manifesto Ministry Moev My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult Nine Inch Nails Negativland Nitzer Ebb 1000 Homo DJ's Pigface Psychic TV Renegade Soundwave Revolting Cocks Rise Robot Rise Skinny Puppy SPK Test Dept. Throbbing Gristle Wolfgang Press Manchester/Madchester/Overground Dance/Shoegazer/etc. ----------------------------------------------------- Art of Noise Beloved Blur Breeders Carter: The Unstoppable Sex Machine Chapterhouse Charlatans Curve Depeche Mode Happy Mondays Information Society Inspiral Carpets James Lush Moose My Bloody Valentine Ned's Atomic Dustbin Pop Will Eat Itself Primal Scream Ride Slowdive Soup Dragons Stone Roses Swervedriver Wedding Present New Age/Experimental/Experimental Jazz/etc. ------------------------------------------- Laurie Anderson John Cage Cocteau Twins Dead Can Dance Brian Eno Michael Hedges Kitaro Tod Machover Riley McLaughlin Somerset Mau-Mau Karlheinz Stockhausen Sun Ra Tangerine Dream Gary Thomas Vangelis Punk/Thrash/Hardcore/Grindcore/Harder stuff/etc. ------------------------------------------------ Agent Orange Agnostic Front Bad Brains Beat Happening Black Flag Dead Kennedys Dinosaur, Jr. Fear Firehose Fugazi Godflesh Gwar Hanoi Rocks Head Candy Helmet Husker Du L7 Melvins Napalm Death Paleface Pavement Public Image Limited Residents Rollins Band Sex Pistols Sigue Sigue Sputnik Social Distortion Sonic Youth Think Tree Voivod Spoken Word/Rants/Essayists/Poetry ---------------------------------- Jello Biafra William S. Burroughs Joseph Campbell Dalai Lama Ram Dass Umberto Eco Bruce Eisner Allen Ginsberg James Gleick Stan Grof Nick Herbert Albert Hofmann Aldous Huxley J. Krishnamurti Jaron Lanier Timothy Leary John Lilly Terence McKenna Marshall McLuhan Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Tom Robbins Rudy Rucker Norman Spinrad Jay Stevens Andrew Weil Colin Wilson Robert Anton Wilson Techno/Rave/Club/Underground Dance/House/Amibent House/etc. ----------------------------------------------------------- [Note: for the sake of space, techno compilation albums have been removed. However, you should know that many such cds exist, and are a good place to start in techno music - see Vitamin B's excellent alt.rave FAQ for info] Altern8 Aphex Twin Baby Ford Barracudda (Moby) Bass-o-Matic Bizzarre Inc. Blue Pearl Bomb the Bass Brainstorm (Moby) Candy Flip Church of Extacy Gary Clail / On U-Sound System Dee-Lite DHS D-Mob DOP 808 State Enigma Eon Fini Tribe Fortran 5 Fuse Future Sound of London Boy George (Jesus Loves You / Martyr Mantras) The Grid Guru Josh A Guy Called Gerald Horizon 222 Human Resource Hypnotone Inner City Isotonik Jam and Spoon KLF Kraftwerk KWS L.A. Style Lil Louis LFO Lords of Acid M/A/R/R/S Messiah Moby Moodswings M-People Mr. Fingers Nexus 21 New Order N-Joi Opus III Orb William Orbit Orbital Prodigy Quadrophonia Richie Rich S-Express Shamen Space Spiral Tribe St. Etienne Sunscream Sun Electric System 7 (777) Technotronic T99 Todd Terry 2 Unlimited Ultramarine Utah Saints Voodoo Child (Moby) World of Twist Yazz ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Drugs: | |___________| [*NOTE* - This is provided for informational purposes only. I do not necessarily condone the use of these drugs. I sincerely suggest you do a lot more thurough research if you plan to use any of the substances listed below. Much of the information was obtained through the FAQs from alt.drugs - Please check out the alt.drugs archives on ftp sites, where available - 2 ftp sites containging more thurough and accurate drug information are listed in the FTPable files section.] [MAO Inhibitors - When using an MAO Inhibiting drug, don't ingest anything that contains potentially dangerous amines - could produce awful, deadly side-effects. MAO Inhibitors: sedatives, tranquilizers, antihistamines, narcotics, alcohol, amphetamines, mescaline, asarone, nutmeg, macromerine, ephedrine, dill/parsley/wild fennel oil, cocoa, coffee (caffeine-high substances, aged