CyberFashion by Zar

In the world today, looking slick and smooth is everything. Having the latest chromed cyberoptics or the coolest tech hair means that you are not just another one of those chumps on the streets. To be able to strut into the local nightclub with a leather jacket, glowing tattoo, fangs the size of a bullet and nice new shiny cyberarm shows that you ain't one of those thugs on the street looking for their next hit but you truly know the essence of being a cyberpunk. Looking as though you can take down 20 solos in the blink of an eye makes people treat you like the man, and when people treat you like the man that means respect. Sure you need some function to your cyberware but if you walk around the street with a huge Arasaka Light 20mm cannon on your armoured shoulders it is like having a huge neon sign above you saying "Hey, I am a solo - shoot me!" Function comes after fashion. It is important to have equipment that performs and enhances you, but not to the point where you look like a human tank. To be able to talk the talk on the streets, look the part and to be able to take them out when you need to is the ultimate goal for any cyberpunk. Essentials like plugs, neural processor, and reflex boosts and the basics for any cyberpunk. But after these few enhancements it is where your style and opinion comes into play. It is important to realise that you can have both fashion and function in any piece of equipment; but not having either of them means not being a cyberpunk. It means being one of those toe suckers on the street - you know those victims. When taking function into consideration, one must be absolutely sure of what he/she is buying. First of all when purchasing a piece of cyberware consider what it will do, how will this affect me, why do I want it, is it worth it and is there something better than this. You must understand and learn the affects of the piece of cyberware before purchasing another. Make time to learn the new technologies advantages, limitations and effects on YOUR mind and body. Look around the streets today, what do you see. Fashion. You look to your left and you see a high paid corp. with a 5000eb. Eji original and chromed cyberoptics; now that is smooth. Look to your right and you see a solo with a chromed cyberarm, leather trench coat and yellow cyberoptics and you say he looks tough. Both of these people have style. They know the true meaning of fashion but they never forget what function is all about. They know that if you have one, you must have the other. Fashion and function go hand in hand. For example, take a look at the most elite group of solos in the world. The Eurosolo. They are the ultimate in fashion and function. If you ask them what is more important to them they will say looking good. However they never compromise on function with second rate cyberware so that they can look good. They have it all in one. The next time you go to buy cyberware think about this. Metal is off course better than meat. Keeping in mind that a cyberpunk without fashion is like a gun without trigger. It just don't work.