cheese, and tyrosine-containing foods] Nootropics/"Smart Drugs" ------------------------ Centrophenoxine (Lucidril) -anti-aging effects -intelligence booster Choline/Lecithin: -aids in production of acetylcholine -memory-boosting DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) -anti-aging -appetite suppressant -protects neurons from senility degenerative conditions DMAE -assists in some aspects of memory -increases acetylcholine levels Gingko -blood vessel dilators Hydergine (Ergoloid Mesylates) -increases blood supply, oxygen to brain -reduces tired, dizziness -normalizes systolic pressure -increases intelligence -improves mental function -enhances brain metabolism L-phenylalanine -antidepressant -stimulate's the release of your body's appetite-suppressants -improves memory and mental alertness -may increase sexual interest -do not use with MAO inhibitors -amino acid Phenytoin (Dilantin) Piracetam (Nootropyl) -cognitive enhancer -memory improver Propranolol Hydrochloride (Inderal) Sulbutiamine (Arcalion) -improves long-term memory -facilitates wakefulness -speeds reaction time -decreases anxiety Vasopressin (Diapid - Nasal Spray) -helps aid in processing new memories -improves attention, concentration, recall -helps clear your mind when under the influence of other substances -Marijuana & alcohol inhibit the release of vasopressin -Cocaine, LSD, Amphetamines deplete vasopressin -(if you use illegal 'non-smart' drugs, you might want some of this) Vincamine (Oxicebral) -aids in alertness -increases activity Vinpocetine (Cavinton) -memory enhancer Xanthinol Nicotinate Psychedelics/Hallucinogens/Empathenogens/Etc. --------------------------------------------- Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds -usage: 4-6 seeds from a seed pod -eat on empty stomach after removing coating -nausea likely -similar to LSD with less visual effects, 6-8 hrs. LSD -lysergic acid diethylamide-25, acid, cid, sid, lucy in the sky, sugarcubes, blotter, tabs, microdots, windowpaine, etc. -causes hallucinations, altering/distortion of vision, auditory, time, enhancement of sensations, motor difficulties, loss of concentration or consistent thought, pupil dilation (or opposite) -not physically addictive, can be psychologically, though -trip usually averages around 8-12 hours -post-usage effects may include insomnia, jitters, temporary/permanent psychosis, flashbacks, permanent trails, nausea -usage: taken orally or licked, usually on blotter paper, sugarcubes, jello, dropper, also eyeballs -strychnine rumors/myths persist -dosage is usually unknown -150-200 mics usually induces heavy trip -those with heart/physical problems, low tolerance should avoid -set (your idea of what the drug will do / mood) and setting (where you are and who you're with) have a _lot_ to do with the outcome of what LSD does. First time trippers should trip only with people they trust that have tripped before, and in a place where unexpected "bad" things will not happen (police come in, parents, etc). Tim Leary has lots of info on what could be done. Reading his books can only help. Marijuana -cannabis, pot, weed, mj, mary jane, etc. etc. -consumption: joints, bongs, pipes, hash brownies, tea, etc. -produces some distortions, feeling of happiness -when stoned, your eyelids become heavy -we don't really need much more info, do we? Morning Glory Seeds (Ipomoea) -arborescens, carnea, costata, leptophylia, meulleri, murucoides, purpurea, violacea -usage: 5-10 grams -consumption: orally, grind/soak/strain & drink, sprout by soaking -most are chemically treated - can induce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea -effects: trip-like but less hallucinogenic than lsd, 6 hours, less intense MDMA -ecstacy, X, E, XTC -empathenogen -like a combo of LSD and Speed (the 'MA' is methamphetamine) -effects similar to LSD, little or no visual hallucinations auditory/visual/time perception altered, sensations increased, extreme emotional awareness, trips average around 6 hours -XTC many times cause the user to "love" everything. Beware of taking X with people you know little about. (You may end up giving your car keys to your worst enemy). Any touch to your skin (in a sexual sense) feels like heaven, even though sex may be impossible. -usage: pills, caplets, in water -street stuff may contain many different varieties of different substances -much debate over toxicity and neuro-toxicity -set and setting are extremely important, as with LSD -long-term use can result in liver damage Mushrooms (Psilocybin) -Baeocystis (potent), caerulipes (blue foot), coprophila (dung-loving) cubensis (common large), cyanescens (bluing), pelliculosa (conifer) semilanceata (liberty cap), stunzii (stunz's blue legs), amanita muscaria (fly agaric), conocybe smithii (bog conocybe), gymopilus spectabilis (big laughing gym) -never ingest unless positively identified by a mycologist to be non-poisonous -effective dose of dried mushrooms: 1 gram (one or two whole mushrooms) -best taken on an empty stomach -consumption: orally, smoked, tea (water + dried fragments) -effects: trip lasting 6 hours or so, more visual & less auditory than LSD, alters sound-perception though not as radically as LSD -physical effects: liquid breathing, headache -effects occur quicker, generally, than with LSD Nutmeg -usage: 5-20 grams of freshly ground -effects: heavy buzz, promotes lethargy, sleep, nausea, dry mouth, pupil dilation Yohimbe bark -usage: 6-10 teaspoons of shaved bark boiled in water & drank can also be smoked -effects: aphrodisiac (supposedly), perception changes (mild) lasts 2-4 hours, insomnia, nausea possible -rumored to cause longer-term erections in men. cool. ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Software: | |_____________| AcidWarp (IBM) trippy graphics available on many ftp sites AfterDark (Macintosh) essential Macintosh screen-savers Berkeley Systems 2095 Rose Street Berkeley, CA 94709 510.540.5535 The Beauty of Fractals Lab (Macintosh) fractals Beyond Cyberpunk HyperCard Stack (Macintosh) by Mark Frauenfelder, Gareth Branwyn, and Peter Sugarman definitive cybperunk resource The Computer Lab Route 4 Box 54C Louisa, VA 23093 (also available on some ftp sites) Disenfactant (Macintosh) virus protection 510.849.9114 free! Color Cyclers (many platforms) trippy effects available on many ftp sites for many platforms Dr. T's Music Software 100 Crescent Rd. Suite 1-B Needham, MA 02194 617.455.1454 617.455.1460 (fax) Fractal Graphics (many platforms) many different sets available for many platforms from a variety of ftp sites GIF/JPEG Art (many platforms) the standard compressions for computer art viewers available for many platforms on many ftp sites Jam facotry (Macintosh) music software James Gleick's Chaos: The Software (IBM) Autodesk, Inc. Science Services Dept. 2320 Marinship Way Sausalito, CA 94965 800.228.3601 415.289.4718 (fax) $59.95 + $8 S&H M (Macintosh) music software Mathematica 2.0 (Macintosh, IBM, Sun, Silicon Graphics) chaos software Wolfram research Inc. PO Box 6059 Champaign, IL 61826-6059 217.398.0700 217.398.0747 (fax) Mind Mirror (IBM) "headware" from timothy Leary Mindware 800.447.0477 $29.95 MOD files (many platforms) sound/music files available on many ftp sites players available for many platforms (Amiga, Mac, Apple //gs, etc.) Rudy Rucker's Cellular Automata Laboratory (IBM) cellular automata Autodesk, Inc. Science Services Dept. 2320 Marinship Way Sausalito, CA 94965 800.228.3601 415.289.4718 (fax) $59.95 + $8 S&H SAM (Macintosh) virus protection Symantec 135 South Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 800.64THINK 617.275.4800 617.275.2124 $99.95 Spaceship Warlock (Macintosh) Reactor, Inc. 800.843.9497 (Educorp) $69.95 + S&H Timewave (IBM) Terence McKenna's fractal theories on disk Sound Photosynthesis PO Box 2111 Mill Valley, CA 94942 UpBeat 2.0 (Macintosh) music sftware Xanadu Hypertext System Xanadu OPerating Company 550 California Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94306 415.856.4112 415.856.2251 (fax) ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Merchandise/Companies: | |__________________________| Abbie Yo-Yo Inc. PO Box 15 Worcester, MA 01613 -things related to Abbie Hoffman Albert Hofmann Foundation 8683 West Pico Blvd. Mailbox #107 Los Angeles, CA 90035 310.281.8110 (voice mail) -"an international library for the scientific study of psychedelic substances and human consciousness" Ameba 1732 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117 415.750.9368 800.292.6322 (800.BYAMEBA) -Rave clothes and stuff Amok PO Box 861867 Terminal Annex Los Angeles, CA 90086-1867 -hard to find/underground books catalog is $9 (400 pages) AquaThought Foundation 22321 Susana Ave. Torrance, CA 90503 310.316.4564 -dolphins and humans and computers and communication Autodesk, Inc. 2320 Marinship Way Sausalito, CA 94965 -makers of Chaos software. $59.95 Autonomedia 55 Sotuh 11th Street NY, NY 11211 -edge/post-modern publishing company Kevin Begos, Jr. Apartment #4d 1411 York Ave New York, NY 10021 212.650.9324 -Agrippa: A Book of the Dead -$450 - $7,500 Behind the Post Office 801 F Street San Diego, CA 92101 619.234.3862 -rave clothes and stuff Berkeley Designs 2615 Shasta Rd Berkeley, CA 94708 510.549.0129 -sells t-shirts with fractal and cyberpunk designs (90's tie-dye's) send a SASE Books by Phone Box 522 Berkeley, CA 94701 800.858.2665 (orders) 510.548.2124 (info) -large library of hard-to-find books related to CP, drugs, etc. nice resource, but you pay a lot for it :-) Chaos Computer Club, Schwenckestr 85, D-2000 Hamburg 20, Germany Church Of SubGenius PO Box 140306 Dallas, TX 75214 The Computer Lab Rt 4 Box 54C Louisa, VA 23093 800.562.1638 -the well-known 5.5meg HyperCard stack Beyond CyberPunk, $29.95 Consumertronics 2011 Crescent Dr. PO Drawer 537 Alamogordo, NM 88310 505.434.0234 500.434.0234 (fax - orders only) -hacking/phreaking manuals Criminal Research Products 206-218 East Hector Street Conshocken, PA 19428 -investigative equipment and electronic surveillance items. Cyberpunk Books Prince St. Station PO Box 96 NY, NY 10012 -write for a list Dreammachine Plans (by Brion Gysin) OV Press PO Box 18223 Denver, CO 80218 EAR/Rational Music 1118 Castillo St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.564.4949 805.893.8553 (fax) -specializing in import music The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc. 155 2nd St. Cambridge, MA 02141 617.864.1550 (voice) 617.864.0886 (fax) -group protecting your rights on-line Excalibur Enterprises P.O. BOX 266 Emmans, PA 18049 -night vision devices -catalog costs $5 Flashback Books 906 Samuel Drive Petaluma, CA 94952 707.762.4714 -rare and out-of-print books, psychedelia FringeWare Inc. 2507 Roehampton Austin, TX 78745-6964 800.GUT.MEEK 512.477.1366 -sells "fringe" software, and other items Further Connections Waves Forest PO Box 768 Monterey, CA 93940 -fringe science Heathkit PO Box 1288 Benton Harbor, MI 49022 800.253.0570 -robots Housewares 1322 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117 415.252.1440 -rave clothes and stuff Hyperdelic/TransMedia Foundation 415.956.9776 -rave/psychedelic video InHome Health Services Box 3112 CH-2800 Delemont Switzerland -nootropics Interlab BCM Box 5890 London WC1N 3XX England -nootropics Kodak Center for Creative Imaging 800.428.7400 -classes in electronic imaging taught by experts on state of the art equipment Timothy Leary Box 69886 LA, CA 90069 Loompanics, Ltd. PO Box 1197 Port Townsend, WA 98368 -carries a large collection of underground/hard-to-find books -send for a catalog MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) 1801 Tippah Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205. Mark Ziesing Books PO Box 76 Shingleton, CA 96088 800.869.0348 916.474.1580 -mail-order cp/sf book service -send $1 for a catalog Media Magic PO Box 507 Nicasio, CA 94946 415.662.2426 -books, videos, merchandise related to vr, cyberspace Mouser Electronics 11433 Woodside Avenue Santee, CA 92071 -sells most electronic components parts and equipment Myron Kreuger / Artificial Reality 55 Edith Vernon, CT 06066 203.871.1375 -custom vr Nettwerk Records Attn: Mail Order 1755 Robson St. Box 330 Vancouver, British Columbia V6G3B7 -record company NewTek, Inc. 215 SE 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 800.843.8934 -makers of the Video Toaster -send 'em $4.95 for a demo tape of what the Video Toaster does Nomadic Research Labs PO Box 2185 El Segundo, CA 90245 -Steve Roberts Nutrient Cafe Wholesale PO Box 170156 San Francisco, CA 94117-0156 -high tech nutrient mixtures ...of the jungle PO Box 1801 Sebastopol, CA 95473 -legal highs and such Ono-Sendai Corporation 332 3rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118-2403 415.387.OSVR. -information on _affordably_ VR systems. -the people advertising in Mondo 2K, pg 7 (issue #7) Paladin Press PO Box 1307 Boulder, CO 80306 -obscure books Re/Search Publications 70 Romolo Street #B San Francisco, CA 94133 -underground/fringe subject matter magazine publications -sex, cyberpunk, industrial and alternative lifestyles SIGGRAPH (ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics) 212.869.7440 (membership info) 212.764.5537 (fax)(membersahip info) 312.644.66190 (conference info) 312.321.6976 (fax)conference info) Silent Records 540 Alabama St. Suite 315 San Francisco, CA 94110 -industrial/import/experimental music Skyline Books PO Box T Forest Knolls, CA 94933 -beat-generation, counterculture, and pomo literature Smart Products 870 Market Street Suite 1262 San Francisco, CA 94102 800.858.6520 415.989.2500 Sound Photosynthesis PO Box 2111 Mill Valley, CA 94942 -recordings of speeches and rants by many famous new edge people -catalog $2 Spectrum Dynamics 2016 Main St. Ste #1207 Houston, TX 77002-8843 -vr merchandise/products -20pg catalog is $15 SST Records PO Box 1 Lawndale, CA 90260 -send for catalog Steve Jackson Games PO Box 18957 Austin, TX 78760 STZ Corporation PO Box 22 Monmouth, Gwent NP5 3XU United Kingdom -rave t-shirts and clothing Sub Pop Mail Order 1932 1st Avenue #1103 Seattle, WA 98101 -send for catalog Sudona, Desktop Computing for Women's Health 2118 Guadalupe, Suite 195 Austin TX 78705 800.488.6335 -Menstat(tm)2.0...First desktop software to track and estimate menstrual cycles.. TOPYUS (Psychic TV) PO Box 18223 Denver, CO 80218 -Genesis P-Orridge's Psychic TV -send a SASE for info on Psychic TV, catalogs, albums, t-shirts, videos, books, etc. VPL Research, Inc. 950 Tower Lane, 14th floor Foster City, CA 94404 415.312.0200 -Jaron Lanier's famous virtual reality firm (now-defunct???) Wax Trax Records 1659 North Damen Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60647 312.252.1000 312.252.1007 (fax) -send SASE for catalog Whole Toon Access PO Box 369 Issaquah, WA 98027 206.391.8747 206.391.9064 (fax) -videotapes, graphic novels, comics, anime, etc. -write for catalog Xochipili Lord Nose PO Box 170473M San Francisco, CA 94117 -Xochi Speaks poster & Guide to Psychedelics available for $25 Zentech Box 138 Morgan Bay Rd. Surry, ME 04684 -cyberpunk, virtual reality merchandise ________________________________________________________________________ | | | see ya! | |___________| Welp, that looks like it for now. Have fun! Many thanks go out to the masses who have added their suggestions, too numerous to mention. But an extra-special thanks to Bruce Sterling and Steve Brown of SF Eye for being *extremely* helpful with suggestions, comments, and info! Many thanks go out to Strider (Steve White) for editing this file, as well as Anne Balsamo for providing a very useful, wonderful bibliography. Final Hellos to: the nameless masses. (yes, you!). And all those living on the edge of the future, and to all those working to protect cyberspace from the fascism that now threatens it. And everyone else. Again, if you have any questions/comments/concerns/criticisms/corrections or any additional info, please contact me at